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script didn’t work for me unfortunately, it throws an error. Not sure that char can use that item either, pretty low level atm.

Is there a script command to unsummon pets?

One more thing I noticed, if you highlight a wolf in the Shattered realms, it behaves like an enemy monster, you can actually attack it.

I don’t think this happens on the normal map (I could be wrong).


I´ve tested some Pet Builds with GDefilfer yesterday

i created a lvl 60 Spirit / D3 Necromancer and maxed all the Pets and passive/active bonuses out, i also took every bonus from the devotion tree and put on “some” pet gear and in my opinion its unplayable, especially when you run into packs with 3 or more elte monsters

the pets do BARELY enough damage to kill one elite monster IF i focus their damage to one monster, they also die way to easily and if there´s a elite with supporter or regenerative affix they are unkillable

i also tested it afterswards with Nature / GD Necromancer … really not enjoyable

Welcome to Grimarillion.

If the difficulty is too much just talk to zeke to make it less challenging.

I am busy with a earth + wizard combo.I use my golem just to face tank while i dps from the back line.It works good but man even on 2k mana i run out and mana potions doesn’t give a full mana bar :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.Usually most pets has a small cd so they become spammable.

Another good combo is Crusader + anything as he has a buff that gives damage absorb to self and pets.
I personally think pet builds can work.I play on controller and have no problem in resummoning pets.

I completed all content from level 1 to level 100 (Ultimate cleared) with a nature/shaman pet summoner. I also have a level 94 occultist/witch doctor pet build, and a level 60~ GD necro/d3 necro pet build.

You’re wrong, you can clear all content as a summoner.

I have a small question.I am not 100% on mechanics of GD.I am running with an earth/wizard.My main dps are flame surge with hellfire wave add on which makes 100% fire damage to chaos damage and 100 phys dam to fire damage.I am stacking chaos/fire items and same with devotion.

Here’s the question so if i get fire items would that increase my Flame surge chaos damage?

This topic is great for overview on GD mechanics. From my basic understanding Flat damage gets converted, but % does not. So in your scenario lets say you have 100 flat and 100% increased for each dmg type. I think you would get:
100 Chaos -> 100 chaos
100 Fire -> 100 chaos
100 Phys -> 100 fire
= 200 Chaos and 100 Fire and 0 Physical

100% Chaos = 2x200= 400
100% Fire = 2x100 =200
100% Phys = 2x0 = 0

I didn’t check the link you posted but I don’t see you mention it in your post so I will add it to clarify - a skill with a transmuter to convert damage types will still benefit from it’s modifiers. Flames of Ignaffar for example. With tainted flame, FOI will still benefit from infernal purge and partially from endless flame (partially because chaos has no dot version, so burn will not be converted into anything useful).

This is only the case with skillmods/transmuters.

Thank you very much.Will go through the link to understand it better.I am just really bad with maths these days :rofl:

If I’m not mistaken, here’s the order of how dmg calculation goes:

  1. Flat dmg conversion
  2. Percentage Bonus (% bonus does not get converted)

eg. 100% Phy to Fire dmg
100 flat phy -> 100 flat fire
–gear has +100% to fire +100% to phy
0 flat phy x2= 0 flat phy
100 flat fire x2= 200 flat fire

in this scenario you would have 0 flat dmg phy, 200 flat dmg fire

so for a 100% conversion build you must build items that gives +% bonus to the converted element. In this case go buildl for +% fire.

What I’m a little confused about is does gear and skill conversion stack? Like a skill converts 80% to fire and gear has 20% to fire. Does it total to 100% total dmg conversion?

All this maths are giving me a headache :kissing_heart: Will play around for a bit.I am busy stacking gear with fire+chaos damage will see how it ends up late game.

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From Malawiglenns topic

Example of both skill specific and global conversions

Shadow strike “build”: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/JVlWyDj2
The swords will convert 50% of all pierce damage on Shadow Strike first, and then the helm will convert 25% of the remaining pierce damage. This is because the skill specific conversion on the swords will occur before the global conversion granted by the helm. In total, we have 62.5% pierce to cold damage conversion on Shadow strike here.

@Pierre looking at the skill I think with the converter you will be doing more chaos dmg so I would recommend looking for %chaos items… But you can try diff setups and see what actually kills fastest.

I will try to play around with the setup.Reason why i was thinking fire damage should give more chaos damage was that it turns 100% fire damage into chaos damage.

I may have the maths wrong but with my understanding(i am not fluent in english)100% fire damage conversion > 100% Chaos damage…So higher fire % damage of items should boost my fire damage on skill which should increase my chaos damage in return,I may think to much into it best is to play around to see how it works :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s just me, and I apologize if this was already mentioned, but it’s weird that during cool-down, Volcanic Orb on the right mouse triggers regular attacks…

your flat fire damage is converted to chaos before the % are applied, so you should be looking for chaos %, otherwise your fire % buffs your flat physical damage (which is converted to fire) - but depending on how much physical/fire you started with, maybe that also works for you

Thank you guys it makes some sense.I may be getting old reason why im being dumb :grin:.Will stack + chaos damage for leet late game damage.

Any update for rainbow @Matougi? :slightly_smiling_face:

Nothing special so far. The next v1.1.4.2 update will come soon, at that time.