[REL] Grimarillion v90a

Ungrim is the version without Grimmest

UNgrim - as in it’s without the grim(mest). Guess it’s not as self explanatory as I hoped. Too late to change the name now, but it also says in the OP what Ungrim is, it’s in the red text so you should read it, but I guess somehow the red text leaves itself to be ignored instead.

Oh my, I was looking for a while can’t believe it’s right there in the red text lol. Apologies. Anyways, now if I install Ungrim + Grimmarillion together can I swap between them simply by changing the custom map selection in the menu? Also, are characters compatible between them?


Characters will be compatible, dunno about any blueprints or stash stuff though.

First of all, Thanks for Grimarillion!! It is my top favorite mod!
Do you have any plan for integrate with Omega mod?

Tonight’s the night! I’ve still got bigger things in store for v65 but I’ve delayed it with the information from the newest misadventures.

Grimarillion (standalone):

Ungrim (standalone):



Merged Grimer’s Diablo 3 2.6, check the changelog on his thread for more info

*Removed a few broken loottables.
*Reworked many legendary GQ rings and added mythical variants for each. (18 total)
*Updated many augments to the versions. (let me know if I missed any)

*Made some tweaks to undead spawn pools, hopefully Toxeus will spawn now.

//Skill Icons//
*Many skill icons that were using artwork from other games, I’ve replaced these with original bitmaps I created to help them feel more unique and to avoid any potential disputes from the original artists (not that I foresee this ever happening).

*Added a new custom icon

Rupture - Cremate:
*Added a new custom icon

Rupture - Flare:
*Added a new custom icon

*Added a new custom icon

Eruption - Molten Lava:
*Added a new custom icon

Heat Shield - Hephaestus’ Anvil:
*Added a new custom icon

Heat Shield - Earth Attunement:
*Added a new custom icon

Psionic Touch:
*Reduced base weapon damage and weapon damage scaling.

Psionic Burn:
*Increased base weapon damage and weapon damage scaling. (if you invest into both PT and PB you will end up with about the same WD as before vs single targets and better AOE)

Serpent Strike:
*Reduced weapon damage scaling across all ranks, max is now 62% down from 80%.
*Added a new custom icon

*Reduced weapon damage to 22%.
*Doubled flat pierce damage, added flat pierce to the first few levels.

Frontline Fighter:
*Removed Damage Modifier.
*Now adds 40% Weapon Damage.

Whirling Tempest:
*Added a new custom icon

Curtain of Arrows:
*Added a new custom icon

*Removed attack arc and targets hit. (this is now a single target only proc, like execution.)
*Weapon Damage scaling from level 8+ increased. (18/8 is now ~45% dmg higher)

*Removed targets hit limitation.

*Removed targets hit limitation.

Onslaught - Ardor:
*Reduced attack speed scaling by about half.
*Reduced ranks 12+ of movement speed bonus.

Weapon Training:
*Reduced attack speed scaling slightly.

Counter Attack:
*Increased Retalitation modifier scaling.
*Increased flat retaliation significantly.

Battle Standard - Glory:
*Added a new custom icon.

Rally - Inspiration:
*Total Speed values reduced at all ranks.
*Energy Regeneration low ranks reduced, higher ranks unchanged.
*Elemental resistance reduced by about half.

Rally - Defiance:
*Max Resists Bonus reduced by 2 at ultimate rank, all ranks below max unchanged.
*Reflection removed.
*Retaliation modifier doubled.
*Added flat internal trauma damage retaliation.

Adrenaline - Defensive Reaction:
*Total Speed bonus changed to Attack Speed andCasting Speed instead
*Speed bonuses reduced by about half
*Total Damage bonus at low ranks reduced, increased scaling.

*Fixed an issue where this skill was missing ranks.

Skeletal Soldier - Relentless Evil:
*Added a new custom icon.

Spirit Ward:
*Used the Relentless Evil icon here. (this originally was for Spirit Bane modifier to Spirit Ward anyway)

Underworld Pact - Serve Thy Master:
*Added a new custom icon.

Drain Life - Grasping Dead:
*Added a new custom icon.

Drain Life - Soul Cascade
*Added a new custom icon.

Fungal Swarm:
*Added a new custom icon.

Fungal Swarm - Spore Bomb:
*Added a new custom icon.

Fungal Swarm - Corrosion:
*Added a new custom icon.

Force of Nature:
*Added a new custom icon.

Plague - Fatigue:
*Adjusted scaling for % reduced target’s damage, early ranks reduced quite heavily and level 12-22 reduced by 5% each level.

*Max rank reduced to 12.
*Healing values adjusted.
*Increased energy regeneration (this lowers the cooldown as well)
*Dissemination heal reduced.
*Removed Serenity. (Moved regeneration to Sustained Growth)

NEW Kodama - Sustained Growth:
*Now regenerates health constantly while active rather than triggering after Regrowth.

Kodama - Overgrowth:
*Piercing Retaliation changed to acid retaliation.
*Retaliation values flattened.

Kodama - Dissemination:
*Removed. (chain built into base skill)

Kodama - Accelerated Growth:
*Removed (energy regen scaling built into base skill)

Kodama - Blessing of the Kodama:
*Remade into player exclusive

NEW Demeter’s Sacred Law:
*Grants %Acid, Elemental, Poison damage, OA, poison duration reduction, damage for pets, %OA for pets.

Call of the Wild - Survival Instincts:
*Moved down 1 tier level.

Call of the Wild - Strength of the Pack:
*Moved down 1 tier level.
*Total Speed removed.
*% Physical Resist removed.
*Flat Energy Regen removed.
*Added % DA.
*Added flat physical damage.

Heart of the Oak:
*Base total speed reduced, scaling adjusted to compensate. Max/ult values remain unchanged.

Heart of the Oak - Tranquility of Water:
*Chance for energy cost reduction removed. (With Briar Ward changes, it the reduction from that will be always up anyway.)
*% Energy Regeneration replaced with flat energy regeneration.

Heart of the Oak - Permanence of Stone:
*Flat Armor replaced with % Physical Resist.

Briar Ward:
*Cooldown reduced to 10 seconds.
*Duration reduced and flattened to 10 seconds at all ranks.
*Thorns damage changed from piercing-bleeding to acid-poison.
*Flat retaliation damage increased.

Briar Ward - Stinging Nettle:
*Temporarily reworked into an aura that is active after Briar Ward is summoned (similar to Sanctuary). Will be changed again after FG probably.
*Now causes all allies within the Briar Ward to gain retaliation damage.
*Removed DA Reduction.

Briar Ward - Sanctuary:
*Moved down 1 tier level.

Nice. I assume the Diablo 3 version you merged is 2.6U1, the spoiler says 2.6…

Whatever Grimer had as his most recent upload as of last Saturday was what I used, spent the weekend (what little time I had free) working on merging it.

He released 2.6U1 that Friday, so you should have gotten that one then.

Omg, you people are conspiring against my need for sleep :rolleyes:
Thanks a lot, Asylum! Between the GT update and this one, i haven’t been this excited in a while. Can’t wait to get home.

Hello! I really enjoy the idea of this mod so I decided to give it a try. But, several of the skills and items have this error in the game. Same within the character select, the class says ‘string not found’ but in game it says what class I picked. And yes, it is in the correct spot.

And there seems to be a problem with the download. For v64 you just copy-pasted the link from v63c.

Use the links on page 80 with the patch notes. I won’t be able to update the op with the proper links until later today.

Here’s the quote with the links.

No response to my issue? :confused:

The character select is normal. If you start the mod and then quit back to main menu, the strings will appear. When you first start the game, none of the strings from the mod get loaded.

As to the checkerboards, not sure…

FYI: if you switch from playing mod A to mod B, quit to desktop in between.

The link on the first page is titled ‘Grimarillion v64’ but still links to the v63c download.

See below:

I did, you downloaded the wrong version. Use the links ibugsy has reposted for me.

Hello, i downloaded the new v64 Ungrim Version and Grimmest is active in that Version