[REL] Grimarillion v90d

Shattered affixes will need to be updated to 1.6 version because it used the previous version of questevents.lua that triggers the script to open the tomb.

Does v73 compatible with the latest patch

It only player’s damage modifier upgrade skill’s damage and player’s Off-Hand weapon Damage affect.
and Pet damage modifier give nothing … that’s right ? or bug ?

The tooltip is just bugged, it scales on pet damage not player damage. The weapon damage is based on the pet’s own innate damage stats.

Um…ok :smiley: Thank you

v73c Changelog

Shattered Affixes:
*Updated to 1.6
[MOD] Shattered Affixes: 246 unique skills modifiers + 1661 new affixes

*Fixed an issue with Korvaak humans and staff/spear items.

*Divine Acheron’s Touch - Replaced the reduced cooldown modifier with 10% attack speed and 30 vitality damage for Ravage.
*Divine Sword of Covu - Reduced base bleed damage, increased base bleed duration, reduced bleeding damage modifier to 25% and duration modifier 50%, added 6% Weapon Damage for Ravage.
*Divine Blood of Ouranos - Removed extra projectile modifier for Ravage. Added 198 electrocute over 3 seconds to Ravage.
*Divine Soul Harvest - removed flat vitality, cooldown reduction, and bleed modifiers from Ravage. Added 15% Attack Speed, 4% ADCTH to Ravage.
*Divine Sacred Spear of Nephthys - removed resist reduction from Ravage. Reduced weapon damage modifier to Ravage to 12%.
*Divine Geras’ Walking Stick - Removed extra projectile modifier and conversion for Ravage. Added 20% Weapon Damage to Ravage.
*Divine Osiris’ Codex - Reduced aether damage to Ravage. Added Cold to Lightning Conversion.

*Removed many modified devotions, the adjustment to allow ternion to trigger devotions is no longer needed.

Quick Recovery:
*Updated the description to clarify the skill isn’t on a duration anymore.
*Fixed an issue where the skill was requiring more mastery points than it should.

Winter Sprite - Boreal Smash:
*Fixed an issue where the tooltip was showing the damage values as if the scaling was player scaling. (it’s not, just a visual bug)

Thorn Sprites:
*Fixed an issue where the last 6 levels were not scaling the sprites as intended.



Ok I followed the steps to instal this mod but when I go into the game its is like the normal game except I have the extra masteries

Sounds fine to me, what are you expecting?

Well Before I got extra spawns of hero monsters and there was a thing in the inventory to adjust those spawns and now when i try to play I do not get either of those the grimmest part doesnt not work for me anymore.

The Rainbow file was updated for v73c.

Thanks ASYLUM101 and WareBare. :slightly_smiling_face:


Grimmest and zeke seem missing

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That is what I was trying to say

Grimmest and Zeke not working for me too :smiley: check please

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hello asylum101 amm… i think found bug one new character start in not have five bags… check pls

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I created a resource to explain the complexity of Resist reductions to new and returning players.

To make it even simpler, I developed a calculator with dropdowns for all combinations of masteries and devotions. Simply make selections in the dropdowns and all values of Resist reduction auto-populate and calculate through an algorithm. Players can easily test to see which masteries will synergize well together! Enjoy!

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Same here. Right clicked the token, it disappeared but Zeke didnt show up. Existing char, didn’t test new.

Just tested on a new char. Zeke doesn’t show up :confused:

It could be the script main.lua if it doesn’t load the script for Zeke, I didn’t look into it.

I borkes the scripts when I merged shattered affix mod

Any idea how long to get the script fixed?