[REL] Grimarillion v90d

50% is common for pet physical -> xxx damage types, but these skills convert non-physical to non-physical. The only existing example of such conversion in vanilla is Stormbringer of Malmouth which offers 100% vitality -> lightning. I think having skills that offer 100% single element -> xxx is fine, particularly when the target types are different for each single element. It’s much harder to abuse.

Here’s a little preview of how I have the “new” freezing blast setup. Because it no longer freezes, the name has been changed.

At 12/12:

The slow is “only” 25% but it’s a total slow.

Looks cool :slight_smile:
A bit offtopic: since spirit doesnt have any melee attacks, can you add something similar to bone harvest/forcewave?

Thanks, all fixed


Spirit already has what, 28 skills? My quota for each mastery is to try and have 27 skills per class, which is more or less on par with vanilla GD masteries. To add more I’d have to clear up space somewhere on the spirit mastery tree. I’m not sure that’s something I really want to do… I’ll keep it in mind. Maybe I’ll figure something out.

Uploading 61b+ungrim, should be up in a few minutes. Some of these changes are kind of rushed I suppose, so let me know if anything is off.



Installation Process:

*First you must already have Grimarillion OR Ungrim v61 installed.
*Then download 61a of whatever version you are using. If you are using Ungrim, download Ungrim 61a. If Grimarillion, download grimarillion 61a.
*To install, simply open the 7z file you downloaded, open it up, then drag and drop the folder into your mod folder (Grim Dawn/mods/). If you have done this properly, it will ask to overwrite some files, just say yes and you will be ready to go…

Here is the changelog:


*Tweaked Depravities size change a little more.

*Fixed a tag issue with Bryner’s Journey
*Fixed an issue with Firebird’s Tarsi.
*Possibly fixed a drop issue related to Forgotten Souls.
*Fixed an issue where the Black Pearl Ring and Pendant crafting table was using the wrong file. (for real this time, I hope)
*Fixed an issue where the Black Pearl Ring wasn’t properly rolling all possible affixes.
*Fixed an issue where the text for gem names was red.
*Fixed some other D3 issues.

Star of Ishtar:
*Reduced Scimitar Spirit’s damage by 30%.

Sigil of Bast:
*Reduced Avatar of Bast’s damage by 30%.

Fingerbone of Boreas:
*Changed a skill bonus from +2 Squall to +2 Freezing Blast.

Trance of Wrath:
*Fixed an issue where this was acting as a buff instead of a debuff.

Earth Enchantment:
*Added physical to fire conversion for pets.

Ring of Flame - Soften Metal:
*Reduced %OA Debuff as intended in v61.

Study Prey:
*Lowered physical and pierce resist reduction.

Study Prey - Flush Out:
*Added bleeding resist reduction.
*Lowered all resist reductions slightly, now starting at 5%, scaling up to 30% at max and 40% at 20/10.
*Changed %DA reduction to flat DA reduction, adjusted values accordingly (obviously).

Freezing Blast:
Redesigned and renamed
*Renamed to Boreas’ Icy Grip
*Now instead of instantly freezing enemies in an area, the player will fire a projectile which will detonate on impact, slowing enemies in an area. (also detonates if no enemies are hit)
*Added Aether, Lightning, and Cold RR.
*Reduced RR values.
*Slow amount reduced.
*Reduced cooldown to 0.5 seconds.
*Reduced energy cost by about 60%.

*Removed Elemental RR from Wisp Light.

Poison Gas Bomb:
*Swapped the template so it can apply debuffs.
*Added Poison, Pierce, and Bleeding RR.
*Removed Weapon Damage.

Poison Gas Bomb - Shrapnel:
*Removed the complex autocast system I had going here, it wasn’t working very well as it would randomly cast the autocasted spell at nearby enemies rather than the target intended.
*Now fires shrapnel around the original blast area multiple times over the duration.
*Pierce damage reduced by about 60% since the damage is reapplied up to 3 times (from what I’ve seen).

Poison Gas Bomb - Aphotic Ichor:
*Removed the complex autocast system I had going here, it wasn’t working very well as it would randomly cast the autocasted spell at nearby enemies rather than the target intended.
*Now fires the aphotic ichor bomb at the center of the PGB detonation area multiple times over the duration.
*Removed flat resist reduction. (nonstacking)

Mythical Natalya’s Slayer does not have Mythical in it’s name.
Mythical Natalya’s Sight cannot be sold.

Thank you, will test it out.

I was going to save my few thoughts for next 50h feedback, as i’m currently trying to play melee 2h diviner (Spirit+Dream), but it seems like a perfect time to bring up some complaints regarding Spirit mastery :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Spirit lacks good skills to proc devotions (like Ill Omen or Ravenous Earth, for example). Vision of Death have long (7.5 sec) CD and Drain Life is only good for casters.
  2. Huge disparity between Deathchill aura and Ring of Flame. Deathchill aura requires 49 points (36 for a full line and then 13 more points to take 1lvl of Insidious Miasma and 12lvl of Necrosis for -%RR) to compete with Ring of Flame (which have built-in RR, scales better damage-wise and cost only 28 points). This is not fair… I suggest to remove Insidious miasma modifiers, outer/middle/center rings mechanic (i suppose that purpose of rings was to kite while still doing damage, but outer rings have low dps and thus cant kill non-hero monsters relativity fast. You always end up standing in close range to proc all 3 rings, so why bother making rings then? Plus they clutter buff panel and i’m sure it takes a lot of time to edit ring stats in asset manager), reduce -%total speed scaling up to -30% on 22/12 (similar to Veil of Shadow). This will frees up some space in Spirit Tree.
    2.1. Diffusion. Remove energy leech, add 8/per level reduced target’s DA for 2 seconds.
    2.2. Wither. Remove reduction to enemy’s health, increase vitality decay scaling to match Deathchill/Diffusion and add Vitality/Aether/Bleeding -%RR’s up to -40% on 22/12.
  3. Insidious Miasma. Remake to contagion skill with high spread ratio:

Insidious Miasma 22/12
5 second duration
2 meter radius
169 energy cost
93 aether damage
137 vitality decay per second
Increases health regeneration by -70%
-26% life leech resistance

Cheers :slight_smile:

With respect to the passive skill “Trance of Wrath” of DREAM mastery, if the effect range of the aura exceeds the skill level 12/12 it seems that it scales down from 7m to 4.8m.

Can confirm this.

Few more problems:

  1. Phantom strike in Dream have 470% WD on 9lvl, then 10 lvl have 690% and then 11 lvl have 512% WD. Mistype in 10lvl, right? https://imgur.com/a/w6p1x3D
  2. Grace of Inarius 5 set bonus grants 50 flat RR, kinda overpowered. Maybe tone down to 30-32?
  3. Mythical Winter Flurry have checkered pattern in inventory: https://imgur.com/a/ZctteNL
  4. Uliana Stratagem 5 set bonus grants 15 flat elemental RR to sweeping wind, but it doesnt stack with Inner Storm. Or it was supposed to be 15% elemental RR similar to viper constellation?
  5. Did a 3hours run with 61b, still zero forgotten souls.

Sight is a known issue, we haven’t figured out what the issue is yet. Will take a look into it if I have time.

OK I think I know what happened, I’m just not sure how it happened. Will be fixed of course.

  1. Let’s just assume it was supposed to be 490%. Prolly a typo, somehow.
  2. Grimarillion or Ungrim? Are you over level 30? They only drop 30+. Are you finding rare gems?

I just realized, Ring of Flame - Soften Metal has Armor reduction and Physical resist reduction. Is that a bit much?

I don’t think Armor reduction is doing anything noticeable, except if you’re playing stun jacks or other skill with a lot of smaller phys damage projectiles/procs. For most builds it’s about 1000-1500 more damage.

Grimarillion, i was 100 lvl, and yes, i’m finding rare gems just fine.
Edit: got my first forgotten soul, from Ancient Grove:

Diablo 3 Bug: The pet bonuses for Seal of Necrofansia rings don’t exist. There’s a section dedicated to pet bonuses, but it’s completely blank.

Grim Quest Bug: Now that you removed the RR from Storm’s Wisp, Wisp Light is just an empty section. It still gives the meter radius, but there’s nothing under it.

Grimmest Bug

It appears Kymon’s Chosen is undergoing a mutiny

If the picture isn’t clear, Sister Bravnas and her associate Heroes are fighting each other. I have no mind control abilities.

lol this item wasn’t even included on final releases of D3 mod, it should be a old dbr file that Asylum needs to remove from the .arz

So i got what i think is a forgotten soul now thanks to an above post and its just giving a tag not found error on the name. I had no idea what it is.

I noticed Brynner’s Journey was fixed so i’m assuming this can be too.

My own Grimarillion update: Thanks to AoM, I was able to get 55 devotion shrines before I choose between Kymon’s and Death’s Vigil; to keep the lore and play consistent, I copied my legit Elder (Nature + Monk) pet build and started with my TAS / GDStash experiments (which was how I tested the Zunimassa set).

For Order of Death’s Vigil, I used an Occultist / Earth Chaos Hybrid pet build that succeeded well beyond my expectations (I wanted a Chaos hybrid pet build to succeed for the longest time and Earth class was just what I needed). I had been playing that build for around a week or so and defeated Log with it. I have a few other things to unlock like Hidden Path and 1st secret quest, but for the most part that side is complete to copy and test Skeleton builds. I have yet to try Spirit and D3 Necro, and I’m eager to find a Diviner’s Set build that actually works as a pet build.

For Kymon’s, I can either continue my legit Elder or find some other combination to GDStash and test through Ultimate. Nature pets are pretty straightforward that you can combine it with almost any class and make it worthwhile for Ultimate, so it can get dull using it for so many combinations. Shaman with Beastcaller’s Set I’m already intimate with from playing the normal game, so I’ll have to figure out which combination I’m willing to take the multiple day slog to get from Homestead to Log there. Too many Death’s Vigil skeleton build ideas to think about this side, I’m sure something will spark my creative juices.

Just a heads up to everyone, I am working on a bigger update, not really a hotfix anymore but just a few skill changes that I figured might be some decent QOL things.

  • First, Spirit is losing the massive point sink with the two auras. Most of what Roadblock said rings true and it is for the better to remove all the extra stuff from the auras to allow them to simply work with devotions.
  • Deathchill is more or less unchanged, but now it’s first and only modifier is the old modifier for Insidious Miasma, Necrosis (the RR one).
  • Insidious Miasma has been turned into a contagion type curse, reducing health regen and life leech RR as well as some light Aether/Decay dmg.
  • Wither, Ravages of Time and Diffusion have been removed.
  • A new skill, Spectral Spire, fires a projectile in a straight line and pierces through all targets. Deals aether, decay, and bleed damage, has a 3 second cooldown.
  • Has 2 modifiers, atm first one only increases the potency of the DOTS and adds flat vitality dmg, second one adds crit damage, modifiers for the flat damage (vit/aether) and reduces AOE.

I’m working on some larger changes for Rogue as well. I want to clean up some stuff and streamline the mastery a bit.

  • Envenom tree is pretty big, I don’t think it adds a whole lot that makes it worth every point. I’m thinking to also make it an AOE aura instead of self buff. Maybe I’ll remove Toxin Distillation and merge some of the stats together.
  • Dark Arts is an ok skill point, but I want the vitality theme to be part of the mastery and not available only here. I plan to move the vitality dmg and modifiers into Envenom itself.
  • Blade Mastery, I’m keeping this skill but renaming it to Hermes’ Agility. Instead of requiring bladed weapons, it will just be a passive with no weapon requirement. I’ll want to remove the bleeding damage and chance and put that elsewhere. The attack speed will be replaced with Total Speed (since the cast speed would be lost from Dark Arts), and the OA replaced with DA. Dodge removed.
  • Blade Honing, I’m just removing this skill altogether and displacing the stats elsewhere.
  • Dual Wield, removing Armor Penetration from this skill. I want to add something else to this but I’m not sure what just yet.
  • Blade Fury, I’m not sure what I was thinking with this skill. It’s ok but … I’ll have to look at it some more, I think I just want to replace it.
  • Calculated Strike - Lucky Hit. No one likes these “gamble” skills. I’m going to rework this into a buff like Deadly Momentum but for pierce builds. Flat OA, Pierce Dmg, Bleed Dmg, Armor Pen, %Pierce and %Bleed.

Replacement skills… Still thinking on some stuff, but for now I have a few ideas I can work with. I can do 2 skills as exclusives. One focused on the poison/vitality aspect of rogue, and one on the pierce/bleeding style.

For active skills, Rogue already has the bolt trap and knife throw, both of which are primarily pierce/bleed (knife throw has a little bit of acid). Also Calculated Strike, that’s another pierce/bleed combo so I’ll probably bee looking at adding more vitality/poison skills. Maybe a summon, like the irregularity from Soulvizier maybe? Or some kind of poison/bleed Caltrops? Lethal Strike will see some changes but it will probably stay as a staple for all Rogue builds in need of a single target nuke.

Has anyone played a Rogue build? Any suggestions? Anyway. Just thought I’d pass by and let you guys know I’m still working.

Nice changes, can’t wait to test them :wink:

Since you’ve added a poison RR to gas bomb i was going to start 2h-melee poison Rogue build with Nightshade Reach, but got stuck with having no good aoe skills. Personally, i’d love to see Blade Fury as ABB-like skill.

Will immediately choose poison/vitality one :smiley:

+1 for Irregularity :slight_smile:

I haven’t touched the Rogue class yet, but if you give it a summon, I would love to test it and flesh out the class. I really appreciate the massive amount of work you’re doing to provide new and fresh ideas to all of these classes.