[REL] Grimarillion v90d

Yes, it hasn’t been. At this point Asylum might as well wait for the next D3 update, which makes it compatible with GD 1.1.8 (assuming Grimer releases one) :wink:

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

@ASYLUM101 @Grimer Just to point out that Spirit’s Liche King has a Death Nova skill and also the D3 Necromancer has a Death Nova skill. Maybe give one of them a different name.

Asylum I assume you’ve already been told about this? Squall needs more points, even though it should be available at L5.

How do i determine my attack(skill) effected by attack speed or cast speed?

I have 2 builds one is using shield bash for main attack. (Crusader - shield bash)
Another one (terror knight - execution terror)

Both has no cooldown, which one effected which speed?

Long time waiting, but here’s the next big update, v77.

v77 Changelog

*Updated some stuff thanks to mamba.

*Removed cost for respeccing devotions and skills completely.
*All GQ skills have had their RR skills adjusted to match the recent changes the GD classes had.

Bug Fixes:
*Added missing normal map for Memnon’s Helmet.
*Fixed an issue where certain GQ armor pieces weren’t dropping.
*Fixed an issue where Divine Crystal Totem had the wrong level requirement.
*Fixed an issue where the set name for Jade Set and Crystal Set were swapped.
*Fixed an issue where the bitmap for the Divine Jade Band was missing.
*Fixed an issue where the Jade Band skill bonus for Thorn Spray wasn’t working.
*Fixed an issue with some enemies that T-Posed if they would spawn with a staff.
*Fixed an issue where Ring of Elysium’s “Star of Elysium” aura was debuffing the player instead of nearby enemies.

Items Changes:
*All versions of Lord Seth’s Blade replaced Rupture bonuses with Volcanic Orb. Divine version now has skill modifiers to Volcanic Orb.

*Divine Lykaion Malleus now removes the 2h weapon requirement for Rupture and adds a 1 second cooldown to it. Dual wielding Lykaion Malleus uses both hands for attacking.

*All versions of Scale of the Black Dragon replaced Rupture bonuses with Flame Surge. Divine version now adds 0.5 second cooldown to Flame Surge, modifies damage by 25% and converts 100% physical and fire damage to Chaos.

*All versions of Ebon Greatshield replaced Rupture bonuses with Heat Shield. Divine version now reduces Heat Shield cooldown by 0.5 seconds and adds 12% retaliation damage.

*All versions of Sun Disc replaced Rupture bonuses with Rain of Fire. Divine version now adds 3 second duration and -1 target area to Rain of Fire. Also added -18% Fire Resist modifier to Squall.

*Lodestone’s granted skill now has less base damage on the lower level versions of the item.

*Removed Rupture skill bonus to Onuris Spear (non-divine versions)

*Divine Onuris Spear Rupture skill modifier changed, now adds 40% weapon damage to Rupture.

*Gaia’s Revenge - Replaced bone fiend skill bonus to liche king. Removed Cold to Acid conversion from skill mod to Bone Fiend (now Liche)

*Eidolon Shell - replaced Bone Fiend skill bonus to Dark Covenant. Removed +1 summon limit skill modifier. Added -2 second cooldown and 6% Physical resistance to Dark Covenant.

*Ikelos’ Nightmare Effigy - replaced Bone Fiend skill bonus to Liche King

*Persephone’s Tears - replaced Bone Fiend skill bonus with Liche King

*Aspect of the Wild - set bonus changed from +2 Wolves to +1 Wolves.

*Shikigami - changed the sounds of the summoned creature.

*Pytho’s Idol - fixed an issue where the skill was not being auto-casted on attack as intended

*Divine Sapros - adjusted the skill modifier to Poison Gas Bomb, now provides 400 poison damage over 2 seconds instead of 233 over 1 second.

*Divine Mantikhoras - adjusted the skill modifier to Poison Gas Bomb, increased flat acid damage, added explosion radius, added pierce to chaos conversion, removed duration bonus.

*Divine Pytho’s Idol - added -12% Poison Resistance to Summon Epialos. (Applies only to the Mela Oneiros pet skill)

*Divine Doxa Kalo - added skill modifiers for Titan Slam skill.

*Divine Myrmidon’s Pendant - added skill modifiers for Titan Slam skill.

*Divine Sagaris Tartarus - changed Battle Standard bonus to 8% attack speed instead of -2 second cooldown.

*Divine Scale of the Black Dragon - fixed an issue where the skill modifier to battle standard wasn’t changed to Triumph when the RR was moved.

*Divine Umbral Set - Full set bonus skill modifier to Ravage reduced from 90 vitality to 35 vitality, added 30 vitality decay over 3 seconds.

*Divine Soul Quencher - removed extra projectile from Ravage skill modifier, added 20% weapon damage instead. Added new skill modifier to Ternion Attack (new WPS for spirit).

*Glorybringer skill description updated.

*All Charge and Vanish type runes have been updated to work with spears.

*Added pet resists to all variants of Pythia’s Bindings (aether/poison), Sash of Erebus(poison/pierce), and Demeter’s Leaves (elemental/vitality).

*Reworked non-unique staves, removed CDR and energy regen from staves since they are now closer to rifles in terms of stats.

*With how affix tables have been changed in, many special GQ tables were also changed to match. This has no effect on items that used old affixes.

*Reworked “Titanslayer” staff crafts. Now instead of crafting a random staff based on a specific element, you can craft a staff based on a specific mastery, with random elements that are somewhat relevant to the masteries you choose. (example, spirit can get cold, vitality, or aether staves.) The affixes rolled in these staves have been completely redone and use custom affixes. No more generic +1/2 to a single mastery, instead you can get +4 to two skills (relevant to the mastery you craft for), among other powerful stats.

*Removed old random “enchanted staff” crafts, also removed the adept, master, elemental and whatever the other craftable staff was called…

New Items:
*New crafting formulas: Titanslayer armor pieces. Hand armor, boots, pants, and shoulders, all have the same affixes and each has their own base stats.

*11 new rings;
Gem of the Draugr (lvl 65 and 94)
Ring of the Dragon Hunter (lvl 65 and 94)
Grace of the Alfar (lvl 65 and 94)
Balor’s Eye (lvl 65 and 94)
Tyr’s Signet (lvl 65 and 94)
Boudica’s Ring (lvl 65 and 94)
Ring of Taranis (lvl 65 and 94)
Band of Muspelheim (lvl 65 and 94)
Ymir’s Permafrost (lvl 65 and 94)
Draupner (lvl 1)
Andvaranaut (lvl 1)

*20 new relics;
Golden Belt (lvl 25)
Seidr Bones (lvl 25)
Singasteinn (lvl 35)
Carnyx (lvl 35)
Gambanteinn (lvl 50)
Gjallarhorn (lvl 50)
Hunger of Limos (lvl 70)
Apples of Idunn (lvl 90)
Wheel of Taranis (lvl 90)
Svartalfar Oath (lvl 90)
Dvalinn’s Simulacrum (lvl 70, has 1 variant for each GQ mastery)

*1 new belt;
Freya’s Sash (lvl 30, lvl 45, lvl 65, and lvl 94)

Adrestia’s Retribution:
*Changed sound when activated.

Athena’s Wisdom:
*Changed sound when activated.

Unyielding Phalanx:
*Replaces Vengeance. New skill, call upon a wall of elysian soldiers to defend the area where they are summoned.
*5 second cooldown, 12 second duration, the spectres deal internal trauma, reduce movement speed and OA. (non stacking)
*Replaced skill icon with new Perfect Block icon from TQ.
*Added Damage Reduction.
Spite - Blind Rage:
*Removed Damage reduction.

Colossus Form:
*Moved % Health Regeneration to Rally.
*Added flat health regeneration.

*Increased % Health Regeneration.
*Updated FX.

Battle Awareness:
*Updated FX.

*Updated FX.

Shield Smash:
*Adjusted proc rate scaling. Now scales from 12% - 26% at max, up to 30% at ultimate rank.

*Adjusted proc rate scaling. Now scales from 12% - 26% at max, up to 30% at ultimate rank.

*Adjusted proc rate scaling. Now scales from 12% - 26% at max, up to 30% at ultimate rank.
*Updated FX.

Ikelos’ Fright:
*Changed sound when activated.

Boon of Morpheus:
*Changed sound when activated.

Astral Rift:
*Updated skill description.
*Removed cooldown.

Phantom Strike:
*Dramatically increased damage dealt, but reduced the AOE size.
*Increased teleport range by 1m.

Phantom Strike - Dream Stealer:
*Increased skill recharge reduction and flat chaos damage scaling.
*Removed decay modifier, added a much higher chaos damage modifier.
*Increased teleport range by 1m. (yes, 2m total increase with phantom strike increase as well)

Phantom Strike - Somnial Hex:
*Reworked, now hits a larger AOE on hit and petrifies nearby foes.

Sands of Sleep:
*Reworked functionality, now applies the debuff in a large area.

Psionic Touch - Reverie:
*Changed Chaos damage converted to Aether to Physical converted to Aether.

Distortion Wave - Anomaly:
*Reduced to 1 point from 3, now fully converts 100% at 1 point.

Trance of Convalescence - Wrath:
*Reworked, separated from Trance of Convalescence skill line. Now functions as a castable debuff aura similar to Veil of Shadow. RR reduced at ultimate ranks to compensate for the ease of RR application.
*Renamed to Trance of Wrath.
*Radius increased by 2m across all ranks.
*Attack speed reduction replaced with Damage Reduction.

Phantom Strike - Sominal Hex:
*Reworked, no longer creates a damaging aura after hitting an enemy. Instead deals damage in a large AOE and puts nearby enemies to sleep.

Heat Shield:
*Increased flat damage and retaliation scaling greatly. Should now be about on par with Counterstrike.

*Mini Rework. Stat-wise, it’s the exact same. Now instead of a PBAOE it’s a dropped projectile, dropping a single large “meteor” onto a target area. FX updated.
*Increased AOE by 0.5m.

Rupture - Flare:
*Increased AOE by 0.5m.

*Adjusted proc rate scaling. Now scales from 12% - 26% at max, up to 30% at ultimate rank.

Abyssal Rampage:
*Adjusted proc rate scaling. Now scales from 12% - 26% at max, up to 30% at ultimate rank.
*Reworked proc, now creates a wave of fiery spikes in a wide but short (4m) cone.

Art of the Hunt:
*Fixed an issue where the buff sounds and visuals were missing.

Takedown - Plague Weapons:
*Reduced to 1 point from 3, now fully converts 100% at 1 point.

Apollo’s Sun Blessing:
*Added a new sound for buff activation.
*Added new FX.

Artemis’ Moon Blessing:
*Added a new sound for buff activation.
*Added new FX.

Herbal Remedy - Chiron’s Teachings:
*Fixed an issue where this transmuter wasn’t working with spears.

Marksmanship - Exploit Weakness:
*Updated tooltip.

*Adjusted proc rate scaling. Now scales from 10% - 22% at max, up to 25% at ultimate rank.

Serpent Strike:
*Adjusted proc rate scaling. Now scales from 10% - 22% at max, up to 25% at ultimate rank.

*Adjusted proc rate scaling. Now scales from 10% - 22% at max, up to 25% at ultimate rank.

Hera’s Dominion:
*Added FX and sound.

Demeter’s Sacred Law:
*Added FX and sound.

Plague - Arcane Affliction:
*Reduced to 1 point from 3, now fully converts 100% at 1 point.

Plague - Susceptibility:
*Removed physical resist reduction.
*Added Vitality resist reduction.

*Reworked “Regrowth”, now heals in a 20m radius. No longer chains upon healing.

Kodama - Accelerated Growth:
*Reduced base health regeneration to compensate for more consistent AOE heals from Regrowth.

Kodama - Overgrowth:
*Removed flat health regeneration.
*Increased % Health Regeneration.
*Increased AOE size.
*Reduced cooldown to 5 seconds.

*Removed % Health Regeneration.
*Added Flat Health Regeneration.

Call of the Wild:
*Reworked base stats, now deals more damage and has higher health.

Call of the Wild - Pack Dogs:
*Changed into a transmuter, now reduces the cooldown of Call of the Wild, increases summon count, and reduces the base stats/damage of the wolves summoned.

Call of the Wild - Survival Instinct:
*Adjusted cooldown/duration. Cooldown reduced to 15 seconds, duration now scales with ranks, up to 10 seconds.
*No longer remains active when the wolves are below the HP threshold.
*Greatly increased all damage modifier scaling.
*Restores % of wolf HP on trigger.
*Damage absorption removed.
*Life Leech removed.

Call of the Wild - Keen Senses:
*New skill, the wolves can now maintain a debuff aura which reduces the physical resistance and OA of nearby enemies.

Lethal Strike - Nether Strike:
*Fixed an issue where the skill cap was higher than intended.

Calculated Strike:
*Changed chance to pass through to 30% at all ranks.

Calculated Strike - Lucky Hit:
*Changed chance to pass through so it will not reach numbers greater than 100%.

Grace of the Korybantes - Flashpowder:
*Updated tooltip.

Calculated Strike - Misery:
*Reduced to 1 point from 3, now fully converts 100% at 1 point.

Arachne’s Sting:
*Adjusted proc rate scaling. Now scales from 12% - 26% at max, up to 30% at ultimate rank.

Pytho’s Bite:
*Adjusted proc rate scaling. Now scales from 12% - 26% at max, up to 30% at ultimate rank.

Trickery Of Hermes:
*Added a new sound for buff activation.
*Updated FX.

Hecate’s Sorcery:
*Added a new sound for buff activation.
*Updated FX.

Poison Gas Bomb:
*Reworked, no longer can apply debuffs. Duration removed, radius flattened to 2.5m, but now creates fragments on impact.
*Slow rescaled, now starts from 5% and scales up.
*Energy cost reduced, duration and radius updated to better match blackwater cocktail.

Poison Gas Bomb - Shrapnel:
*Adjusted projectile behavior, increased fragment count and adjusted damage.

Poison Gas Bomb - Aphotic Ichor:
*Reworked as a transmuter for PGB, now converts the poison damage to vitality.

Poison Gas Bomb - Poison Mayhem:
*Modifier to poison gas bomb, adds retal to attack to PGB, adds a chance for confusion and impaired aim. Also reduces target resistances for 3 seconds.

Summon Epialos:
*Removed cooldown, increased summon limit, reduced energy cost.
*Removed on death spell.
*Removed “Cleave” skill.
*Added a new AOE attack, Vitality Skull (or Poison Skull), deals damage in a large aoe and continues dealing damage in the area for a short duration.

Summon Epialos - Irregularity:

Summon Epialos - Torment:
*Modifies the new “Skull” attack and adds RR from the old Aphotic Ichor

Summon Epialos - Melas Oneiros:
*Removed life steal (never worked anyway), removed HP reduction, and removed vitality decay (or poison for transmuted).
*Added flat OA reduction, skill disruption, and movement speed reduction.

Dark Covenant:
*Updated tooltip.
*Added all damage, Crit dmg and total speed for pets.
*Added % Health Restored.
*Removed % Retaliation, and % All Damage.

Dark Covenant - Unearthly Power:
*Added % Retaliation and % All Damage.
*Removed physical resistance.
*Swapped %OA with %DA

Circle of Power:
*Replaced flat OA with %OA.

Strands of Fate:
*Moved bonuses to Dark Covenant.
*Removed skill. (doesn’t make much sense to have 2 long cooldown buffs when I can do it with 1)

Bone Fiend:
*Reworked into a transmuter to Liche King. Now replaces the Liche King as a summon. If the transmuter is taken, the skill line changes appropriately to give skills to the Bone Fiend; Spectral Barrage is replaced with Spirit Breath, and Death Nova is replaced with Stygian Spires (Pound). Wraith Shell remains for the Bone Fiend.
*Increased physical resistance

Summon Liche King:
*Base physical resistance increased to 20%, base Aether/Poison resistance decreased to 25%.

Summon Liche King - Wraith Shell:
*Reworked into an AOE buff, now grants DA, elemental resistance and aether resistance.

Skeletal Soldiers:
*Removed poison resistance, removed stun resistance.
*Increased freeze resistance, replaced aether resistance with cold resistance.
*Physical resistance increased.
*Piercing and Physical resistances are increased further once the skeletons equip helmets.
*Base armor reduced by 50%. (This still leaves it twice as high as GD necro skeletons…)

Skeletal Soldiers - Unrelenting Dead:
*Replaced elemental resistance with % armor, stun and slow resistance.

Ravage - Underworld Pact:
*Removed Aether Resistance bonus.
*Added % physical resistance.
*Added % increased healing.

Ravage - Arcane Lore:
*Removed Retal to attack
*Added flat OA.

Ravage - Ternion Attack:
*Removed this transmuter.

Ternion Attack:
*New WPS skill for Spirit, works with 2h ranged and staves only. Fires 3 piercing projectiles and deals Aether/Vitality Damage.
Spectral Spires:
*New WPS skill for Spirit, works only with melee weapons. Fires a wave that deals decay/aether damage and leeches life.
Lightning Whip - High Voltage:
*Adjusted functionality a bit, still working on tweaking this into a state where people can enjoy it more.

*Fixed an issue where this skill wasn’t unlocked at the proper tier.
*Fixed an issue where the range was much shorter than intended.

*Adjusted proc rate scaling. Now scales from 12% - 26% at max, up to 30% at ultimate rank.

Cold Snap:
*Adjusted proc rate scaling. Now scales from 12% - 26% at max, up to 30% at ultimate rank.

Winter Sprite:
*Added pet widget and removed tracker.

Winter Winds:
*Updated the tooltip to reflect the skill’s weapon requirements.

Winter Winds - Potent Blast:
*Updated the tooltip to reflect the skill’s weapon requirements.

Winter Winds - Hypothermia:
*Now functions differently, hits in a radius around the player upon hitting an enemy once per second.

Moved around many skills

Enyo’s Bloodlust:
*Redesigned skill icon.
*Added a new sound for buff activation.
Fury of Aries:
*Redesigned skill icon.
*Increased health regeneration scaling.
*Added a new sound for buff activation.
Weapon Training:
*Removed Constitution bonus.
*Added flat HP.

Dodge Attack:
*New Skill. When health drops below 50%, gain increased health regeneration, dodge and deflection
Battle Rage:
*Reduced cooldown to 10 seconds.
*Increased duration to 8 seconds.
*Changed all damage scaling at low ranks, now starts higher but scales to 200% (down from 210%). Ultimate rank at 22/12 is unchanged.

Battle Rage - Crushing Blow:
*Dramatically increased crit damage bonus, but now only has a chance of triggering.

Battle Rage - Boundless Wrath:

War Horn:
*Updated FX.
*Added hit FX to enemies affected by war horn.

Titan Slam:
*New skill. Sends a thin wave towards your enemies. Only works with melee weapons.
Titan Slam - Gratuitous Violence:
*New skill.
*Improves the damage dealt by Titan Slam and reduces damage dealt by enemies.
Titan Slam - Blood and Guts:
*New skill.
*Enemies killed by Titan Slam explode, dealing additional damage to other nearby enemies. (enemies killed by this explosion do not also trigger Blood and Guts, sadly)
Heroic Vault:
*Increased base range from 11 to 16.
*Reduced cooldown by 0.1 seconds.
*Radius now scales with ranks, from 3.5 m up to 7 m at 26/16.
*Added total slow.

Heroic Vault - Bloody Wake:

Heroic Vault - Olympian Might:
*Increased range bonus to 4 meters.
*Cooldown reduction scaling increased, up to 2 second reduction at 22/12.
*No longer slows enemy movement.

Ancestral Horn:
*Removed cooldown.
*Added new textures to better match the color scheme of Warfare and reduce the blinding brightness of the Ancestors.
*Added new spawn/death effects.
*Changed cast animation.

Ancestral Horn - Triumph:
*Replaced icon with one of the new icons from TQ Atlantis. (Lasting Legacy)
*Damage reduction removed.
Battle Standard:
*Reworked into a toggled buff instead of a pet-based buff. Really no reason for the pet since it has 100% uptime anyway, and giving Warfare a buff at low ranks enables many builds to use devotions without needing auras granted from items.
*Piercing Damage removed, Physical damage rescaled.
*Added DA and health regeneration.
*Moved Aether/Chaos Resistance to Glory.
*Updated FX.
*Added a new sound for buff activation.

Battle Standard - Glory:
*Replaced icon with the original icon for Triumph.
*Removed All Damage and DA, added Aether/Chaos Resistance from Battle Standard.
*Slightly lowered aether/chaos resistance scaling.
*Replaced Disruption Resistance with Reflected Damage reduction.
Dual Wield:
*Adjusted scaling to closer match similar GD equivalent skills.

*Adjusted proc rate scaling. Now scales from 12% - 22% at max, up to 25% at ultimate rank.

*Adjusted proc rate scaling. Now scales from 12% - 22% at max, up to 25% at ultimate rank.

*Adjusted proc rate scaling. Now scales from 12% - 22% at max, up to 25% at ultimate rank.

War Wind - Lacerate:
*Added a minimum physical damage range, lowering the overall average damage.

New Mastery:
Rune Weapon:
*A LMB default attack replacer that builds charges and deals elemental and burn damage.
Rune Weapon - Niddhog’s Hunger:
*Transmuter, converts fire damage to chaos, and lightning to acid.
Rune Weapon - Magical Charge:
*Increases OA, Energy Regeneration, and elemental resistance. Also adds flat frostburn damage to Rune Weapon.
Rune Weapon - Runeword: Feather:
*Adds flat electrocute damage, also increases Frostburn, Electrocute damage and attack speed.
Rune Storm:
*A contagion type spell that deals retal to attack, cold and burn damage, and has a chance to CC enemies afflicted.
Rune Storm - Runes of Discord:
*Converts the fire damages to Acid and cold damage to chaos. Reduces overall damage but increases retal to attack.
Stone Prison:
*Summons a ring of stone pillars around an area, taunting enemies and reducing their physical and bleed resistances.
Life Rune:
*Toggled buff. Grants increased healing, physique, movement speed, vitality and chaos resistances to all allies in an area.
Life Rune - Power Rune:
*Grants flat physical and elemental damage. Increases all damage, crit damage, and flat energy regeneration.
Runeword: Absorb:
*Passive, grants casting speed, shield recovery, energy absorption and elemental retaliation.
Reckless Offense:
*WPS, deals heavy pierce and cold damage in a small cone. Also reduces DA of enemies struck.
Runeword: Explode:
*WPS, deals RATA, physical and fire damage in a wide arc when using melee weapons. When using ranged weapons, instead fires an explosive projectile that hits all enemies in 2.5 meters.
Runeword: Burn:
*WPS, when using ranged weapons has a chance to fire off fragments in random directions dealing fire/burn damage.
Thunder Strike:
*A cleaving attack that deals physical/lightning to all enemies in an cone in front of the player.
Thunder Strike - Rolling Thunder:
*Transmuter, increases the cooldown of Thunder Strike, but enables it to be used with ranged weapons. In addition, causes the attack to fire additional projectiles when used with ranged weapons.
Thunder Strike - Unleash:
*Enemies struck by the Thunder Strike trigger a larger AOE dealing additional damage.
Seal of Fate:
*Summons a seal on the ground that initially deals no damage but slows enemies and reduces OA. After 3 secons, the seal explodes, dealing fire and lightning damage and stunning enemies in a medium sized area.
Seal of Fate - Wyrd Seal:
*Transmuter, Converts the damage of Seal of Fate to Chaos and Acid. Additionally lowers the cooldown and increases the duration. No longer explodes for massive damage at the end of it’s duration but instead deals much less damage albeit more consistently.
Seal of Fate - Aftershock:
*Improves the strength of the final explosion, also adding bleeding damage, as well as reducing DA and resistances.
Runic Mines:
*Summons a ring of mines which detonate when an enemy steps on them, dealing physical, piercing, and frostburn damage.
Runic Mines - Vile Rune:
*Transmuter, Converts the physical damage to acid.
Runic Mines - Freezing Mines:
*Adds flat cold damage to the mines, also slows enemies hit. Has a chance to freeze enemies.
Runic Mines - Rune Field:
*Increases the summon count and reduces the cooldown of Runic Mines.
Frightening Power:
*Taunt and confuse nearby enemies, lowering their damage and ability to fight back.
Frightening Power - Sacred Rage:
*Increases the caster’s damage, DA and CC resistances for a short duration after casting Frightening Power.
Torch Rune:
*Summons a large seal which deals elemental damage and reduces elemental resistances.
Torch Rune - The Yawning Void:
*Transmuter, causes the Torch Rune to deal pierce, chaos, and poison damage instead of Elemental, and also reduce those resistances instead of elemental.
Energy Armor:
*Passive, when the player drops below 60% HP, a shield protects them for a short duration, absorbing damage and reducing physical, piercing, and bleeding resistances while the shield holds.
Trembling Menhir:
*Summons a rune stone which thumps the ground, dealing physical and bleeding damage to all nearby enemies within 5 meters. So long as the player also is in this 5 meter radius, they gain % physical resistance, % physical damage, % piercing damage, % internal trauma damage, and % bleeding damage.
Trembling Menhir - Earth Pulse:
*Emits a massive thump every so often dealing much more damage in a much larger radius and knocking down enemies.
Guardian Stones:
*Summons 3 greater rune stones which fire lightning at nearby enemies.
Sworn to the Vanir:
*Exclusive, grants flat fire damage, % elemental, burn, electrocute, and frostburn. Also reduces cooldowns, converts phys to elemental, and cold to elemental.
Acolyte of Hel:
*Exclusive, grants flat acid damage, % cold, acid, chaos, frostburn, poison and retaliation. Also converts physical to cold, and grants freeze resistance.
*I’ve said for a while I wouldn’t do this, but I had been working on something for a while that made me realize an easy fix to some broken skills, and ended up just fixing them. Dunno if Ceno will ever get back to this or if these skills are unbelievably broken, not my concern.

Terror Knight:
Whispers of Madness:
*Slightly reduced volume.
*Changed the trigger for the sound, now triggers on cast instead of on spread. No more earrape.

*Fixed an issue that prevented the barricade from spawning and blocking enemies properly.

Ice Wall:
*Fixed an issue that prevented the wall from spawning and blocking enemies properly.


to be safe, make sure you backup your characters before you play in the new update.


A whole new mastery, Damn good work

Ooh, I will try out that new mastery.

It will likely take me a few months before I can test everything, but I’d like to say, “thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you.” I can’t thank you enough for the work you do, and I’ll make sure I properly read and test things thoroughly before giving any further comments.

Thanks for the Update. Just one question, is batter supposed to not work with spears? I wanted to play a spear/shield type Hunting/Defense mastery charakter and already noticed it with the previous update.

Would anyone be so kind to upload the v77 to Mediafire please?

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Ah, I wish you would have reported it not working earlier so I could have had it fixed for v77. It’s meant to work with all melee.

Updated the Rainbow File for Grimarillion v77.


I think Zeke conversation is not displaying. Anyone else having issues?

Yes, Zeke isn’t in the mood to talk any more :cry:

I’m sorry if it’s a rainbow version issue. I forgot to put Zeke’s conversation (npc_grimmest_01.txt) in the file, so I added it.


somebody got a non-mega link? mega is just not working for me :frowning:

NVM…saw the nexus-link :slight_smile:

Thank you for this huge update. Looking forward to using the skills with the new changes. and a whole new mastery!

Just wanted to drop a comment that I really enjoy the new rune mastery, it has fun gameplay - timing the large exploding rune, lots of small mines and the runestones! I thought I’d combine it with Inquisitor for even more runes, but Runemaster has so many things that getting Inquisitor is kind of redundant :smiley:

Nvm its me being stupid forgot custom colors