[REL] Grimarillion v90d

Devotion cap is raised by modifying a single field in gameengine.dbr, “playerDevotionCap”. But I really cannot figure out any easy way to explain to you how to modify that value within the context of an existing mod.

As for autopick radius, I am not sure what the 3 different radii are for food, potions and iron, but Elfe and I played around with all 3 templates. Food was the best one because in MP, potions were too large (in our opinion), and iron was a mess because the template hooked into something else that only made sense for iron, not components.

If there is a field to modify the food radius, well, I never found it, but I am not sure I looked either.

As to scrap, iirc, Crate keeps adding new scrap dbrs, and autopick is out of date and so when one of the new ones drop, it is not scripted properly.

thank you.
So really I would need a source to properly alter devotion for a mod and a source for each time it gets updated?
There is no way to somehow override it across all mods and main campaign?

Not in a way that would be worthwhile, no.

New update coming soon, maybe later today to fix some bugs.

*Fixed an issue where the tag wasn’t updated from 60c
*Removed requirement for Dual Wield.

*Fixed an issue where the tag wasn’t updated from 60c
*Removed requirement for Dual Wield.

*Fixed an issue where the tag wasn’t updated from 60c
*Removed requirement for Dual Wield.

*Fixed an issue where the tag wasn’t updated from 60c
*Removed requirement for Dual Wield.

*Fixed an issue where Titanslayer Implements were creating the wrong types of implements.
*Fixed an issue where the “Sharpened” spears were breaking the crafting system and required a game restart.
*Added back some of the missing recipes from the Satyr. He is still missing a few I think, but idk if I’ll get to fixing those that are still missing.

Ok, good, though I found few more issues: first, blacksmiths having old “random artifact formula” recipe and second - mark of the traveler never drops, as i recently started from scratch and havent seen any (46lvl atm) :eek:

grimarillion 60d

Dunno what would cause any issues with Mark of the Traveler. I haven’t touched the loot tables for materia IIRC, and looking at them now, all the required files are present.

I might have really bad rng, anyway ty for update :slight_smile:

Here is an item color coding file for Grimarillion v60d. Since there was a slight change in the text concerning GQ, I reworked the file. Including some correction of color coordination.

See here for usage. And be sure to delete the previous Colorful_Grimaril_60c.zip.

do i still need to install v60 to use v60d?

I read the above posts about mark of traveler. I am now level 60 and have 0 of them also.

Also in Homestead the normal components for sale on the merchant with daughter all have a strange texture display. They show up fine once bought but do not while in his sale window. The D3 gems he sells are fine.

The mod is great overall but the biggest issue I think is balance. Too much adcth source and class imbalance.

Is there a list (dev or player made) which ranks/describes how balanced the classes are relative to original Grim Dawn classes? Some of them seem too over powered to me; eg. Terror Knight and Outrider. It’s a bit difficult to know which class shouldn’t be used because of this :(.

Any plans on continued balance updates or not?

Many issues here. First of all, a mod compilation cannot really be “balanced”. Each individual mod, maybe, but you cannot expect Asylum to balance Grim Quest based on the knowledge that some people will be able to mix his masteries with D3 or Zenith masteries.

Second problem, Grimarillion was first made as a way to:

  1. Enable Ceno/Asylum/Grimer to focus on their mods and not have to release Grimmest versions each time.
  2. Conserve mastery enumerators so that save data would be compatible with subsequent releases/versions.

I think some of the masteries have been balanced with Grimmest in mind, making them more potent than vanilla classes.

Finally, while Grimer (d3) and Asylum (gq) are releasing frequent updates, Ceno (zenith) is on hiatus until the base game stabilizes. I am hoping to update Grimmest with FG xpac, but I hope you understand that trying to mod a game that is continually updated is a real struggle.

Yes I understand the difficulties and time sink of balancing a mod compilation and didn’t expect one person to undertake the task themselves; which is why I asked first about a more simple description of balance relative to original GD classed. Maybe a simple solution is creating a poll thread to let the player-base assess balance and just post results on sticky page; I think it would make the mod more enjoyable if people could easily find out how powerful each mastery is relative to others.

Why don’t you start one then?

I have to say that the OP compared to the original for some class combos is pretty much necessary for Grimmest Elite or Ulti. And absolutely necessary if you even attempt Hard core… which I wonder if it is even possible with grimmest… haha
I actually would say that some classes need a boost for survivability especially in the early stages for Grimmest. I am using DH and Monk from D3 mod and the awareness near death serenity and smoke screen are the only reasons I do not die over and over fighting packs of mods that slam me against a wall.

I am glad they out all the mods together and as for balance I think this is just a player option when mods are combined like this. As in choose the masteries you feel comfortable with. I assure you though even with OP class combos it still is not easy mode

I do wish Crates modding systems allowed for an easier combination of mods though or for overriding variables then we could choose which to combine and if balance is an issue remove the ones that feel imbalanced. I am grateful for the work on combining these mods. It is definitely a totally new experience from Vanilla.

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So say we all.

If only… Then this whole need for a comp would be eliminated.

I am not sure if this compilation mod or another of the single mods is doing it…

I have not seen a single mark of traveler or mark of illusion.
perhaps this is a recipe only component from another mods change?
I am level 83 now

Also is the reskill forge supposed to be at Outcast starting from normal vet level or does it only show up in elite?

U must have bad luck ,maybe use external program to change world seed (if I remember good,that is how saves in TQIT worked and Crate is Author of TQ and TQIT ,game engine is nearly this same :wink: . As for me ,there is no problem ,they drop normally.
Topic of reply is a mistake :stuck_out_tongue: EDIT: No problems with any of the Marks :slight_smile:

Hmm, I also seem to be in bad luck. I also never saw these two components.

And the display of previously reported Homestead merchant’s components becomes a checkered pattern. The problem on this display was the same for the merchant’s components in The Blood Grove.

Besides, I think that the items of D3 fall off the enemy with abnormal frequency. Most of the Epic items I got so far are D3 items, and the traditional items are being banished to them.