[REL] Grimarillion v90d

Try turning off auto tooltips in the settings if you haven’t already.

If you’re using grimmest try turning it all off.

Also try playing without Grim internals and rainbow filter if you’re using them, just to be sure there’s nothing else at play.

If it still crashes even with all these changes, try changing your items, if you’re using any items with autocast skills use items without them.

If it still crashes, just try another class combo, vanilla classes would be most stable.

The truth is this issue has been around for years and there’s really no way for us to find or fix whatever causes this issue.

I remember I had a seemingly random issue where upon reaching Act 6 ish, my game would get lower and lower fps gradually during a session until I was watching a slideshow. No matter how many restarts fresh re-installs I did…always the same result. Nothing seemed to work until I found this random bit of information about disabling the tooltips for weapons/equipment when they are dropped on the ground. For whatever reason that worked like magic.

I haven’t posted in awhile on the Grimillion forums but was the mod that had the warglaives model from wow in the game yet? If they are do they have to farmed in any one place.

Thank you

After a brief look at the Grimarillion loottables, it would appear the model is already in the mod, no specific place for it to drop, but you probably need to be at least level 94ish.

Sweet tyvm for that reply.

I have been getting the itch to play again lol

I’m finally posting it, enjoy.

Back up your stuff, just in case. You might actually lose some items this time, so keep track so you can use GDStash to reacquire them.


v81 Changelog

D3 Mod:
*Updated to 4.0U1

*Restricted some reskill gems to only be allowed on the original item type.

Grimar Stuff:
*Moved text files for translation stuff.
*Tidied up Grim Quest tags and restructured the tag sheet. (sorry translators, I misunderstood the request but it was getting hard to navigate my own file anyway)

Game Changes:
*Adjusted some SR spawn proxies in hopes of getting all the D3 enemies to spawn in SR instead of just Diablo.
*Removed old Caravan/Stasher mods, added Grim UI X-Mod.
*Updated class selection and mastery UI to match the new UI size.
*New Mastery Added, Neidan.

Diablo 3 Enemies:
*Belial: reworked many skills, animations and fx.
*Diablo: reworked many skills, animations, and fx.
*Leoric: summons no longer give xp or drop items.

GQ Item Changes:
*All Lesser, Base, and Greater GQ offhands, bows, scepters, daggers, 1h axes, 1h maces, 1h swords, 2h axes, 2h swords, 2h maces, set items, amulets and medals also have skill modifiers, like their divine counter parts.
*All level 5 crafted staves have had their affix modifiers reduced by half.
*Of Stone titanslayer suffix replaced dodge with % armor.
*Of the Glade Titanslayer suffix replaced dodge/deflect with %OA/%DA
*Of Guile Titanslayer suffix replaced dodge/deflect with % cunning/ %physique
*Of Stability Titanslayer suffix replaced deflect with % physique.
*Created new base helmets for Titanslayer crafting, 3 variations for each type (caster/heavy/normal)
*Created new base torso armor for Titanslayer crafting, 3 variations for each type. (caster/heavy/normal). Now uses the same affixes as the Titanslayer boots/shoulders/gloves/pants.
*Created new base shoulder armor for Titanslayer crafting, 3 variations for each type. (caster/heavy/normal). Updated level requirements and base armor values.
*Created new base pants armor for Titanslayer crafting, 3 variations for each type. (heavy/normal). Updated level requirements and base armor values.
*Created new base boot armor for Titanslayer crafting, 3 variations for each type. (heavy/normal). Updated level requirements and base armor values.
*Updated titanslayer gloves level requirements and base armor values
*Updated Titanslayer ring/medal/offhand/amulet/belt affix pool, level requirements, and base armor values.
*Titanslayer rings, medals, offhands, amulets, helmets, torso armor, staves and focus are now considered ‘rare’.
*Added a few new affixes to Titanslayer pool to support neidan
*Eye of Horus (staff) - Renamed to Wings of Horus
*Telamon’s Boar Skewer - increased armor piercing to 100%. Removed armor piercing from granted skill.
*Divine Telamon’s Boar Skewer - increased armor piercing to 100%. Removed armor piercing from granted skill. Replaced skill bonus to Shield Smash with Hoplite Charge.
*The Furies - replaced Somnial Hex bonus with Mastermind.
*Staff of Kheprer - fixed an issue where the granted skill was missing.
*Staff of the Falcon - fixed an issue where the granted skill was missing.
*Necromancer’s Staff - fixed an issue where the granted skill was missing.
*Guan Yin’s Healing Rod - fixed an issue where the granted skill was missing.
*Nagblade - fixed an issue where the granted skill was missing.
*Crystal Totem - fixed an issue where the granted skill was missing.
*Song of the Siren - fixed an issue where the granted skill was missing.
*Divine Montu’s Sun Lance - increased retaliation damage to attack to Heat Shield to 12%.
*Divine Fiery Legion Set bonus - reduced retaliation damage to attack to Heat Shield to 18%.
*Helios’ Fury - added +2 to Dream
*Divine Helios’ Fury - added +2 to Dream. Added -15% Fire resistance and +2m radius to Trance of Wrath.
*Dreamweaver’s Crown - Added vitality damage and vitality decay modifiers.
*Dreamweaver’s Azure Gem - Added vitality damage and vitality decay modifiers.
*Dreamweaver’s Effigy - Added vitality damage and vitality decay modifiers.
*Dreamweaver’s Rod - replaced Distortion Wave skill bonus with Psionic Beam. Added aether damage modifier.
*Zhanlu - added skillmodifiers to low level versions because this item was designed to support strange damage types.
*Horn of Tiamat - added skillmodifiers to low level versions because this item was designed to support strange damage types.
*Lykaion Malleus - added skillmodifier to low level versions because this item supports a skill that isn’t usable otherwise.
*Divine Torc of the Ancestors - replaced 30% Weapon Damage with 30% Crit Damage to Cross Cut
*Divine Iron Will Of Ajax - reduced 40% Weapon Damage to Cross Cut to 25%.
*Divine Cerberus’ Bite - reduced bleeding damage to Cross Cut to 210 over 3.
*Divine Traitor’s Shiv - replaced 24% Weapon Damage to Cross Cut with 500 Vitality Decay over 5 and 100% Physical Damage converted to Vitality to Cross Cut.
*Divine Rage of Ares - reduced bleeding damage to Whirling Tempest to 75 over 3.
*Divine Golden Shield of Pelaron - reduced weapon damage to Whirling Tempest to 30%.
*Divine Fei Lian’s Galespear - removed weapon damage added to Whirling Tempest, added 0.5m radius and 150 lightning damage.
*Divine Drakaina - removed weapon damage and crit damage added to Whirling Tempest, reduced damage multiplier to 60% and added 1.5 second skill recharge to Whirling Tempest.
*Divine Rimescythe - increased cold damage added to Whirling Tempest to 125.
*Divine Doxa Kalo - increased weapon damage added to Whirling Tempest to 50%, reduced bleed damage to Whirling Tempest to 240 over 3.
*Golden Belt - fixed an animation issue where the granted skill was using both hands while dual wielding. Now properly only uses 1 hand as intended.
*Sigurd’s Courage - fixed an issue where all variants had the same damage modifiers.
*Shield of the Hideous Visage - replaced 2 second terrify from granted skill with 1 second freeze. Now activates on block instead of attack.
*Sun Disc - reduced granted skill’s fire RR to 15%, changed trigger to on block.
*The Greg - changed granted skill’s trigger to on block.
*Crest of Taurus - reduced cooldown, duration damage, and attack speed of granted skill. Removed chance to stun on granted skill. Added flat physical damage to granted skill. Changed trigger to on block.
*Divine Agamemnon’s Scepter - Removed Acid to Physical conversion to Lethal Strike.
*Umbral Crown - replaced flat aether damage with vitality. Replaced flat aether damage on Granted Skill with vitality.
*Divine Umbral Crown - replaced flat aether damage with vitality. Replaced flat aether damage on Granted Skill with vitality. Replaced flat aether damage to Spirit Ward with Vitality, added 100% Aether damage converted to Vitality to Spirit Ward.
*Druid’s Wreath - Removed flat elemental damage and % elemental damage. Added Lightning/Electrocute and Energy Regeneration. Replaced %Elemental damage pet bonus with % All Damage. Reduced Armor. Removed Nymph item modifier, added +12m skill modifier to Wrath of Zeus
*Druid’s Mantle - added DA and reduced armor.
*Druid’s Vestment - replaced % Elemental damage with % Lightning/Electrocute damage.
*Druid’s Totem - removed flat elemental damage, replaced % elemental damage with % Lightning/Electrocute. Added Pierce Resistance, Maximum Pierce Resistance, and DA.
*Druid’s Staff - Reworked damage types, now deals lightning and grants % lightning/electrocute. Storm Nimbus modifier now grants flat lightning damage instead of elemental and Sylvan Nymph modifier now only provides Electrocute damage. Added 100% Elemental Damage converted to Lightning to Sylvan Nymph, and added a visual pet swap. Added flat electrocute to Winter Sprite,100% Physical Damage converted to Lightning to Winter Sprite and added a visual pet swap. Added 100% Elemental Damage converted to Lightning as a pet bonus.
*Divine Polaris - replaced Ring of Flame bonus and modifier with Rune Storm, added -8% Cold and Lightning Resistances to Rune Storm.
*Cerberus’ Collar - adjusted skill bonuses, now grants 3 to spectral barrage and death nova instead of spirit ward. Removed Spirit Ward modifier, added physical resist to liche king, and -1 second recharge, +1 summon limit to Thorn Sprites. Added 20% Stun Resist and added 30% to all CC resist to granted skill.
*Torc of Lochar Moss - totally reworked, was almost a mirror of rune of najo-ja.
*Rune of Najo-Ja - slight rework. Now focuses on vitality damage instead of bleeding, grants skill bonuses to Mastermind, Empathy, and +1 to Spirit. Added skill modifier to Trance of Convalescence which converts Chaos Damage to Vitality and adds flat Vitality Damage.
*Shavo’s Relic - replaced Storm Mastery bonus with Runes. Replaced Freezing Cyclone bonus with Torch Rune. Removed Cold Dmg modifiers.
*Chione’s Claw - replaced 100% Vitality Damage to Cold to Winter Sprite with 100% Physical to Cold.
*Atalanta’s Bow - added 50% Elemental Damage converted to Pierce as a base stat. Replaced Call of the Wild skill modifier with 2 summon limit, and -1 second cooldown. Replaced Marksmanship skill modifier with 18 Piercing Damage and 10% Attack Speed to Art of the Hunt. Replaced skill bonus to Scatter Shot with Art of the Hunt. Added pet bonuses. Granted pet now scales with pet bonuses instead of player bonuses.
*Aspect of the Wild - removed Strength of the Wild scepter from the set, making it a 4 piece set. Set reworked as an earth/nature set. Moved Set completion skill to Helmet, and updated all skill modifiers/bonuses.
*Divine Talisman of the Wild - removed physical damage to Call of the Wild, added physical resistance to Call of the Wild. Added Total Damage modified to Coredweller.
*Epona’s Horses - Removed physical damage to Call of the Wild, added 25% Attack Speed to Call of the Wild.
*Cernunno’s Majesty - reworked into a Nature/Runes/Hunting medal, the goal of which is to support hybrid pet builds.
*Divine Cerberus’ Eye - removed physical resistance and physical damage to Call of the Wild. Added +1 summon limit to Call of the Wild. Replaced fire damage bonus to Core Dweller with 30% Attack Speed.
*Demeter’s Sacred Leaves - removed elemental damage modifier, replaced armor handling bonus with Inspiration (Defense).
*Divine Code of Hammurabi - increased crit damage pet modifiers to 24% and added 100% Slow Resistance to all pet modifiers…
*Divine Staff of Elysium - increased pet speed modifiers to 45%
*Strength of the Wild - reworked as a standalone earth/nature summoner scepter. Now has a 1 summon limit bonus to Call of the Wild, added flat physical damage and fire to physical conversion to Coredweller.
*Amulet of Morpheus - changed damage modifier from All Damage to Vitality/Chaos, and increased the amount (about doubled)
*Shikigami - reworked granted skill. Now summons up to 3 shikigami pets, reduced cooldown to 3 seconds, duration to 12 seconds, and removed mana cost. Reduced aura radius to 3 meters and removed flat damage. Added a new aura that has flat damage (this way the 3 shikigamis can stack damage)
*Crimson Gem of Cytorius - reduced armor piercing ratio modifier to 20%.
*The Bulwark - reworked into a legendary set item to support Defense, Runemaster and Earth. Adds modifiers to Frightening Power and Spectral Bulwark.
*Alexander’s Spear - reworked into a legendary set item to support Hunting, Defense and Rogue. Adds modifiers to Volley and Disable.
*Alexander’s Pelta - reworked into a legendary set item to support Hunting, Defense, and Rogue. Adds modifiers to Pulverize.
*Charybdis - reworked slightly. Removed pierce to cold conversion, replaced crit damage with OA. Replaced Eviscerate skill bonus with Heroic Vault. Added Heroic Vault modifier. Replaced granted skill
*Scylla - reworked slightly. Removed pierce to lightning conversion, replaced adcth with OA, reduced health bonus. Replaced Take Down skill bonus with Olympian Might. Added Winter Winds modifier. Replaced granted skill.
*Bane of Messina - added 1 to Storm and 1 to Warfare to set bonus. Removed Take Down skill modifiers, added Storm Nimbus Modifiers, Ancestral Horn Modifiers and reworked Winter Wind modifier, now adds cold and lightning damage to Winter Winds.
*Dvalinn’s Simulacrum - Storm and Nature simulacrum, reduced projectile count to 5, shifted dmg around slightly, increased shotgun penalties. Added a new Simulacrum for Neidan.
*Lord Seth’s Chaos Blade - renamed to Set’s Chaos Blade
*Artemis’ Hunting Girdle - Reduced racial damage to 12%. Replaced Art of the Hunt skill bonus with Enyo’s Bloodlust.
*Hecate’s Tainted Belt - removed flat acid/vitality damage, added 50% Elemental to Acid conversion. Added a new skill bonus to Neidan.
*Herakles Mighty Belt - added skill bonus to Trembling Menhir. Reduced armor modifier by half. Added 5% HP.
*Pythia’s Bindings - removed all damage modifier, added vitality/chaos/decay modifiers. Added 50% Aether to Chaos conversion
*Stormbinder - added a new skill bonus to Neidan.

New GQ Items:
*Flame Reaver
*Headhunter’s Pride
*Figurehead of Naglfar
*Giant’s Tooth
*Golden Decapitator
*Starkad’s Wife
*Ritual Cleaver
*Fervor of Leucetius
*Morte’s Answer
*Shield of Skuld
*Wandsworth Shield
*Glory of Belenus
*Rotbone’s Soul
*Shen-Nong’s Dark Medicine
*Archer’s Prowess
*Cobra’s Venom
*Jin Chan’s Pride
*Qilin’s Favor
*Scarab Ring
*Shai’s Whim
*Wen Shen’s Gift
*Yellow Emperor’s Mindfulness
*Grace of the Dao
*Discipline of Kunlun
*Orb of Sihai Longwang
*Peach of Immortality
*Strength of Pangu
*Alexander’s Helm (Part of Alexander’s Panoply set)
*Alexander’s Cuirass (Part of Alexander’s Panoply set)
*The Chapel (Part of The Acropolis set)
*The Citadel (Part of The Acropolis set)
*The Ramparts (Part of The Acropolis set)
*Added new gq craft affixes for Neidan.

Terror Knight:
*Removed non-attribute stats and redistributed them into other skills.

*Added tooltip info stating this skill must be used with default attacks.
*Increased base chance to be used.

*Added tooltip info stating this skill must be used with default attacks.
*Increased base chance to be used.

Carnivorous Slaughter:
*Added tooltip info stating this skill must be used with default attacks.
*Removed cooldown. (it never worked)
*Removed all damage modifier.
*Reduced %Weapon Damage, down to 200% at rank 1 and 300% at ultimate.
*Reduced attack damage converted to health.
*Removed DA reduction.
*Added flat vitality damage.
*Increased base chance to be used.

Evocation of Terror:
*Increased damage dealt
*Reduced energy costs slightly.

Suit Up:
*removed attack damage converted to health
*removed flat vitality damage
*removed speed reduction
*added physique/cunning
*added armor
*reworked as a passive (was a modifier), no longer requires Suit Up.

Hand Armor:
*removed physique/cunning
*reduced attack speed/cast speed scaling
*added flat vitality damage
*reworked as a passive (was a modifier), no longer requires Suit Up.
*Added chance for slower target movement.
*Added chance for confusion retaliation.

Leg Armor:
*reworked as a passive (was a modifier), no longer requires Suit Up.

Torso Armor:
*reduced dot duration scaling
*added % health
*removed armor
*reworked as a passive (was a modifier), no longer requires Suit Up.

Head Armor:
*reworked as a passive (was a modifier), no longer requires Suit Up.
*Removed %OA and %DA.
*Added % armor and pierce resist.

Entropic Reign:
*added attack damage to health
*removed % health

*reduced radius scaling (28 meters? really ceno?)
*increased mana costs
*increased damage
*replaced burn damage with fire
*added rata

Conquer - fortuna adiuvat fortis:
*removed life leech and energy leech
*added % modifier to decay and fire
*added burn damage
*increased vitality damage
*removed rata

Whispers of Madness:
*reduced duration to 6 seconds
*added energy cost
*Reduced damage slightly.
*Added -% Physical, -% Fire, and -% Vitality Resistances.

Whispers of Madness - Epoch of Terror:
*reduced duration scaling
*added energy cost
*reduced OA reduction
*vitality decay duration reduced to 1 second (this resets every tic of whispers of madness)
*added % fire modifier

Whispers of Madness - Inescapable End:
*increased radius to 3m
*removed weapon damage
*% health reduction base value increased to 10-15%, scaling increased.
*increased fire damage
*replaced burn damage with vitality damage
*Removed Confusion.
*Added % reduced target’s resistances.

*increase cooldown to 3.5 seconds
*increase weapon damage
*add flat physical/fire
*remove extra targets hit

*Engage - Deadly Assault:
*add energy cost
*add vitality decay modifier
*add vitality decay
*remove flat fire/physical/vitality damage
*added angle/target max modifier

Engage - Nowhere to Hide:
*add crit damage
*adjusted cooldown modifier scaling

*reduced weapon damage scaling
*added energy costs
*reworked into a default attack like savagery, functionally the same
*removed vitality/fire damage
*added vitality decay
*increased physical damage scaling

Banish - Blood Rage:
*reworked into a modifier, functionally the same
*reduced all damage modifier
*added flat vitality damage
*Removed health degen effects.

Banish - Smite:
*removed chance for petrify and confuse.
*removed RR
*added crit damage

Well of Fears:
*Added vitality decay
*increased energy cost.
*Added a chance for confusion, reduced confusion duration.
*Added % Health reduction.

Well of Fears - Swarm of Fear:
*Increased base slow amount, but reduced scaling.

Soldier of Madness:
*Removed % Armor and Pierce Resistance.
*reduced aura radius.
*Increased OA/DA slightly.

*Removed damage modified and total speed.
*Replaced flat OA with %OA.
*Added %DA.

*Removed non-attribute stats and redistributed them into other skills.

Citadel of Ice:
*Increased cooldown to 6 seconds.
*Reduced base damage absorption and scaling from 21% - 50% to 8% - 30%.
*Reduced active energy cost.
*Health regen reduced by about 90%.
*Freeze chance increased to 100%, duration increased.
*Decreased base damage, increased damage scaling.
*Added frostburn damage.

*Reworked, now drops a single fireball from the sky onto a target area.
*Damage and cost adjusted.

Firebolt - Barrage:
*Now also increases the target area radius.

Firebolt - Hellfire:
*No longer has pass through. (this never worked anyway…)
*Adjusted Projectile Radius scaling
*Removed all damage modifier.
*Added physical, fire, and burn damage modifiers.
*Added crit damage.

Breathe Fire:
*Reduced wave distance to 12 meters.
*Douibled travel speed.
*Cooldown flattened to 3 seconds at all ranks.
*Base weapon damage increased.
*Weapon damage scaling added.
*Increased flat fire damage.
*Increased base energy cost but reduced scaling.

Breathe Fire - Exhumation:
*Now triggers an explosion on kill.
*Deals % health reduction, burn, and fire damage.

Storm Bolt:
*Projectile changed.
*Added mana cost.
*Increased damage.
*Reduced aoe slightly.

Storm Bolt - Symphony of Storms:
*Added fragment scaling.
*Removed health reduction
*Added flat cold and lightning damage.
*Removed elemental damage.

Chain Lightning:
*Updated cost.
*Updated damage values.
*Increased base chain length, reduced chain scaling so it still ends at the same value.
*Increased base chain amount.

Chain Lightning - Restructure:
*Removed electrocute damage
*Decreased weapon damage
*Added lightning/electrocute modifiers.

Ice Surge:
*Reduced base damage
*Added pass through
*Increased slow duration
*Reduced slow amount

Ice Surge - Cold Snap:
*Chance to freeze set to 100%.

*Reworked, is now a buff that triggers when hit and leeches energy when hit. Also adds energy leech retaliation.
*Added 3 second cooldown
*Increased base aoe size by 2m
*Added Energy absorb.

Ice Wall:
*Reworked and renamed to Ice Bomb.
*Now creates a single ice crystal which lives for 30 seconds, or detonates when an enemy wanders too close.
*Chilling Ice aura now deals cold damage, reduces total speed, and reduces freeze resistance.
*“Hellfire” death explosion renamed to Frost Blast. Deals cold/frostburn damage and has a chance to freeze, affects a 15 meter radius.

*Reduced flat fire damage scaling.
*Reduced elemental damage modifier
*Added Burn modifiers.

Rider of the Storm:
*Added flat lightning damage scaling.
*Removed Elemental damage modifier
*Added Lightning/Electrocute Modifiers.
*Added energy cost reduction.
*Removed light radius.

Frost Armor:
*Added cold/frostburn modifiers
*Added flat cold damage.
*Removed projectile avoidance.
*Removed cold retaliation.
*Removed stun and reflect resist.
*Added flat armor.
*Added % spirit modifier.

Elemental Flow:
*Increased Health Regeneration
*Increased DA scaling.
*Increased dodge.
*Added projectile avoidance.

Elemental Armoring:
*Reduced elemental resistance.
*Added elemental retaliation.
*Removed chance for abilities and energy leech retaliation.
*Added Stun and reflect resist.
*Removed flat armor.

*Slight rework.
*Adjusted the pet spawn mechanics slightly, should be similar but now you will have a little icon to tell you how many Ruptures are “alive”.
*Reduced energy cost.
*Fire Pillar skill changed into a debuff aura, which means it won’t stack any more BUT now it will provide a reliable elemental debuff.
*Fire Pillar damage reduced.

Might of Magic:
*Removed fragments
*Adjusted projectile behavior and replaced projectile FX.
*Increased max rank to 12.
*Adjusted damage scaling (deals more at higher ranks, less at lower)
*Reduced energy cost.
*Reduced cooldown to 5 seconds.
*Reduced projectile size to 0.5 meters.
*Added damage reduction for 2 seconds.

Might of Magic - Echoes of Magic:
*New modifier. Creates secondary orbital projectiles when the primary projectiles hit.
*These projectiles have a small base elemental damage and no weapon damage like the base skill.
*These projectiles can proc additional orbiting projectiles.

*Increased duration to 12 seconds.
*Reduced cooldown to 6 seconds.
*Reduced base fire damage and scaling.
*Increased maximum lightning damage.
*Removed electrocute damage.

Pyroclasm - Power Surge:
*Reworked. Creates a secondary AOE on itself for 1 second, dealing damage in the same radius as Pyroclasm.
*Added % Reduced Target’s Elemental Resistances. (no, it’s not the same scaling as old Rupture)

*Increased base energy cost, reduced cost scaling.
*Removed Disruption.
*Added Crit Damage.

*Reduced duration
*Reduced targeting radius
*Reduced target number scaling
*Reduced cooldown to 20 seconds.
*Reduced energy cost.
*Increased max lightning damage scaling.
*Added electrocute damage.

Stormcaller - Thunderclap:

*Removed non-attribute stats and redistributed them into other skills.

Calculated Assault:
*Added Crit Dmg.
*Added %OA

Chemical Strike:
*Reworked and renamed, now called Chemical Bombardment.
*Now summons a mortar which drops acid bombs onto your enemies.

Chemical Strike - Aerosol Dispersion:
*Adds a skill to the new mortar which fires a chemical concoction which creates a lingering pool of toxic chemicals on the ground.

Chemical Strike - Outrider Special:
*Reworked, now adds a new attack to the new mortar.
*This is basically the old chemical strike skill, occasionally the mortar will fire a massive chemical round, causing heavy damage to enemies caught in the blast.
*Removed shield physique requirement reduction.

*Now works with staves too.
*Renamed to Flak Blast. (mainly to differentiate it from Marksmanship from Hunting, but also because I’m not so sure blasting an enemy with projectiles has anything to do with being a marksman)

*Added tooltip info stating this skill must be used with default attacks.
*Increased base chance to be used, reduced chance to be used at higher ranks.
*Now works with staves too.
*Base weapon damage increased, scaling decreased.
*Base flat damage and scaling greatly increased.
*Changed animation.
*Renamed to Tetrad Shot.

Shrapnel Shot:
*Added tooltip info stating this skill must be used with default attacks.
*Increased base chance to be used.
*Now works with staves too.
*Increased aoe size
*Decreased fragment count scaling
*Increased weapon damage
*Decreased flat damage.

*Added tooltip info stating this skill must be used with default attacks.
*Removed projectile speed modifier.
*Increased base chance to be used, scaling adjusted to reach 22% chance at max rank at 25% at ultimate.
*Now works with staves too.
*Changed animation, now hits 3 times instead of 2.
*Base weapon damage increased, scaling decreased.
*Base flat damage and scaling greatly increased.

Engine of Peace:
*Reduced DA.

Engine of War:
*Reduced OA.

*Renamed to Railgun.
*Added vitality/cold/acid base damage, very high values.
*Added weapon damage.
*Removed all CC effects except knockdown.
*Updated FX, I’m super proud of the outcome check it out.

*Reduced duration to 6 seconds
*Reduced cooldown to 3 seconds
*Reduced base flat RR amount and scaling, increased duration
*Removed % reduced target Resistances.
*Reduced base impaired aim amount and added scaling
*Increased impaired aim duration to 3 seconds
*Removed fumble
*Reduced poison/acid damage and scaling
*Added -% Vitality, Cold, and Acid resistances.

Mobile Fortress:
*Swapped flat energy with % energy.
*Added %DA
*Removed movement speed penalty.
*Reduced attack speed modifier.

Heightened Reflexes:
*Added projectile avoid.

*Removed non-attribute stats and redistributed them into other skills.

With Reckless Abandon:
*Now charges to your cursor like Vire’s Might and deals damage every half second.
*Increased cooldown by 0.4 seconds.
*Increased base weapon damage, reduced scaling slightly.
*Added mana cost.

*Added mana cost.
*Now grants a temporary buff with charges like Savagery
*Reduced weapon damage scaling slightly, down to 155 at ultimate from 175
*Added retaliation damage added to attack, up to 20% at ultimate.
*Added physical damage modifiers to Battery

Battery - Fervant Force:
*Now functions as a modifier to Battery, no longer a secondary buff.
*Reduced Attack Speed
*Added Electrocute modifier.
*Reduced lightning/aether modifiers.

*Reworked as a modifier to Battery
*Now hits enemies around you with lightning bolts with each Battery attack.

*Added % reduced resistances

Taunt - Lambaste:
*Removed flat physical damage reduction.
*Added OA reduction.
*Reduced damage reduction, reduced duration.
*Increased DA reduction, reduced duration.

Everlasting Might:
*Removed retaliation.
*added chaos and leech resistance
*Flat health regeneration replaced with % health regeneration.

Everlasting Spite:
*Removed Reflection.
*Removed total retal modified.
*Added % All Retaliation damage.

Everlasting Strength:
*Increased % Health Scaling.
*Remoeved total damage modified.
*Added % all damage.

*Added lightning retaliation.
*Removed chaos and leech resistance
*increased rata scaling
*reduced base trigger chance but added scaling
*reduced cooldown to 1 second.
*added active energy cost and energy reserve
*swapped places with litany of blades
*Added flat health regeneration.

Litany of Blades:
*swapped places with divinity
*Reworked, now triggers when Divinity procs and launches 2 orbiting blades
*Damage adjusted

*Removed CC resistance.
*Reduced aoe to 8 meters.
*Added active energy cost and reserve.
*Reduced weapon/retaliation damage
*Reduced base damage
*Reduced cooldown to 1 second.
*Knockdown reduced.
*Added movement slow.

*Gutted racial damage, down to 12% at max, 15% at ultimate.
*Gutted crit damage scaling, down to 18% at max, 25% at ultimate
*Added all damage modifier.

*Removed % Attribute modifiers.
*Added CC resistances. (Trap/Petrify/Stun/Freeze)
*Replaced % Health regen with flat health regen.
*Replaced energy regeneration with energy absorb.
*Removed Honor skill dependency.

*Removed reflection.
*Reduced aether retaliation.
*Reduced flat health scaling.
*Reduced base % health.
*Added % health scaling.
*Removed Honor skill dependency.

*Removed Energy burn
*Reduced base energy cost.
*Increased energy cost scaling.

*Moved to tier 5.
*Reworked, now automatically triggers every 5 seconds to restore health and energy.
*Removed health and mana regen.

*Moved to tier 7.
*Now triggers after you are hit while Redemption is active to follow suit with the retal theme.
*Adjusted RR scaling.

Ground Stomp - Thunderous Might:
*Increased Internal Trauma damage, reduced duration by 1 second.
*Increased Electrocute damage, increased duration by 1 second.
*Removed armor reduction.
*Added physical/aether modifiers.
*Added RATA


Army of None:

*New skill, attack with your weapon to deal heavy damage and mind control enemies in an area.

Conscription - Army of None:
*Increases crit damage of Conscription and spawns an Exalted Champion on hit to fight for you for a duration.

Conscription - Starfall:
*Reduces the cooldown and energy cost of Conscription while also adding damage.

Champion’s Domain:
*Lash out at an enemy and create a zone near them which deals damage to them and buffs you if you stand in it.
*Grants total damage modified, total retal modified, % armor and flat health regeneration while in the Champion’s Domain.
*Deals aether/trauma to enemies who wander into the domain.

Aether Storm:
*Duration increased.
*Interval reduced.
*Base projectiles reduced, now adds more projectiles with ranks.
*Damage adjusted. (it now hits way more frequently and can be kept up permanently.)

*Removed non-attribute stats and redistributed them into other skills.

*Removed cooldown modified from mastery bar
*Added total speed to mastery bar

*Swapped places with Multitask.
*Reworked, now increases the crit damage of multitask and adds a slowing effect. Added a celestial power that triggers a large aoe every 1.2 seconds.

*Reworked, now functions as an aether spin2win type skill. Added % weapon damage, flat aether and pierce damage.

*Reworked, now hits enemies in a radius and pulls them to the player, dealing aether and chaos damage.
*Renamed to Caedra’s Collapse.
*Updated FX.

Swap - Rout:
*Reworked, now increases the damage dealt by Swap and reduces movement speed, OA, and DA of enemies affected.

Push the Advantage:
*Now grants health regeneration and a temporary shield after using swap on a target. The shield lasts 10 seconds or until it breaks.

*Increased skillcap to 12/22.
*Removed health regeneration reduction.
*Moved Aether and Chaos Retaliation to Bloodless.
*Added %Armor, Vitality Resist, and Bleeding Resist.
*Reduced % retaliation scaling.
*Renamed to Bloodless.

Fleshwarped - Bloodless
*Moved %Armor, Vitality Resist, and Bleeding Resist to Fleshwarped.
*Added Aether and Chaos Retaliation.
*Added flat aether damage.
*Renamed to Fleshwarped.

Serovin’s Scattering:
*Reworked into an exclusive aura.
*Now has a chance to confuse and fumble enemies in an area around the player.
*Added cooldown reduction.

Caedra’s Collapse:

*Added flat chaos damage.
*Removed all damage modifier.
*Reduced chaos/aether modifiers.

Inhuman Reflexes - Korvoranian Tactics:
*Reduced % Pierce damage modifier.
*Added flat piercing damage.
*Reduced base crit damage value and added scaling. Now scales up to 120% at ultimate rank.

*Adjusted damage scaling.
*Adjusted cost scaling.
*Reduced lifesteal, flattened, and added scaling.

Riftblade - Stalking Blades:
*Reduced energy cost.
*Reduced pass through chance.
*Removed lifesteal.
*Added flat chaos damage
*Added aether/pierce modifiers.
*Removed health reduction.

Riftblade - Lightning:
*Changed template to chain lightning instead of fork lightning.
*Increased chain count.
*Reduced chain distance.
*Increased aether damage.
*Added weapon damage.


New Skill: Riftshock:
*Attacks an enemy with a rift magic infused weapon, dealing aether/chaos damage. Nearby enemies are also hit.

Riftward - Tether:
*Now applies to Riftshock.

*Now instantly teleports the character to your mouse instead of to target enemies.
*Weapon damage reduced.
*Added a small AOE.

Warp -Thunder:
*Now increases the distance of Warp slightly, adds additional weapon damage and flat aether/chaos damage.

*removed damage
*added RR
*added total slow
*increased base radius, decreased scaling

*renamed to detach
*added - DA
*added flat aether damage

*renamed to Drain
*Added damage reduction, flat aether/chaos damage, and lifesteal

*Reworked, now creates a player scaled pet which follows the player. The storm deals damage passively as it travels and occasionally causes rift distortions, dealing damage in a larger aoe.

Siren’s Call:
*Increased base RR value, reduced RR scaling.
*Increased energy cost and added scaling.
*Increased cooldown and added scaling (ultimate cooldown is still much higher than before)

*Removed non-attribute stats and redistributed them into other skills.

*Increased cooldown to 40 seconds.

Unadulterated Power:
*Removed tag line that said you needed to toggle this skill.

Situational Awareness:
*Removed tag line that said you needed to toggle this skill.

Reaper’s Glare:
*Acid damage swapped for Poison Damage.
*Chaos damage ajdusted, now has a wide range of damage.
*Reduced life leech, now starts at 10% and scales up to 22% at ultimate
*Reduced base energy cost and scaling.
*Reduced hit rate to 300ms like vanilla channeled spells

Reaper’s Glare - Bonds of the Broken:
*Reduced pierce damage.
*Chaos damage replaced with Acid.
*Reduced spark range.
*No longer has a 100% chance to spark, spark chance starts at 20% and scales up to 40% at ultimate.
*Removed slow.
*Removed Energy Cost reduction.

Reaper’s Glare - Reign of Chaos:
*Added movement slow.
*Removed energy cost. (Didn’t work anyway.)

*Reduced pierce retaliation tremendously.
*Added % healing.

Necrotic Shade:
*adjusted armor absorb scaling
*reduced physical resistance scaling

Arcane Experience:
*Increased % energy regeneration scaling.
*Removed %OA
*Added flat energy.

Defender of Death:
*greatly reduced energy absorption scaling.
*Removed energy absorb.
*Removed DA.

Primordial Transfer:
*increased RR by 2.
*Increased damage dealt.

Primordial Transfer - Soul Seeker:
*Increased health regeneration.
*Reduced resists.

Obsidian Tremors:
*Increased Weapon Damage.

Obsidian Tremors - From the Earth, Poison:
*Doubled poison damage.
*Added physical and chaos damage modifiers.

Situational Awareness:
*Removed dodge.
*Addefd DA.

To End Evil:
*Damage increased.
*Energy cost increased.
*Lifesteal reduced.
*Damage reduction reduced, added scaling, increased duration.

Claws of the Beast:
*Reworked lots of stuff.
*Energy cost reduced
*Base damage increased
*Number of projectiles flattened to 3, reduced projectile speed and distance.

Claws of the Beast - Eldritch Torment:
*Increased poison damage.
*Reduced projectiles by 1.
*Flattened poison duration to 3 seconds, reduced base poison but increased scaling.
*Added acid/pierce modifiers.

Grim Quest:
Heat Shield:
*Reduced retaliation damage to attack

Earthen Carapace:
*Increased health regeneration to pets.

Earthen Carapace - Immovable:
*Increased % Health Regeneration to match player % health regeneration.
*Flat Health to Pets increased by 250%. (Max level value increased from 800 to 2000)

Coredweller - Metamorphosis:
*Removed armor absorption modifier.
*Removed physical resistance (this pet already has a high base resistance of 32%)
*Added % armor modifier, scaling up to 45% at max rank.
*Added % All Retaliation damage.
*Reduced % HP scaling.

Runic Mines:
*Reworked this skill line, now instantly creates mines beneath enemies within range.
*No longer counts as a player scaled pet.
*Physical and pierce damage removed. Now deals lightning and frostburn damage.

Runic Mines - Freezing Mines:
*Now always freezes, freeze duration scales.
*Added %lightning and frostburn.
*Removed slow.

Runic Mines - Vile Rune:
*Replaced conversions with lightning to chaos and cold to acid.

Runic Mines - Rune Field:
*Total rework, now a simple modifier.
*Increases the runic mines targeting radius, adds crit damage, %cold damage, and weapon damage.

Seal of Fate:
*Now hits once immediately upon cast, and then again at the end of the duration.
*Damage reduced by 50% but since it hits twice now, it’s basically unchanged. Just guaranteed to deal damage to your clicked target.
*Removed stun.
*Renamed skills, Energy Stockpile aka the slow effect changed to Slow Rune, and Overload renamed to Runic Overload. Runic Overload’s damage applies to both explosions but only the secondary explosion is affected by Aftershock.

Seal of Fate - Wyrd Rune:
*Reworked, cooldown reduction and duration increase removed. Now functions the same as the base Seal of Fate in that it creates two explosions, and damage increased to match. (this was too complicated behind the scenes for me to keep)

Seal of Fate - Aftershock:
*Only triggeres on the second Seal of Fate explosion.
*Replaced Bleeding damage with flat elemental damage.
*Replaced poison damage on transmuted version with Retaliation damage added to attack.
*Reduced resist reduction
*Added knockdown. (this pulls enemies to the center of the seal)

Colossus Form:
*Increased all damage modifier at rank 1 to 50%, increased scaling at rank 12 and up by 2, up to 300% at ultimate.
*Increased damage absorb on all ranks by 30.

Whirling Tempest:
*Reduced weapon damage scaling.
*Increased flat pierce damage slightly.
*Increased base bleed damage, scales about the same.

Serpent Strike:
*Increased base weapon damage and scaling.

*Increased base weapon damage and scaling.

*Increased heal cooldown to 3 seconds.
*Reduced % heal scaling at higher ranks.
*Reduced flat heal.
*Reduced the aura size to 15 meters. (Vengeance of the Kodama, not the heal)

Kodama - Sustained Growth:
*Reduced flat health regeneration scaling slightly.
*Removed % Health Regeneration.
*Removed % Energy Regeneration.
*Added flat energy regeneration.
*Added % Healing effects.

*Removed leech resistances.
*Swapped % dmg absorb with flat absorb
*Removed flat health regeneration.
*Removed % Health Restored.
*Added % Health Regeneration.
*Added Aether and Chaos resistance.

*Reduced duration to 3 seconds.
*Increased cooldown.
*Changed flat damage absorb to 100% Damage absorb.
*Added high flat health regeneration.

Heart of Oak:
*Reduced aura size to 12 meters.
*Removed active energy cost.
*Reduced base energy reserve, increased reserve scaling.

Heart of Oak - Tranquility of Water:
*Removed energy absorption.
*Removed energy regeneration.
*Removed % healing effects.
*Removed aether resistance.
*Added Acid resistance.
*Added Elemental Resistance.
*Added Energy Reserve.

Heart of the Oak - Permanence of Stone:
*Removed Elemental Resistance.
*Removed active energy cost
*Increased energy reserve.
*Added Slow resistance.

Call of the Wild:
*Minor rework.
*Increased health and damage, reduced attack speed. Now summons all 3 wolves at once. Removed crit damage and dodge passives.

Call of the Wild - Wolf Pack:
*Reduced damage penalty to 66%
*Reduced bonus sumons to 6.
*Adjusted base stats and reduced attack speed as with the base skill.

Sylvan Nymph:
*Reduced base movement speed and attack/cast speed. (was ludicrously high before, should be pretty close to raven now as intended)

Sylvan Nymph - Corrupt Nymph:
*Fixed an issue where this and some other transmuted nymphs were not having proper conversion for Nature’s Wrath.

*Increased energy cost scaling.

Plague - Fatigue:
*Increased energy cost scaling.

Plague - Susceptibility:
*Decreased energy cost scaling.

Spectral Spires:
*Replaced aether colored mesh with red vitality mesh since the skill is vitality based anyway.

Summon Liche King - Wraith Shell:
*Reduced radius to 15 meters.

Deathchill Aura - Necrosis:
*Reduced Aether RR.

Summon Epialos:
*Fixed an issue with the spawn fx that caused it to “double” with the transmuted version.

Summon Epialos - Torment:
*Reduced Vitality RR.
*Added Chaos RR.

Poison Gas Bomb:
*Slight rework, I forgot to document most of it though, so this PGB section might be missing some info.

Poison Gas Bomb - Shrapnel:
*Removed fragments, increased damage.
*Added % modifiers to acid/poison damage.

Poison Gas Bomb - Mayhem:
*Added % Piercing damage, removed damage reduction.

Flash Powder:
*Reduced cooldown to 1 second.

Grace of the Korybantes:
*Reduced dodge/avoid chances to 20% at max rank.

Calculated Strike:
*Added energy cost
*Increased pierce damage scaling.

Calculated Strike - Killer Instinct:
*Increased Target Maximum scaling at higher ranks (up to 6 at ultimate)
*Reduced base target angle but added scaling.
*Increased pierce and bleed modifiers.

Lethal Strike:
*Increased base weapon damage and scaling slightly.
*Merged all damage types into Piercing.

Lethal Strike - Mortal Wound:
*Added Crit Damage.
*Merged all damage types into Bleeding and increased duration to 3 seconds.
*Removed bleeding duration modifier.

Psionic Beam - Psionic Drain:
*Fixed an issue where the skill cap was 10 instead of 12 as intended.

Breath of Boreas:
*Slow always triggers.
*Removed knockback.

Breath of Boreas - Mistral:
*Added knockback.

Breath of Boreas - Thundering Typhoon:
*Increased lightning damage.
*Removed duration modifiers.

Winter Sprite:
*Changed Run animation, a little less goofy now and slowed down to match vanilla pets a little closer.

Warwind - Lacerate:
*Removed DA Reduction.

*Added DA reduction.

New Mastery.
Huangdi’s Favor:
*LMB Default Attack Replacer that deals aether damage every other attack.
Spreading Influence:
*Modifier, If using melee, adds a cleave to Huangdi’s Favor, if using ranged, increases the AOE of the attack.
Heavenly Strikes:
*Modifier, Adds flat burn, crit damage, elemental modifier and a chance to petrify with Huangdi’s Favor.
Leigong’s Favor:
*Transmuter, Converts elemental damage to lightning.
Shen Pao:
*Spell, Throws a bomb at an area which leaves a damaging effect on the ground dealing burn and aether damage.
Waidan Flame:
*Modifier, Adds flat fire damage to Shen Pao while increasing aether, burn and crit damage.
Echoes of the Ancestors:
*Secondary, If Shen Pao kills an enemy, they explode and deal elemental damage to more enemies in a radius and reduce their resistances.
*Transmuter, Increases the damage dealt by Shen Pao but removes the duration.
Demon Flame:
*Spell, Emits a wave dealing burn and poison damage while also confusing enemies hit.
Voice of the Ancients:
*Modifier, increases the poison/burn damage of Demon flame while also adding fire damage and fumble.
*Secondary, Using Demon Flame activates an aura which deals burn/poison damage in a radius.
*Transmuter, Greatly increases the range and damage dealt by Demon Flame but increases the cooldown.
*Debuffs enemies in a small targeted radius, reducing aether, poison and elemental resistances.
Mutual Suffering:
*Modifier,Increases the size and duration of Consequences. Enemies affected by Consequences take Aether and Acid damage.
Summon Terracotta Warrior:
*Summon a Terracotta Warrior to fight by your side.
*Modifier,The terracotta warrior now explodes violently on death, dealing high damage to those nearby.
Forged by Fire:
*Modifier,The terracotta warrior now pulses with heat, dealing constant fire damage to enemies nearby.
Superheated Terracotta:
*Transmuter, converts all pierce damage to fire.
Potent Elixir:
*Passive, Automatically restores health and energy every second while also improving resistances passively.
Inner Equilibrium:
*Modifier, increases attack speed, cast speed, aether, poison and acid damage while Potent Elixir is active.
*Potion of Ambrosia:
*Transmuter, increases the heal interval to 8 seconds but increases health and energy restored.
Blessing of Jin Chan:
*Passive, increases poison, acid, elemental damage. Also on enemy death, grants a small chance of finding extra potions and iron.
Smoke Cloud:
*Spell, Throws a bomb which leaves a cloud of burning dust, hindering enemies who wander into it.
*Buff, improves stun and slow resist, increases DA and run speed.
*Modifier, improves pierce resistance, dodge chance and deflect chance.
Qi Realignment:
*Buff, become immobile and invulnerable for 3 seconds while restoring a portion of your health.
*Secondary, after casting Qi Realignment, create a shockwave which deals tremendous damage, healing you for a % of the damage dealt and reducing the damage dealt by enemies for 8 seconds.
Aura of Tranquility:
*Buff, increases damage absorption and health of pets.
Melding Armor:
*Modifier, increases physical and bleeding resistance of the player and their pets.
Conjure Yaoguai:
*Spell, deal massive fire and poison damage to a target and summon a demon to claw them apart.
*Buff, Exclusive, improves aether/elemental/burn damage and grants OA/Aether Resistance/Vitality Decay Duration Reduction to all nearby allies.
Weakest Chakra:
*Buff, Exclusive, adds flat acid/poison damage to all nearby allies and grants their attacks to reduced DA, Resistances, and have a chance to petrify


The item slots eat into your equipment slots (see how the components are obscuring the weapon slot) and you can’t move them using auto-sort. I don’t think you can move them manually as well.

I tried crafting 30 titanslayer helms to see what you can make out of them. Every prefix was either a Chthonic or Pluton’s, and I don’t think that’s intended. It’s a shame you’re removing the remaining sources of +all skills to Titanslayer or Zenith classes because the Satyr was the only real option left to get a good +skills in a class option for a head or medal slot when all your other options are taken.

We’re not DoM, where you can get +8 to all skills with a few components and generalist items. Have people been abusing the Satyr to get as many +skills as possible? I don’t know what sort of meta people do in Grimar, but trying to actually make use of the new classes and skills is half the fun.

You can move everything that’s within the bounds of the grid, if you move them out into the big inventory you should be able to auto-sort.

Good catch, upper level limit was set to 20 instead of 200 for level 90 + prefixes.

You can still get +1/+1 hybrid helmets (warfare/rogue for example), belts and amulets, they are fairly rare though. (~10% chance per craft, ofc even lower if you want a specific combo).

While I don’t think these were being abused too much (I think low levels were quite abuseable, you could easily get +3 to x class at level 10ish), I hadn’t touched them in a long time and I think their overall power level was quite low besides the skill boost. These new affixes are a bit better overall imo.

Zenith affixes are untouched, they have no items so I won’t touch them unless that ever changes, which is highly unlikely.

I saw your message on discord about the tags, due to moving stuff around for translators some files were forgotten. I still have them though, so no worries it will be fixed.

Will post an update tonight on mega to fix the tags/prefixes.

Reuploaded with tag/affix fixes


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Great update although i miss the old Champion’s Judgement, I loved the vfx of that skill.

That is the problem I’m facing - there are four rows that are outside the grid where I can’t interact with any of the items at all. In the above picture - they’re the four rows that are obscuring the weapon slot. I want to move them into the big grid, and I can move everything that’s in the big grid, but once I move my cursor towards the 4 rows outside the grid no amount of clicking makes a difference with them.

I’ll see if there are any fixes to this, but I couldn’t fix it last night when I tried organizing the items, and that’s with multiple auto-sorting.

EDIT I might have isolated what’s going on. The auto-sort inventory button on the top doesn’t appear to do anything. The other auto-sort (the one below the character page) works fine and I can fix any problems related to that, but the top auto-sort doesn’t move any items around no matter how many times I confirm to auto-sort.

Hm… strange, it works for me. It won’t work if your inventory is “full”. The items that become out of bounds won’t fit in the new grid, so you need to move more stuff. It WILL work. I have tested this several times.

Full inventory

Can’t sort

move stuff to the big inventory

autosort works now

for clarity, the other works too.

Created Aug 18. Your amazing tx so much for this great mod. A new class too o joy a new pet.

& auto sort works me too. I recommend before using the update go into your old chars & put stuff in your stash if you dont want to mess with the auto sort.

I would like to make a suggestion on the class selection screen in the description. Could you put the title of the class first. Its getting lost in the description. That way for us who know what we want can choose quicker.

Edit: NM i went back into see on my test char. I was paying attention to upstairs in the description instead of noticing that down in the circle was the class name. Btw the description is hard for me to read. That color isnt a good choice for me personally. Im not the only with this type of problem its a contrast thing.

Unfortunately, the items that got pushed off the grid are my components, so only by choosing the “move all components into the stash” option in the smuggler do I have enough space to move everything and to auto-sort the items.

I can confirm that the method works, but having to move around components for every character by hand is going to be a lot of tedium. I’m just happy there’s a workable method to solve it.

Of course, great job on the update as always, but that inventory grid thing definitely jarred me for a time , so thank you for providing the answer.



Please correct it, thank you.

That must only happen once you summon him because it’s fine before he’s summoned.

Asylum, can’t say I’m a fan of the new storage/mastery layouts. Why is that small inventory bag even there? It seems redundant with all the big bags and having it as the default bag everything goes into first is just annoying to me. And the mastery one just looks like so much wasted space.

Gullet can be accessed too early in the mastery bar.

Should need 4 more points like Zhadan does

Another tag not found

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Redownload the mod, works fine on my end.

Thanks for the reports, I’ve fixed the ulda’jax variant and all the neidan transmuters. Fireclay was another one. Probably won’t bother with a hotfix for these though.

Thanks for the report.

I’ve also found the one for Ancestral Horn, so no need to mention that one. If there’s any others though, feel free to post them.

Something is going on with that Summon Epailos ability. The other two abilities go into 0/0 if you take the transmuter that converts all its damage to Acid.

Also tagnotfounds found in the Shattering Orb and the little chest that contains the shattering orbs.

Wizard’s Magic Missle Glacier Spike can be accessed too early in the mastery bar as well.

Should need another 5 points to get to it.