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Unlucky. 🤷

Well, some spears started dropping and i got one unique which carried me from 40 to 60 nicely :] Playing HighLander (hunting + barb). Love this mod.

Hi, i am playing the mod again after a longer pause and just noticed that the twin fangs devotion proc does not work with skeletel soldiers, the lich or the summoned hyena from the relic, have not tried any other pet so far. It works fine on my characters plague ability. Could anyone test this please?

I don’t need to test it, I know what the issue is. This is from meshes imported from TQ, unless I manually hexedit the meshes they will fire projectiles from under the ground.

That said if you could do me a favor and post a list of all summons you find with these issues, I could update them all (if possible).

Missing tag info Asylum101.

v85 Changelog

*Updated Grim UI X-Mod. Thanks to JMD for working with me to improve the existing UI with some new stuff he whipped up for Grimarillion.

Shattered Affixes:
*When you have an Arena Stone active (boss rush mode), you can no longer earn Shattered Affix rewards.

*Updated D3 mod to Definitive Edition.
*Updated Health scaling for Belial, Azmodan, and Adria. For some reason they had twice the health they should have.
*Adria fight adjusted, tweaked various stats including HP and damage of skills. Added new voice lines. (Lots of changes here, this is a Grimarillion only change.)
*Diablo adjusted, removed the healing he was gaining from his chaos vortex. Adjusted Diablo’s resistances and HP. Shadow form removed, the whole 3 transitions + shadow clones was too much for SR.
*Leoric adjusted, reduced Wraithwalk damage, changed summons to a group of normal revenants (all hero/boss enemies removed) and added a lifetime for the summons. (will do more work on this in a future update, including FX and VO)
*Tyrael adjusted, increased cooldown of autocasted (triggers from sword storm) heal and damage absorb reduced to 25%, heal value increased due to increased cooldown. Spheres of Light skill adjusted, no longer nullifies, slow reduced to 50% for 3 seconds (from 99% for 5 seconds) (will do more work on this in a future update, including FX and VO)
*Malthael adjusted, changed the projectile for his firebolt nova since it was shared with Diablo it got messed up when I changed that one. Removed Energy drain from both novas and nullification from the Homing Skull. Adjusted damage and projectile count on both novas to account for the stupid number of attacks/projectiles per second it can fire.
*Butcher adjusted, reduced base HP slightly in both forms. Update skills and their damages. Replaced his chain nova with a fan of chains instead, dealing more damage the farther they travel. Replaced the other hook skill with an actual hook that pulls the target to him. Removed the Arcane generator with a ‘furnace’ generator.
*Zoltun Kulle adjusted, reduced slow time slow amount by about half. Dark Horadrim renamed to Eternal Guardian, as it was in Diablo 3. Increased Guardian resummon duration to 3 minutes. Reduced Guardian HP. Moved the Avalanche skill from the Guardians to Zoltun. Added a teleport skill to Zoltun, if you get too far. Added a ‘flee’ mechanic, to Zoltun if you are too close. (with timers and cooldown so you don’t spend the whole fight chasing him). Energy Twister damage changed to Fire/Aether
*Adjusted all Diablo enemy resists.
*Adjusted all Diablo enemy death behaviors, they should now dissolve faster and cause their loot orb to spawn faster.

*Updated the tooltips for the loot/arena stones for Mazaan.
*Removed some of the areas that were bugged and had no spawns. I spent a long time looking for a fix but the best I could do was to remove them from the SR Pool. The maps were krieg’s lab, malmouth slums,malmouth docks, and steelcap district)

*All GQ Torso armor pieces have been slightly adjusted visually, the tanktop/corset texture beneath the armor have been replaced.
*Several GQ torso armor pieces have had their textures improved. (hopefully made to be a little more/less shiny depending on the armor)
*Arbruring - Fixed an issue with obsolete version that prevented it from ‘converting’
*Mark of the Overlord - Fixed an issue with obsolete version that prevented it from ‘converting’
*Eurydice’s Wedding Band - Fixed an issue with obsolete version that prevented it from ‘converting’
*Eye of Reveries - Fixed an issue with obsolete version that prevented it from ‘converting’
*Persephone’s Ring - Fixed an issue with obsolete version that prevented it from ‘converting’
*Star of Elysium - Fixed an issue with obsolete version that prevented it from ‘converting’
*Captain’s Signet - Fixed an issue with obsolete version that prevented it from ‘converting’
*Living Band - Fixed an issue with obsolete version that prevented it from ‘converting’
*The Fragile - Fixed an issue with obsolete version that prevented it from ‘converting’
*Divine Black Pearl Ring - Fixed an issue with obsolete version that prevented it from ‘converting’
*Prokopios - Fixed an issue with obsolete version that prevented it from ‘converting’
*Staff of Nabukhuthnusar - Fixed an issue with obsolete version that prevented it from ‘converting’
*There are still several items that won’t convert - that’s because there is nothing to convert them to yet. (set shields, set spears, and frostmoon)
*Avatar of Leshy - Fixed an issue with the normal variant that caused the Force of Nature to die immediately.
*Aspect of the Wild - Call of the Wild modifier increased to 3 summons.
*Talisman of the Wild - added 40% HP to Call of the Wild
*Krog’s Eye - replaced Summon Limit to Call of the Wild with 2 Summons to Call of the Wild and -1 recharge. (Summons 2 additional wolves per cast)
*Hera’s Shield - reworked, again. Now supports Nature, Spirit and Defense only as a hybrid pet shield. Reduced energy reserve and active cost by 30%
*Talisman of the Jade Emperor - reduced energy reserve to 200.
*Giant’s Tooth - reworked, is now a dedicated defense/nature hybrid weapon.
*Bronze Heart of Talus - renamed to Bronze Heart of Talos. (I could have sworn I did this already). Replaced % Armor to Onslaught with RATA. Replaced Bleeding Damage modifiers to Rally with % Retal and % Health Restored.
*Pendant of Immortal Rage - Attack Speed to Rally reduced, added Crit Damage and % Health Restored. Replaced Crit Damage with flat Physical for Calculated Strike and War Wind modifiers.
*Shield of the Korybantes - modifiers reworked, now gives flat phys and % DA to Rally. Now gives flat phys, block chance, and shield recovery to Grace of the Korybantes.
*Lykaion Malleus - removed CDR and crit damage to Rally. Added flat lightning, % lightning, % electrocute and % OA to Rally.
*Divine Herakles’ Club - Replaced Rupture skill mod with Frightening Power mods. (2h Physical Rupture already exists with bone crusher) Added lower level variants and fixed an issue where it wouldn’t drop.
*Divine Huangdi’s Pendant - fixed an issue where this couldn’t drop.
*Blood Gem - fixed an issue where this item had the wrong name tag.

New Items:
*Nemean Lion’s Hide, a set that has a helmet, torso, gloves, and amulet, designed for warfare, defense, or nature classes, specifically for physical pet hybrids.

Grim Quest:
*All Grim Quest masteries have had the mastery page panel image swapped for a ‘tall’ image rather than a round one, similar to other mods and GD classes.

Call of the Wild:
*Adjusted stats, most notable change, increased OA growth per level, on par with other non-horde pets like Blightfiend.
*Increased damage scaling slightly.

Call of the Wild - Pack Dogs:
*Increased damage slightly, should now be on par with GD Necro’s raise skeletons.
*Increased summon amount to +7, from +6.
*Decreased % Weapon Damage with Maul.

*Cooldown reduced to 5 seconds.

Batter - Heave:
*Cooldown modifier reduced to 3.8

Shield Charge:
*Increased range by 2 meters.

Shield Charge - Disruption:
*Increased range by 2 meters.

*All Zenith masteries have had new custom class images created, courtesy of StableDiffusion. (AI Art)

Terror Knight:
Soldier of Madness:
*Removed dispel immunity.

Soldier’s Spirit:
*Removed dispel immunity.

Engine of Peace:
*Removed dispel immunity.

Mobile Fortress:
*Removed dispel immunity.

Battle Sense:

Bonds of the Broken:
*Pierce damage removed. Increased acid damage by the same amount

Key Changes:
*D3 Definitive Edition
*Grimarillion D3 boss tweaks
*Shattered Affix nerfs
*Shattered Realm map fix (sort of)
*UI tweaks
*New GQ Set
*GQ Item Tweaks


Nexus link will come in a few days, I’m going out of town so I’ll just post the MEGA link for now and we’ll see what happens on Monday.


UI some problem ?


The inventory buttons can be fixed with this:
grim ui x-mod fixes.zip (12.6 KB)

Copy the contents of the .zip file to your Settings folder.


Rainbow Filter updated for v85.


Can I get info for this mod’s Grimmest version ? I saw that mod’s 1.1 , 1.1a , 1.1b all difficulty setting little bit different. So , I want know grimmest version. :smiley:

Was not expecting this, thank you for what you do man @ASYLUM101

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can you specify where the settings folder is?

For local saves it’s My Documents - My Games - Grim Dawn - Settings

It’s either as medea_fleecestealer mentioned or you can create one in the Grim Dawn installation folder.

Persistent local map glitch after upgrade. Broken Hills area, reload/restart doesn’t fix it.

Ah, the old TQ square map bug; haven’t seen that in GD for a long time. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Not a major issue, but there is another display glitch with the Illusionist at Devil’s Crossing.

The issue appears to be with the Grim UI X-Mod.arc file included with the Grimarillion v85 update. If you replace it with the latest version from the Grim UI X-Mod Hoarder 2.03, things should be fine.

If you don’t want to do that, here are updated fix files that you can put in the “Settings” folder instead.
grim ui x-mod fixes.zip (24.1 KB)


Thanks. I re-created “grim ui x-mod.arc” with archivetool.exe using the fixed file and it displays correctly.

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Found an item with missing tags