[REL] Grimarillion v90d

is there some sort of config for this? nothing is listed on the OP, nor does there appear to be any semblance of one in the download. would i have to hard-edit the files to make changes? (read: adjusting spawnrates, disabling mods, changing mastery scaling)

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No, all you have to do is extract the files to wherever your save files are. For me since I use local saves this is C:\Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn\save. Extract the files to that folder and it should make a new sub-folder called Grimarillion.

Then just go into the game and select main campaign, then choose custom game and select Grimarillion.

nononono, i’ve got it working, i just don’t like some facets of the mod and want to change them. specifically the scaling of some of the masteries, and various aspects of grimmest.

i tried to crack it open with the editor packaged with grim dawn, but it’s a real beast of a tool (with a 60 page guide). i figured it would be more simple to ask if i’m missing a text document, or some in-game menu, rather than just committing myself to learn the modding tools so as to tweak some in-game values.

thank you though, i certainly appreciate the genuine response.

There is no config and there are no source files for you to edit. To make any changes whatsoever yourself, it’s all on you to learn the modding tools and figure it out. GDStash might help to extract the files but beyond that you’re on your own.

GD Stash won’t extract the files, but the GD modding tools will

Hm, guess I was mistaken, guess this feature doesn’t work as intended then?


Here’s the update everyone:



Make sure to back up your stuff if you don’t want to lose anything. If you lose items, then just restore them with the console or one of the item generator tools. (you might lose spears or staves since I cleaned up some redundant files.)

Also as always, these first releases will probably be more prone to bugs. I’m not perfect unfortunately. :wink:



Merged Grimer’s Diablo 3 2.5(u3), check the changelog on his thread for more info

*Fixed an issue that caused Jane to be invisible.
*Changed the class combo title for Monk+Earth from Flare Shepard to Firebender.
*Changed the class combo title for Riftstalker+Spirit from Exorcist (already taken) to Umbrawalker

*Fixed an issue where Forgotten Souls were missing from the appropriate comp. table.
*Fixed an issue where Vinelton and Hyram were not spawning with the appropriate vendor specific loot tables. (and so they spawned with autopickup items which have no bitmaps)
*Fixed an issue that caused Depravities to drop way more items than intended.
*Riftwalker Prefix cooldown reduction tweaked slightly. Lost 1% at high ranks, and lower ranks are scaled down to a minimum of 2% CDR. Short term fix, will have to see if this is even something worth “fixing”

*Reduced cooldown reduction on Heka Staff, Rod of the Ancients, and Pharaoh’s Standard to 15% (can vary slightly as all stats do)
*Fixed an issue where many staves were using the wrong pet bonus.
*Added over 200 new suffixes for staves. Might do another pass and maybe add more prefixes as well.

Asphodel Ring:
*No longer grants +1 to all skills.
*Removed +20 to each attribute
*Added 40 DA
*Added 10% All requirement reduction.
*Increased health regen bonus to 20 from 10.

Eurydice’s Wedding Band:
*Reduced %OA and %DA to 3% each.

Cartouche Ring:
*Changed % energy regeneration to 1.5 flat energy regenerated

Signet of Hope:
*Removed +1 to All Skills
*Reduced all granted resists to 20%.

Black Pearl Ring:
*Moved 1 to all skills to set bonus.

Seal of the High Priest:
*Changed flat spirit bonus to 5% bonus.

Thoth’s Mark:
*Changed % energy regeneration to 2 flat energy regenerated

Ordu’s Thumb Ring:
*Level requirement reduced to 45 from 53
*Bleeding Damage modifier removed
*Dexterity bonus removed.
*+1 to Hunting replaced with 3 to Marksmanship.

Crystal Ring:
*Cooldown Reduction removed
*Added an additional 10% All damage.

*Cooldown Reduction removed
*Increased Elemental Damage by 10%.

Aphrodite’s Favor:
*Reduced All Skills bonus to 1.

Crystal Totem:
*Cooldown Reduction removed
*Added an additional 10% All damage.

Necklace of Harmonia:
*Life leech modifier removed.

*Reduced DA and HP by about half.
*Reduced % Armor to 3%.
*Reduced Racial defense to 10%.

*Cooldown Reduction removed
*Removed +1 to all skills.
*Added +1 to Earth Mastery.
*Added 50% Retaliation modifier.

Shard of the Elements:
*Removed +1 to All Skills
*Added +1 to Earth and Storm Masteries.

Heka Staff:
*Now has a proc which can reduce cooldowns on crit

Rod of the Ancients:
*Now has a proc which can reduce cooldowns on crit

Tongue of Flame:
*Reduced the summon limit from 10 to 2.
*Removed the knockdown from the detonation.

Poseidon’s Net:
*Reduced cooldown from 12 seconds to 6.
*Tweaked template settings, there is no projectile travel time involved anymore, instantly affects enemies. Auto-cast now targets enemies up to 20 m away.
*DA reduction changed from 33% to non-stackable 250 DA reduction.
*Frostburn duration increased to 6 seconds.
*Added Electrocute damage equal to frostburn.

Marduk’s Tablet of Destiny:
*Reduced the Shield of Destiny proc duration to 3 seconds.
*Increased the trigger threshold to 40% Life.

Crosier of Osiris:
*Skill reworked, is now an applyable debuff.
*Reduces life leech, aether, and vitality resist by 15 in a 5m radius.
*Deals aether/vitality decay and has 20% life leech.

Ebony Globe:
*No longer has a chance for disruption.
*DA bonus increased by 10.
*Chance for physical damage changed to a flat 15 Physical damage.
*Skill reworked, is now a toggleable buff. Grants % DA and retaliation related bonuses.

Sphere of Eternity:
*Reduced radius from 16m to 15m.
*Reduced cooldown from 10 seconds to 5 seconds.
*Flattened Trauma DOT to 570 dmg over 5 seconds.
*Flat physical damage increased to 280 base damage.
*Lifesteal amount reduced to 15%
*Sleep value flattened to 5 seconds.
*Fumble/Impair chance reduced to 18%.

Morpheus’ Dreamweb:
*Removed chance for fear, removed chance for confusion.
*Slow reduced to 25% for 5 seconds.
*Sleep reduced to 5 seconds.
*Cooldown reduced to 8 seconds.
*Added flat physical and internal trauma
*Added 20% Weapon damage.

Ethereal Veil:
*Reduced summon cap to 2, allowed them to act as permanent pets.
*Increased movement speed of the pets.

*Updated devotions to versions and made adjustments to keep the template and weapon changes I’ve made in the past.

*Applied a fix from Ceno for the Champion+Riftstalker skill.

*Applied a fix from Ceno for the Mobile Fortress skill.

Ring of Flame:
*Adjusted the FX slightly.

Ring of Flame - Chaotic Blaze:
*Removed FX modifier that reverted it to the pre-updated FX.

*Changed the template, might cause a change in how it functions overall but mostly should remain the same. This was using a template that isn’t really supported by GD anymore so requires more work for me whenever I have to update devotions.

*Changed skill template type, still disrupts but no dispels/cleanses.

Storm Wisp:
*Storm Wisp can no longer be killed.

Spectral Spire:
*Aether Damage and Weapon Damage % reduced by 60%
*Now fires out 3 spires in a 60 degree cone
*Increased aoe size by 0.5m (1m total)

Spectral Spire - Diffusion:
*Flat Vitality damage reduced by 60%.

Enslave Spirit:
*Increased Energy costs

Liche King:
*Fixed an issue where the summon would randomly attempt to reposition itself. (hopefully)

Liche King - Arcane Blast:
*Increased the aoe size from 0.5m to 3m to closer match the size of the effect.
*Tweaked the template of this skill so the tooltip will more accurately show how this skill works.
(For some reason I can’t get the # of projectiles to show :/)

Circle of Power:
*Reduced base damage modifiers
*Increased scaling for all damage types, up to 300% at 22/12.
*Added modifiers for bleeding, poison, and vitality decay.

Summon Skeleton:
*Removed pet widget.
*Set Skeletons to remain in aggressive stance.
*Added tracker UI element similar to the GD Necromancer skeletons.

Summon Epialos:
*Can no longer be killed.

Summon Epialos - Irregularity:
*Fixed an issue where this skill was unlocked with only 5 skill points.

Grace of the Korybantes - Shadow Shroud:
*Fixed an issue where this transmuter required the character to be dual wielding.

Envenom Weapon:
*Reduced the amount of flat damage dealt.

Poison Gas Bomb:
*Added duration scaling, now scales up to 7 seconds at max, 8 seconds at ultimate 26/16

Dual Wield:
*remade into a “On Crit Buff” type skill. New name is “Butcher”.
**The effects are the same, only the template is changed, this change will open up more build options for players who don’t want to dual wield, and for players who DO want to dual wield…there already exists a “hidden passive” so that players can choose to do so.

Calculated Strike:
*Lowered rank 1 chance to pass through to 10%, added 6% scaling per rank up to 100% at 16/16.
*Added 120 degree arc of attack.

Summon Nightmare:
*Fixed an issue that prevented this skill from working properly with projectile devotions (falcons for example), you guys have no idea how thrilled I am to have finally fixed this. Goddamn Titan Quest meshes…

Psionic Touch - Psionic Artery:
*Reduced regeneration modifiers, now scales from 8% up to 100% at 22/12.
*Attack speed scaling tweaked, starts at 2% instead now.

Psionic Touch - Psionic Burn:
*Reduced racial damage by 50%.

*Reduced flat DA/OA values to more appropriate levels similar to other GD passives/buffs with OA/DA bonuses.

Temporal Flux:
*Reduced total speed scaling by about half. With the old values plus psionic artery it was too much attack speed in one mastery. (almost up to 37% with both at ultimate rank.)
*Moved cooldown reduction to Trance of Empathy.

Trance of Empathy:
*Added Cooldown reduction.


Warfare Mastery:
*Reduced cunning per mastery rank by 0.5
*Increased spirit per mastery rank by 0.5

Ancestral Horn:
*Ancestors can no longer be killed now.
*Added tracker UI element similar to the GD Necromancer skeletons.

Weapon Training:
*Reduced OA and Attack Speed scaling and base amounts. (2-18% Attack Speed, 8-160 OA)
*%OA modifier removed

Onslaught - Flail:
*Reduced attack speed bonus to 25%.


Hunting Mastery:
*Reduced cunning per mastery rank by 1
*Increased spirit per mastery rank by 0.5
*Increased Physique per mastery rank by 0.5

Call of the Hunt:
*Changed to a “On Crit” buff type spell.
*Duration reduced to 5 seconds.
*Cooldown reduced to 5 seconds.
*Racial % damage reduced to 3% at level 1, added scaling.
*OA scaling reduced.
*Flat bleeding damage removed.
*Attack speed replaced with total speed.
*Total speed value reduced, range is now 3-18%
*Added Total Damage Modifier, range is 1-18%.

Call of the Hunt - Exploit Weakness:
*Removed pierce and bleeding modifiers.
*Added Crit damage scaling up to 25% at 20/10.
*Added % All Damage scaling up to 175% at 20/10.

*Now works for all ranged weapons (including staves)

Marksmanship - Puncture Shot:
*Added energy cost scaling.

Marksmanship - Scattershot:
*Increased distance traveled.
*Added energy cost scaling.

Monster Lure:
*Adjusted taunt mechanic.
*Now taunts at a much higher radius from level 1, from 5 m up to 10 m and scales to 20m at 20/10.
*Taunt debuff reduced, now scales from 15% (eliminates hero taunt resists) up to 60% (eliminates most boss/nemesis taunt resists)
*Removed %HP reduction on retaliation.
*Detonate mechanic built into base skill.
*No longer knock downs enemies when detonated, instead stuns.
*Detonate projectiles no longer deal pure pierce damage, but instead a mix of physical, piercing, fire, and bleeding damage.
*Changed the pet to become player scaled now that player scaled pets can be killed and hold their own aggro.

Fletchette Minefield:
*Sets down a ring of 5 fletchette traps, each trap loaded with 5 fletchettes. When enemies approach too near, the traps detonate, knocking enemies down when struck and dealing physical, pierce and bleeding damage. In addition, enemy movement is slowed for an additional 6 seconds afterwards.
*The mines scale with the player’s damage.

Fletchette Minefield - Hot Iron Barbs:
*Causes the fletchette traps to deal bleeding damage and burn damage.
*Adds an attack speed slow to the projectiles

Fletchette Minefield - Improved Trap Construction:
*Increases all damage dealt and increases the duration of the knockdown effect.
*Additional projectiles are added at certain ranks.

*Burst Shot:

Herbal Remedy:
*Renamed to Woodlore
*Added flat poison resist (moved from wood lore)

Art of the Hunt:
*now a modifier for Herbal Remedy

Art of the Hunt - Find Cover:
*Added slow resist and trap resist (albeit at lower values)
*DA bonus changed to flat DA.

Art of the Hunt - Trail Blazing:

*Added flat lightning damage.
*Adjusted weapon damage scaling.
*Removed %HP Reduction.
*Cooldown reduced by 0.2 seconds (3.8)
*Moved Crit Damage from Eviscerate.

Takedown - Eviserate
*Removed Crit Damage
*Hugely increased bleeding damage and modifier.
*Added an autocasted skill - Hunter’s Fury.
*Hunter’s Fury fires 6 projectiles in a ring after hitting with Takedown, dealing piercing, lightning, bleeding, % weapon damage and stunning enemies hit by a projectile.

Ensnare Bomb:

Snare Trap:
*Targets an enemy, that enemy and nearby enemies become trapped briefly and have their movement slowed for a longer period and begin to take bleeding damage while affected by the trap.
*Might be a little too strong atm, the trap duration is pretty long and the cooldown is short… but due to the mechanics of the template I can’t really change it without some work and I am rushing this patch at this point!

Snare Trap - Shackled:
*Primary targets struck by the Snare Trap are shackled, binding them to you. The shackled enemy and any enemy who passes between you and the shackled enemy have their DA reduced and are dealt piercing and bleeding damage.

*Wpn damage increased at lower ranks, lowered at higher ranks. (from 90%-200% to 110%-160%)
*Reduced flat bleeding damage, but added flat pierce damage. Should be overall more damage.
*Now uses a different animation for guns and crossbows (Bursting Round animation)
*Now also works for staves. (I figured why not, I don’t see it being useful but… sure)

Serpent Strike:
*Adjusted the flat piercing damage slightly.
*Due to the inadequacy of this WPS with melee weapons, they have been disabled from use for this skill.
*Removed pierce damage modifier.
*Added flat bleeding damage over 3 seconds.
*Weapon damage reduced, now also has scaling.
*Now uses a different animation for guns and crossbows (Storm Spread animation)
*Ranged weapons will also fire 2 projectiles. (2 projectiles on storm spread anim means 4 projectiles)

*Changed template, animation, and all damage scalings of this skill.
*Due to template change, melee weapons are kind of inefficient in comparison and so melee weapons are locked out. (this new template doesn’t support melee arc/multiple targets hit)
*Removed Pierce damage modifier.
*Added flat bleeding damage over 3 seconds.
*Weapon damage reduced to 33% across all ranks.
*Now uses a different animation for guns and crossbows (Chilling Rounds animation)
*Ranged weapons will also fire 3 projectiles, gaining more with certain ranks. (LOTS of projectiles)

Frontline Fighter:
*This transmuter affects both Serpent Strike and Volley, and modifies the damage dealt by 175% and unlocks said skills for melee weapons.
*In addition it adds a 90 degree arc of attack with no target limit.

Spectral Hunter:
*Summons a permanent invulnerable player-scaled spirit hunter pet to aid you in battle.
*This spirit has a basic attack which deals piercing and bleeding damage and a special volley type attack that fires 3 projectiles, gaining more with ranks.

Whirling Tempest:
*Removed the cooldown and reduced the energy cost.
*Reduced flat damage and % Weapon damage.
*Reduced the radius from 6m to 2m.
*Removed knockdown.
*Removed %HP Reduction.

Whirling Tempest - Rampage:
*Adds a 5 second cooldown and 15 energy cost.
*Increases the radius from 2m to 6m.
*Total damage modified by 175%
*Added 25% Crit damage modifier
*Also deals 33% HP reduction.

Whirling Tempest - Storm Strike:
*Deals flat lightning damage and has a chance to do a huge amount of electrocute damage.
*Increases crit damage.

Artemis’ Moon Blessing
*Grants lightning damage, lightning and piercing modifiers.
*Grants OA and elemental resists.
*Exclusive buff

Apollo’s Sun Blessing
*Grants fire damage, fire and physical modifiers.
*Grants cooldown reduction and pierce to fire conversion.
*Exclusive buff

*Completely reworked Serenity buff.
*Instead of it’s previous effects, it now provides a health regeneration boost to the player’s pets that are in range.

Kodama - Blessing of the Kodama:
*Reduced base OA from 45 to 25, reduced OA per level slightly. Now caps out at 250 OA at 26/16.

Call of the Wild:
*Removed pet widget.
*Set Wolves to remain in aggressive stance.
*Added tracker UI element similar to the GD Necromancer skeletons.

Thorn Sprites:
*Removed pet widget.
*Set Sprites to remain in aggressive stance.
*Added tracker UI element similar to the GD Necromancer skeletons. (unfortunately due to the mechanics of this feature, the pet summon method had to be changed)
*Sprites can no longer be killed now.

Defense Mastery:
*Reduced Physique per mastery rank by 0.5
*Increased spirit per mastery rank by 0.5

*Removed targets hit limit. (this means ALL enemies in the 90 degree arc will be hit)

No, that worked. I removed it a long time ago however as no one really needs it for the tool to work (was more for me testing that my arz code worked correctly) and people were confused by it, resulting in lot’s of questions about it when no one asking really needed it in the first place.

The 63 changes are mostly TQ changes ? Are you on the latest version of the D3 mod ?

I see, as you can tell I don’t really play the game much anymore. :slight_smile:

I’ll fix the changelog to show that D3 was updated as well.

sorry if I am a noob, do I need to do anything with my characters to transfer them in?

ok I screwed up I think bad, my guys have their gear, bank has gear, but they have no skill points

Kk, with v63, what are some good summoner rings now that the Black Pearl Rings are absolutely worthless?

Nothing to see here.

Bug Report: All constellations only have up to their pre-expansion devotion levels (20 for T1 devotions, 15 for T2 devotions, 10 for T3 devotions) - they do not have their AoM numbers.

It’s weird because I have the AoM devotions fine, it’s just the levels are off.

OK, thanks for the report, was almost ready for the first hotfix but that will have to wait since devotions are important.

Really have to go through my master files and fix this shit…

Summon Epialos:
*Can no longer be killed.

=> still dies

Asylum, aside from neverending gratitude for your elaborate updates, I have a tiny suggestion.
I realise there have been difficulties with bow animations, but current Spectral Hunter is awful https://prntscr.com/m8gxmm
May I suggest, if it’s not possible other way, to replace him with recolored Nymph model? Maybe it’s not “lore-wise” but it’ll be better anyway.
And Spectral Hunter is not invulnerable also.

That’s another issue entirely… Spectral hunter looked different for me when I was working on it. I’ll have to figure out what went wrong to fix it and then you can tell me if it’s still awful

It’s a little harsh to say they’re completely worthless - they’re still your best bet for pets that do Elemental, Cold, or Fire damage. Unfortunately, the classes that can viably do that sort of thing are reduced since you can’t get a lot of +skills from it, but GQ classes benefit from spears and amulets that each grant +2 to that Mastery, so as long as you build around at least 1 of those Masteries, they’re still BiS.

What you want for your summoner largely depends on what type of pet build you want. Chaos builds still need Voidwhisper rings, Lightning builds still need Glyph of Kelphat’Zoth, Poison pets still use Rotmender. Nature / Spirit builds can make +1 rings at the Satyr. There are Legendary rings that give +1 to Earth or Dream class, and there are still 4 rings that give +1 to all skills.

If you’re playing the Witch Doctor class, look out for the Tall Man’s Finger ring. I won’t spoil what it does, but it’s definitely worth using in a pet build.

I’m still playing Occultist/Earth, so its pretty much Physical/Fire (sadly the Shepherd of Lost Souls converts 100% of Hellhound physical damage to Vitality). Sadly the Amulet slot is taken by Lost Souls set so that I can have 2 Hellhounds. Since I’m using the Grimmest version I cheated to lvl100 from the start. Only had like 1-3 deaths i think and completed all vanilla Grim Dawn except Port Valbury. Did Steps of Torment and Bastion of Chaos. So far the build works surprisingly well but i’m sure Ashes of Malmouth will curbstomp it.

How are skill points distributed?

1 to 50 = 3 points per level
51 to 100? = 2 points?

New update to be released, here is the changelog


*Fixed an issue where Zenith items were missing tags.
*Fixed an issue where the two added class combo names were not updated. (Monk/Earth and Riftstalker/Spirit)
*Fixed an issue where Peleus’ Ashen Spear had an invalid skill bonus. (+2 to Whirling Tempest was missing)
*Fixed an issue where Soul Drain from Crosier of Osiris was not properly debuffing enemies.
*Removed the chance for bonus physical damage from Ebony Globe as intended.
*Fixed an issue where Epialos was not invincible as intended from v63.
*Increased the radius of Whirling Tempest without the transmuter to 3 m to fix a bug where it wasn’t hitting targets in the radius.
*Reduced the radius granted by Whirling Tempest’s Transmuter to keep the total radius at 6 m.
*Adjusted the FX for Whirling Tempest, with and without transmuter.
*Reduced the damage from Whirling Tempest - Storm Strike by about 70%.
*Fixed an issue where the devotions were out of date.
*Fixed an issue where the Hunter’s summon, Spectral Hunter was missing parts of his armor.