[REL] Grimarillion v90d

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  1. If you are playing “ungrim” with no masteries, something somewhere went wrong. Ungrim is exactly the same as grimarillion but without the grimmest mod.

  2. As jiaco said above. The game doesn’t know what these items are until the mod is loaded. Once you load the mod and visit the main menu again, all the mod assets will show.

  3. It’s up to you to figure this out if it isn’t documented. Not sure if Grimer is still around, think he’s taking a vacation after his last update. :smiley:

There are two threads in the mod discussion section linked in the first post, one is a build compendium for pet builds mainly, the other is a guide on how to craft a strong pet build, but there are no others. If you want to start a discussion thread, feel free, I will link it in the OP to help it gain traction if needed. In addition, you can discuss builds in the mod-discussion channel of the official Grim Dawn discord. The more the merrier.

Thank you for clearing that up. I probably won’t install Ungrim, so no prob there. For the second question, I noticed that happening only when I exited to the character selection screen, to switch from Chars. Maybe it’s just something with my game install… Doesn’t matter anyway, personally.

And yes, I’ll - at the very least - note down this, and maybe some other interesting synergies and see if it’s worthy of a thread. Thepowerofmediocrity surely knows much more than me, as I’ve seen in his pet build thread, but it may help those interested in the other types of builds. His thread is awesome, btw, discovered some nice insight there.

Probably I’ll ask you something about the Rogue’s skill set and synergies in the discussion section, as I understood that you worked on reshaping the mastery to fit in to GD’s mechanics. :smiley:

While my general theme is pets, I’ve played with anything that has the ability to summon pets, and since a great number of pets are player-scaled, I have builds that encompass well beyond the traditional summoner that has to build around pet stats. My current status on builds is:

  • 8 standard pet builds
  • 6 hybrid pet builds (1 2H Melee, 3 Pet / Caster Hybrids & 2 DW Melee (the one I posted is more of a gimmick, but the one I have yet to post is so synergized that it can nearly stand on its own as a regular DW Melee)
  • 4 2H ranged builds (The Necro + Terror Knight Blood Knight build I recently posted is monstrous)
  • 3 Sword & Boards
  • 2 Standard DW builds
  • 2 2H Melee (The Champion Army of None build and the Terror Knight + Necrotic havoc machine I alluded to in another build)
  • 2 Standard Casters

By the time I’m done posting my builds, people should have more than enough info to start building for their own creations, regardless of what playstyle they prefer.

It’s late, I’ll update all the posts accordingly tomorrow but here is 63b.

Don’t forget to back up your stuff before hand. Just in case, you never know what goes wrong with this. :wink:



*Fixed an issue where certain class combo names wheren’t updated as intended.
*Fixed an issue where Ancestral Horn wasn’t casting properly.
*Fixed an issue where some unique staves lost their pet bonuses.
*Removed the Reduced Defense Retaliation from Volatile Shield unique.
*Fixed an issue where Volley wasn’t being affected by the Frontline Fighter transmuter as intended.
*Fixed an issue where Spectral Hunter wasn’t invulnerable.
*Tweaked some controler settings for the Spectral Hunter, hopefully addressing an issue with his sight range and targeting.
*Added a transmuter to Spectral Hunters allowing the player to summon multiple spectres at the cost of giving them reduced lifetime and increased cooldowns.
*Fixed an issue with several skills with sound effect issues in the Spirit mastery. (please let me know if some of these sounds are too quiet or too loud)
*Added radius fx to Circle of Power showing the area as intended.
*Removed sounds from pets who “acknowledged” player clicks to prevent weird sound issues when spamming the pet attack key.
*Fixed an issue where using Hunter WPS while DW played a wrong animation.
*Fixed an issue where Ascended Humans were dropping way too many green items.

Item Tweaks:
//Relic - Crescent Moon of Artemis//
*Increased pierce modifier to 80%
*Added lightning damage modifier at 80%
*Reduced Chthonic modifier to 12%
*Removed Pierce Retaliation
*Added 20 Flat Pierce damage
*Increased health regeneration modifier to 25%
*Removed energy regeneration modifier.
*Added 4% OA.

//Relic - Lyre of Apollo//
*Removed Energy Burn
*Removed disrupt chance
*Removed physique and spirit modifiers.
*Added 50% Fire Damage
*Added 50% Physical Damage
*Added 50% Burn Damage
*Added 5% Attack Speed
*Added 200 HP
*Granted Skill reworked - Song Of Apollo now grants an aura in a 15 m range that grants 20 Fire Damage, 50% All Damage and 30% Stun Resistance.

//Relic - Blood Gem//
*Removed Piercing retaliation
*Pierce Damage modifier increased to 40%
*Added 40% Bleed modifier
*Added 6% Crit Damage
*Blood Boil trigger type changed to “On Hit” instead of “At 25% Life”.

//Relic - Symbol of Polymath //
*Increased cooldown of granted skill from 14 seconds to 21 seconds.

//Relic - Golden Eye of Sun Wukong//
*Removed Elemental damage modifier
*Removed stun duration modifier.
*Pierce modifier increased to 80%
*Poison modifier increased to 80%
*Added 80% Bleeding Damage modifier
*Added 3% DA
*Granted Skill reworked - Spirit Thief now triggers on crit, deals 100% Weapon damage, 15% life leech, reduces the DA, OA and Attack Speed of nearby enemies.

//Relic - Crimson Viper//
*Removed flat Physical damage
*Removed poison resist
*Removed pierce damage modifier
*Added flat 10-20 vitality damage
*Added 50% Vitality Damage modifier
*Added 50% Vitality Decay modifier
*Increased Acid and Poison damage modifiers to 50%.
*Added 25% Vitality Resistance.
*Granted Skill adjusted - bleeding damage changed to vitality decay, piercing damage changed to flat vitality. Added 100% Pass through to the projectiles.

//Relic - Lionheart//
*DA granted from proc reduced to 80.

//Relic - Tyrant’s Fist//
*Vitality Damage replaced with Bleeding damage over 2 seconds.

Skill Tweaks:
More simplicity QOL changes to the class

Death Ward:
*Removed life leech granted.
*Reduced cooldown to 20 seconds.
*No longer remains active while you are below the the threshold.
*Now heals for a % of HP, scales up to 50% at max rank.
*Damage Absorption scaling greatly increased.

Underworld Pact:
*Added Flat Spirit (moved from Spirit Ward)
*Added %HP and %DA for Pets. (moved from Serve Thy Master)

Serve Thy Master:
*Moved %HP and %DA for Pets to Underworld Pact.
*Added Flat HP Regen for Pets… (moved from Spirit Ward)
*Added % Total Speed, and % OA for Pets. (moved from Protect Thy Master)

Protect Thy Master:
*Low health proc removed from Serve Thy Master.

Spirit Ward:
*Added Flat DA and Life Regen Modifier (moved from Protect thy Master)
*Added % Spirit (moved from Dominion)
*Removed from Underworld Pact tree and setup as a standalone low health passive.
*Increased the trigger threshold from 50% to 70% max health.
*Added a 6 second cooldown and 6 second duration, remains active while your health remains below the threshold however.

*Low Health Proc removed from Spirit Ward.

*Increased healing scaling at max rank by 5%, adjusted scaling keep ultimate cap the same.

Woodlore - Art of the Hunt:
*Reduced the scaling of the pierce and bleed modifiers.
*Max rank decreased to 10, down from 12. All other ranks adjusted to match new caps.

Woodlore - Find Cover:
*Max rank increased to 10, up from 8. All other ranks adjusted to match new caps.
*Fixed an issue where this skill didn’t add to Woodlore’s energy cost but instead added an energy reserve cost.
*Moved Trap and Slow resistance to Trailblazing.
*Now also grants flat HP while active.

*NEW Woodlore - Trailblazing:
*Grants freeze resistance, trap resistance, slow resistance and % total speed.

Call of the Hunt:
*Removed % Total Speed.
*Added scaling Bleeding Damage over 3 seconds.

*Changed templates again, this time it’s a global passive instead of an on crit buff.

Grace of the Korybantes:
*Reduced DA scaling and armor scaling.

Trickery of Hermes:
*Added Armor Piercing Ratio modifier.

Energy Shield:
*Fixed an issue where this wasn’t dispellable.

Psionic Touch - Psionic Artery:
*Removed attack speed.

Lucid Dream:
*Added Health Reduction Resistance.

Temporal Flux:
*Increased Total Speed modifier.

Distortion Field:
*Fixed an issue where this wasn’t dispellable.
*Fixed an issue where this was excluding any racial bonuses.
*Duration reduced to 5 seconds, cooldown also reduced to 5 seconds.
*Activation chance set to 100 at all ranks.

Sands of Sleep:
*Moved Defense Ability Reduction to Troubled Dreams.
*Added flat resist reduction. (unstackable)
*Added movement slow.

Sands of Sleep - Troubled Dreams:
*Removed resist reduction.
*Added defense ability reduction.
*Added Fumble/Impaired Aim.

Another day, another update. Couple small fixes.

This update is very small and requires you to have 63b installed already.




*Fixed an issue where Defense mastery had a missing tag in the mastery select screen.
*Fixed an issue where Kanai’s Cube recipes were missing.
*Added some UI assets to prepare for future content, such as D3’s barbarian and FG’s Oathkeeper. (don’t get your hopes up, I have no idea when these are coming, I’m just getting ready.)

//Relic - Golden Eye of Sun-Wukong//
*Added 100% Weapon Damage as intended.

//Relic - Talisman of the Jade Emperor//
*Reduced Elemental resist by about half.
*Reduced physical resist of the buff to 8%

//Relic - Lyre of Apollo//
*Now has a 10% chance to trigger on attack.
*Doubled flat fire damage from proc
*Added 70 OA
*Increased All Damage modifier to 180% but now has only a 33% chance for it.
*Added 20% skill cost reduction
*Added 3% to all Max Resists.

Nothing to see here.

Nothing to see here.

Black pearl set only has 2 pieces atm, the third set piece is an armor item and I havent had time to make it. Having multiple of the same set piece does not increase your set bonuses, this is a game mechanic and has nothing to do with the mod.

I see, thank you.

What about the bone fiend? I am trying to fix it for an hour now, reading through the dbr files, i see he should go up to 26, but why is he stuck at 20? Best pet in the game, looks/stats vise, would be a shame to have it only 20 :D.

Edit: just found in the files skillUltimateLevel,20, problem solved.

I wonder why there are so many plans that i can’t learn? I’ve found multiple plans that make a sound of that if i already knew them, but i don’t.

Qa’a staff has a wierd modifier “x% of elemental damage converted to elemental damage”, https://pasteboard.co/HZ9suTv.jpg link to SS.
Also, should i report bugs here or is there a separate place to report bugs?


Thank you for this wonderful mod. I’m at level cap and nowhere near possessing the physique required to equip many of the legendary weapons/armors that the DC smith can forge. Some of them require 3000–5000 in physique. I feel like I must be missing something obvious (since I can’t figure out how to achieve such high stats)…

In any event, thank you for your hard work.

Hi all,

I come across several plans that i can’t learn like:

rydraelm’s robes
Shar’zul deceit

How can i learn these plans?


idk about Grimarillion, but they are no longer in the standalone mod.

Ok, hopefully those recipes will be removed in the next update.

Using Grim063b, Wizard ice armor’s Damage Absorption doesn’t seem to be working. Tested with a lvl 14 wizard + lvl 6 ice armor (175 absorption), azure matriarch hits for 80-100 damage without the ice armor, toggled it on and still took the same amount of damage.

Maxed out Ice Armor to lvl 10, the lvl 10 bonus freeze aura + freeze retaliation both work, skill tooltip says 250 damage absorb but wizard still takes full damage from enemy hits + DOTs.

Been playing this for a week now
This is such an amazing job I don’t know what say besides THANKS