[REL] Grimarillion v90d

Computer specs won’t help anyone I think, at least it wouldn’t help me.

Tell me more about your character that has the zenith crashes. Masteries, mastery level, player level, gear, etc. Or just post your character file.

If it’s not an isolated issue, it’s some kind of weird conflict or recursive bug. I just tested them on a level 2 character (mouse over) and I had no crashes. AFAIK, those skills are fine, no one has reported them crashing the game, but we’ve had a few patches lately so who knows.

Odd, I verified the integrity of Grim Dawn on Steam and now I’m able to hover over the skills without a problem. Is it normal to have the red text on the bottom of the tooltip?

Edit: The masteries I’m playing with this class is Necrotic and Monk from D3. Which file for the character would I need to provide?

Hey there, loving the mod so far, thanks for all the work!

Whichever one crashes the game, but you seem to not have that issue anymore. Nice work.

And that text is normal-ish. I’ve seen it before.

Probably the new update patched problems like these. Thank you for helping me with this btw. :slight_smile:

With FG right around the corner, I am pushing an update. Contains the latest D3 update, some bug fixes and a bunch of other updates for GQ. Check the changelog below. This is probably going to be the last update for AOM Grimarillion…

Grimarillion (standalone):

Ungrim (standalone):



*Fixed an issue where Toxeus was missing a mesh so he was invisible (and immobile)
*Fixed an issue where Toxeus wasn’t dropping any loot.
*Fixed an issue with grimmest spawns in Ungrim.
*Applied latest D3 mod update, see the following for the changelogs:
Patch 2.6 - http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showpost.php?p=703414&postcount=1107
Patch 2.6: Update 1 - http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showpost.php?p=705148&postcount=1108
Patch 2.6: Update 2 - http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showpost.php?p=712872&postcount=1115

*Fixed an issue where Hydra, Kraken, and Oklaine’s Lantern bonuses weren’t applying to staves.
*Updated all devotions that needed updating since the latest update.

*Updated all GQ relics. This includes stat adjustments, skill adjustments, proc adjustments and crafting recipes.
*Black Pearl Necklace and Black Pearl Amulet renamed to “Skillful Ring” and “Skillful Amulet”. Stats remain unchanged, random affixes remain unchanged.
*A new Black Pearl set has been added as a dream set - this set is not craftable like the Skillful Ring and Amulet and it can not receive random affixes.
*Updated all enchantments and components that needed updating since the latest update.

Mythical Eye of Horus:
*Added 8% ADCTH to proc.

Eye of Reveries:
*added 20% Physical converted to Lightning for pets.

Mythical Eye of Reveries:
*added 20% Physical converted to Lightning for pets.

Mythical Seal of Hephaestus:
*Added +2 to Hot Iron Barbs

Mythical Archimedes Cogwheel:
*Added +2 to Flush Out

Mythical Eurydice’s Wedding Band:
*Added +2 to Storm Strike

Distortion Wave - Psionic Immolation:
*Reduced racial damage bonus (50% at 1 rank seems pretty high)

Distortion Wave - Chaotic Resonance:
*Removed armor reduction. (this stat was supposed to have been long gone)
*Added Crit Damage.

Summon Liche King:
*Replaced scaling energy bonus with ranks with crit damage.

Summon Outsider:
*Replaced scaling energy bonus with ranks with crit damage.

Bone Fiend:
*Replaced scaling energy bonus with ranks with crit damage.

Skeletal Soldier:
*Replaced scaling energy bonus with ranks with crit damage.

Battle Standard - Triumph:
*Changed the damage reduction mechanic, now reduces target’s damage dealt instead of reducing total damage. (This should be a buff)

*Reduced energy per mastery rank scaling, increased health per mastery rank scaling. (gain 250 HP by rank 50)

Demeter’s Sacred Law:
*Fixed an issue where this wasn’t marked as exclusive.

Sylvan Nymph:
*Name of summon changed from Sylvan Nymph ~ Wanderer’s Familiar to Nymph Familiar.
*Replaced scaling energy bonus with ranks with crit damage.

Call of the Wild:
*Name of summon changed from Feral Wolf ~ Animal Companion to Wolf Companion.
*Replaced scaling energy bonus with ranks with crit damage.

Thorn Sprites:
*Replaced scaling energy bonus with ranks with crit damage.
*Dodge stats hidden from tooltip.
*Increased base duration from 3 seconds to 5 seconds.
*Cooldown removed.
*Pet limit reduced from 10 to 8.

Thorn Sprites - Summoner’s Call:
*Now summons 4 thorn sprites for 30 seconds. Cooldown modifier reduced to 18 seconds.

Force of Nature:
*Replaced scaling energy bonus with ranks with crit damage.

Heart of the Oak:
*Removed % HP bonus.
*Added Flat HP scaling. Scales up to 1250 at max and ~ 3000 at ultimate rank.
*Added a %HP modifier for pets.

Rupture - Flare:
*Reduced the %WpnDmg of the proc from this modifier.
*Doubled the burn damage from the modifier.

*Replaced scaling energy bonus with ranks with crit damage.
*Reduced scaling health bonus to match other pets. (only the per skill rank bonus shown in the tooltip, the base value is unchanged and still remains massive)

Summon Epialos - Irregularity:
*Fixed an issue where you could only summon 1 Epialos even with this transmuter.

Hello, Friend and I are trying out the new patch. My friend wanted to roll a new character and noticed a problem with the mastery screen.

ok I’ll have a fix for it tomorrow after FG releases

Thank you! <3

I had the same bug with rogue / nightblade while hovering dualblades ; but only with 64 bits GD executable . hope it helps a bit ; thought it was related to my overclocking cpu .

same for me with Outrider\Inquisitor, also running GD 64 exe (freezes after level up and trying to spend skill points. Not consistently)

I have changed to playing in windowed mode, and after several hours the crash has not come back.

edit: the crash is back. it happens when hovering over the bottom left skills. sigh.

Hello, will update be avaible today? I can’t pass thru Gates of Devil’s Crosing, but it happens only with mod also everything will be ok with items in stash?

Same with The Amalgamation boss. The barn doesn’t open therefore can’t progress main quest.

Hey whenever i try to use the “Blitz” abillity of the Solidier i get stuck in place unable to move and i have to quit to main menu

Same “Engage” abillity in Terror

Ok hopefully this fixes a few bugs including the door issue and unlocks Oathkeeper, plus a few small nature adjustments.

This update requires 64a. If you haven’t already downloaded it, click here





*Fixed an issue where the mastery select screen was pretty much broken.
*Unlocked Oathkeeper. (requires Forgotten Gods)
*Fixed a missing tag issue for the Blood Gem artifact.
*Fixed an issue where Kraken was missing a few stats that were meant to be updated. (please report any other devotions/augment/component discrepencies)
*Fixed an issue that prevented the gates in Devil’s Crossing from opening. Maybe fixed other doors/gates too. (let me know if there are any others)

Heart of the Oak:
*Health bonus increased by 50%.

Kodama - Sustained Growth:
*Increased regen by 50%.
*Increased regen for pets by 100%.

Kodama - Overgrowth:
*Added flat Health Regen.

Thank You for fast reaction, will all devotions and New items be ok? Also, expansion added New slot in stash, will it be added too?

Just install the update and I’m playing around with the Oathbreaker skills and Eye of Reckoning doesn’t activate… button presses but nothing happens.
Can anyone else verify?

Edit: Seems it’s all the movement skills, as Vire’s Might triggers the character to lock up, just like that previously identified Blitz issue.

not sure where to report bugs, but the crusader is missing the top right skill