[REL] Grimarillion v90d

a+b+c = updates, you need them all

install a, then install b, then C

ok perfect thanks all for the fast replies :smiley:

Just thought i’d drop by an mention that the Dream mastery wave’s modifier claims to reduce cooldown by 100% which it doesn’t do.

Also, the DemonHunter’s Chakaram skill seems to work only when it feels like it. I could use it for 5 minutes then it just won’t cast at all no matter what I do.

Hey, out of curiousity, are you using a staff or a caster off-hand? I found out that you need a spellcaster item to have it work for 100% cooldown.

As the tooltip suggests, if you don’t have a staff or caster off-hand, it doesn’t work…

Newest update, v64d. See the changelog below for more info and be sure to report any issues.

Requires 64a and 64b. 64c is not required for this one, if you have it already that’s fine. (64c was only a db/text update, 64d will have those changes anyway). To install, simply download 64a, drag and drop the folder titled “grimarillion” located in the .7z file into the …/grim dawn/mods/ directory, then repeat the process with 64b and 64d.




*Added 2 more loading screens. (FG only)
*D3 update 2.7+hotfix implemented. (including barbarian, several FG only changes)
*Updated pretty much all of old creature files (no seriously, it’s a stupid amount) and the gameengine.dbr.
*Fixed an issue with spears and staves using “charge” skills. (this includes skills like Vire’s Might, Blitz, and Shadow Strike)
*Added functionality for Eye of Reckoning to work with spears.
*Fixed an animation issue with certain enemies that can spawn with staves. (please post any other enemies that are “stuck” in T-poses or anything like that)
*Neutered Toxeus for the time being until I can rework him properly. (atm trying to get FG and everything to be working)
*Fixed an issue with Phylactery of Shadows causing weirdness.
*Added new tags for all the new class combos and replaced old tags that were duplicates.

Excellent work.

sweet update

for those that want to use whirlwind/cyclone , don’t pick oathbreaker, he sucks

try the Diablo 3 barbarian+ crusader

converting a 2h wep to use as 1H+shield = GG

Thanks a lot for the update @ASYLUM101. Now on to figure some fun barb build.

Quick random question - does this mod change any one-shot chests mechanics or should I just open them whatever I encounter one?

Anyone else having this bug?

After some random(?) point of skilling, the game just crashes if i look at some skills. This happens with all(?) classes, even the native ones(just tried demolisher).

i played oathkeeper whirlwind (eye of reckoning) and it was absolutly fine. 200k dps was more than enough for the whole content in game on ultimate

but i will give the barb a try for sure

My private dream for this mod is 5 things:
-Runemaster class from TQ Ragnarok
-Amazon class in Diablo style
-Paladin Class in Dianlo style
-Bows, even if hold horizontally like crossbows
-crafting materials and eventually some enemies from TQ

I’ll definitely check out the latest update! Thx alot for those responds!

While that does sound pretty OP, the oathbreaker is fine. Ascention plus celestial presence and divine mandate gives great damage. I recommend pairing it with Earth mastery for ascention meteors. It’s basically the juggernaut (earth+defense) type of class I always wanted.

I don’t think he’s made any changes concerning this issue yet.

Runemaster is basically TQ inquisitor though.
Amazon and Paladin are simply classic versions of Demon Hunter and Crusader, and it’s never gonna happen.
What’s the point of adding bows when crossbows do the same thing?
How about ranged wands like from TQ Underlord?

I don’t think he’s made any changes concerning this issue yet.

With D3 mod now adding D3 bosses to shattered realm, are you considering doing the same with TQ/GQ ? Typhon, Hades, the hydra, the giant robot and some others maybe… I certainly like the idea the D3 mod had there

*Runemaster maybe one day, not any time soon.
*Amazon and paladin are never coming.
*Bows have already been converted to crossbows and included.
*TQ Crafting materials are never coming.
*TQ enemies… Well I’ve already added toxeus. Maybe I’ll add more in time but it’s quite a lot of work and there’s really nothing to gain from it.

As for wands, i’ve already had this discussion, not gonna happen.

I just felt it was a more desirable request than bows. There’s not too much to gain from adding wands though, since casters all have spells they spam instead of default attack skills. It would only be noticeable for the first few levels when energy regen isn’t good enough to support spell casting as their exclusive source of damage.
So while it would be neat, it’s not worth the effort.

As for wands,it could be converted for staves ,just add a little bit of stats and change it to 2h weapon,but the problem comes with offhands - what with builds that uses combination of offhand + wand

Yeah, it’s a possibility.