[REL] Grimarillion v90d

Haven’t actually played much of this yet, but I took a look at most of the pet related skills and noticed the following:

  • [Spirit] Summon Liche King and Summon Outsider only have 4 ultimate ranks instead of 10
  • [D3 Necro] Bone Golem HP increases per level until level 12, after which he resets to level 1 HP and never increases again.
  • [D3 Necro] Osmosis provides the same pet bonuses as Frenzy? Is this intended?

Not a bug then.


You need some form of base regen for modifiers to work…

Damn, didn’t even noticed that text, lol, thx :smiley:

Yeah, it’s weird that it’s separate but w/e

  • As others have mentioned, lootables are … messed up. Roland created a huge store with multiple branches, since all opponents seem to love his items.

  • Sometimes the game crashes for the host if someone ports. Or just randomly. I have no clue and I doubt that this will really help either, but… I wanted to give a heads up. Maybe Memory Issues?

  • Spears seem too powerful? And green ones drop like sand … well, lootables again I guess.

  • Staves seem to have too low damage / attackspeed, making them uninteresting for a lot of builds that rely on weapon damage. Well, just my opinion

  • some recipes are bugged (like making a non-Zenith / Titanquest Staff at the Sartyr). Also, getting +Skills by using the Sartyr is … insane. It really should be restricted to level ~50, to not make some seriously messed up chars.

  • the Riftstalker can skill the one that modifies bloodless. Without having the corresponding class.

  • my personal question - why having the Terror Knight centered around melee when he keeps fearing his enemies? Instead of Fear, maybe both fear and stun or only stun? Dunno, but having fear in the mastery is a bit …

About loot tables, the dead horse cannot be beaten anymore, the corpse has already been buried long ago.

Spears powerful, hah that’s a new one.

Staves being weak… if it’s not a loottable issue (i’m not going into it again), then I don’t know how they could be seen as weak. With the current staves (that have the right loottables on my end atm), the base dmg for Praxidikae (lv75 staff) is greater than Valdun’s Rifle, DMG wise, all staves seem pretty strong compared to 2H rifles. I’m not sure what you’re comparing them to, but you should be comparing them to rifles with Offhand bonuses. All that said though, it could be a loot table issue as I alluded to above, and you’re just finding outdated items.

Bugged recipes, how? If you’re going to post bugs, do it right and explain what is bugged, otherwise you are wasting your time and mine.

Riftstalker and Terrorknight are part of Zenith, which is currently on hiatus for an undetermined amount of time. Dunno what you’re asking about Riftstalker.

so some problems and questions.

Are spears supposed to be backwards? They stab with the not pointy end.

Are 2h melee weapons bugged for anyone else? Mine make my character T-pose freeze in the character screen and don’t idle animate. I also start T-posed after login until i move.

Some gear does not show up on the character selection screen. Offhand melee weapons and Rolands armour set for instance.

I think thats all for now. Apart from stuff previously stated in the forum like Marks of the traveler not dropping.

just as I said, crafting any staves which aren’t zenith or titanquest will not work. The button gets greyed out and I can’t craft anything until I rejoin. Okay, maybe not all, but the ones I tested are:

  • Adepts Staff
  • Enchanted Elemental Staff (all other enchanted seem to work?)
  • Apprentice Staff
    and I wager - Master Staff (didn’t have the components for it)

The skill I was talking about is named Skirmisher Protocol. In its description it is stated, that you need Champion as well, but you don’t.

EDIT: I just crafted these two, and the base damage from the rifle is higher, as its attack speed (though, yes, physical instead of ele).

EDIT 2: Have the nemesis chests and the exalted stashes been nerfed? I sometimes don’t even drop an Epic out of them …

I totally forgot to thank you for the mod, though :slight_smile: I enjoy it a lot

EDIT 3: It seems that caster armor (chest) crafted for zenith (and maybe titanquest) are not able to roll +2 skills? I got a +2 skills on a normal armor (not tested yet with heavy armor), though. Or am I simply that unlucky?

Spears cannot be fixed atm. Probably never.

2h weapons should work, specifically which ones don’t work? What class? What gender?

Custom gear never shows up in the menu.

Ok I see now, I’ve fixed these staff crafting bugs.

Nemesis/Exalt stashes, probably you are on a lower level difficulty that is still level capped. Might be fixed next update, jiaco has already done some work on this.

GQ/Zenith Caster chest armors should be able to roll a +2 to (class) skills but it looks like the crafting table was bugged and the “rare” caster affix table was never setup. Will be fixed.

As for the staff vs rifle,
hmmm well yes, the damage range on the rifle is greater, but if you calculate the avg base damage of the rifle it’s about the same as the staff. The attack speed is a little higher on the rifle, I can tweak the 84+ staves to match the rifles since it seems they’re all a liiiittle bit faster than the lower level weapons. But besides all this, staves ALWAYS have a built-in ~15% CDR, a chunk of energy regen, (usually around 1.5 - 5.5/s I think) and most importantly, a built-in modifier to the base damage of the weapon. This is why you have 266% Aether damage, but you could reach pretty high values like this:

Which I think is pretty good considering it’s “only” a yellow item.

I can probably tweak the staff prefix/suffix tables a little bit and make them more “personal” but maybe another time. Not sure I have the time to do that just yet, work is still really busy for me.

Female, all 2h melee weapons.

Staves and crossbows/guns are all fine. Just 2h melee weapons of any kind ive tried. All classes or none.

I feel like if all 2h melee weapons were broken on female characters it would have been reported sometime in the past 19 pages but… no.

So I’m gonna go ahead and say maybe it’s something on your end. No reports and my female 2h animations are working fie.

Ok thanks. I guess ill just have to live with it.

If you’ve already tried fully downloading and reinstalling the newest version of the mod (erase the old grimarillion from your mod folder too) or verifying the game files, then yes, you might have to just put up with it…

Yes unfortunately even installing it fresh on another computer did not fix the problem. I have no idea why its like this only for Grimarillion. It works fine with other mods and on vanilla.

Sorry for wasting your time and thanks, i just assumed it must be your mod when i could find no problems with anything outside of the mod. Games can be wiered sometimes.

OK I looked at your post again, I didn’t quite understand what you meant the first time I assumed you meant ALL female 2h anim didn’t work which I thought would have been absolutely crazy since no one had mentioned it…

Now that I understand what you’ve said, I understand it’s very specific to two idle animations. They will be fixed in the next update. Are there any other weird animations you’ve noticed? (or lack of animations)

The reason this happened is because Crate evidently doesn’t know how to follow a proper naming scheme for their animations so when I merge animation tables among mods, I just duplicate the male animation table and swap the directory to match the “heroine” instead of the “hero”, and basically there’s a few discrepancies that result in animations that don’t exist. So when I rename the male idle transition;


I should just have to rename hero01 > heroine01. Nope.



Oh wow…thats so stupid.

I just went through and couldn’t find anything else strange anywhere. I think it was just the 2h melee weapons because 2h weapons tend to be unpopular so its easy not to notice when something so specific is broken.

It took me a moment to realize it myself. I will post again if i find anything and im glad the problem has been figured out so that i can stop thinking about it.

PS: Sorry for not being specific enough. I realize i have explained this badly.




:: D3 Changes::
*Applied fixes found here: http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showpost.php?p=661728&postcount=931
and also here:

*Applied fixes found here: http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showpost.php?p=661875&postcount=218

*Tweaked many loottables in hopes of fixing some weird loot issues.
*Updated some loot tables from GQ which resulted in people picking up outdated staves and spears. Any staves/spears you have will be updated to that version, but will become legacy if they are ever changed again.
*Re-added Scrap and Dynamite to auto-pickup… hopefully should be working again.
*Fixed an issue where a couple vendors were using the original loottables for their wares. (these tables are used for autopickup now and don’t work properly in shops)
*Fixed an issue where most AOM enchantments were lacking support for spears/staves.
*Updated Augments to use the most recent stats from unmodded GD. (they still retain support for spears/staves)
*Updated Components to use the most recent stats from unmodded GD. (they still retain support for spears/staves)
*Testing a loot table change, if you notice any enemies with funny animations please report. Also if you find less spear/staves than you expected from CHESTS specifically, report.

*Updated the default crafter table to the most recent GD version. (this adds a couple conversion recipes I think)
*Also removed several GQ specific items from the default crafting table, they are restricted only to the Satyr now.
*Fixed an issue where several staves were not crafting and breaking the craft system.
*Fixed an issue where several staves were crafting the wrong staff type.

Eye of Ra:
*Damage to Insectoids changed to Undead.
*Proc activation changed to 10% chance on hit.
*Duration reduced to 6 seconds, cooldown to 8 seconds.

Might of Hephaestus:
*Damage to Constructs changed to Chthonics
*Active Skill, Iron Fist, increased burn damage drastically.

Dragon Tongue:
*Reduced Chaos and Fire RR from 30% to 18%.
*Duration increased from 3 seconds to 6.
*Cooldown reduced from 6 seconds to 3.

Tongue of Flame:
*Reduced Elemental RR from 30% to 10%

Conqueror’s Mark:
*Reduced Physical Resist debuff from -33% to -15%.
*Removed armor absorption reduction.
*Changed %DA reduction to flat 70 DA reduction.

Ethereal Veil:
*Added 50% Vitality damage.
*Fixed an issue where the Veils did not have names and instead were labeled as Wind Devils.
*Chance for impaired aim removed
*Cold and Vitality resistance reduced to 10%.
*Added 10% Pierce resist reduction.

Pale Moon:
*Fixed an issue where the Pale Moon debuff wasn’t lasting as long as it should have.
*Lightning Resist debuff reduced to 10%
*Aether Resist debuff added.

Star of Ishtar:
*Proc activation changed to 10% on attack.
*Proc cooldown reduced to 2 seconds.
*Limit of Scimitar Spirits increased to 7. (I think this might be a bit much Roadblock, let me know lol)

*Added 400 HP and 20% vitality resistance.
*Proc changed to 10% when hit.
*Proc cooldown reduced to 12 seconds
*Proc armor bonus increased to 100.

Blood of Ares:
*Proc Activation changed to 10% when hit
*Proc cooldown reduced to 10 seconds.

Talisman of the Jade Emperor:
*Cooldown bonus removed.
*Proc changed to an aura.

Presence of Emperor Mau-D’uyhn (Granted by Item)
Mighty Emperor guides you and your allies in battle.
5 Active Energy Cost per Second
200 Energy Reserved
15 Meter Radius
+15% health
+15% cunning
+2% max pierce and bleed resistance
10% physical resistance
20% reflected damage reduction
20% reduced stun duration
20% Piercing Resistance

Heart of Earth:
*Added +1 to Earth Mastery.
*Proc changed to an aura.

Fireborn Aura (Granted by Item)
Empower yourself and your allies with the power of a molten core.
3 Active Energy Cost per Second
150 Energy Reserved
15 Meter Radius
28-52 Fire Damage
20% Chance of 212 Burn Damage over 2 Seconds
+150% Fire Damage
+150% Burn Damage
30% Fire Resistance
295-414 Fire Retaliation

Elemental Rage:
*Reduced lifesteal to 4%
*Proc activation changed to 10% when hit.
*Added electrocute damage to proc.
*Proc Cooldown reduced to 3 seconds.

Arcane Mirror:
*Proc activation changed to 100% chance on 40% HP.
*Proc duration changed to 3 seconds.
*Proc now also absorbs 100% of damage taken.

Maiden’s Kiss:
*Proc activation changed to 10% on attack
*Proc cooldown changed to 10 seconds.
*Proc dodge and deflect chances reduced to 25%.


Arctic Shell:
*Now affects all allies in a radius.
*No longer has specific pet bonuses (because pets are now affected by the radius)

Arctic Shell - Heart of Frost:
*No longer has specific pet bonuses (because pets are now affected by the radius)

Arctic Shell - Dark Frost:
*Now specifically grants damage conversion to pets.

Storm Nimbus:
*Now affects all allies in a radius.
*No longer has specific pet bonuses (because pets are now affected by the radius)

Storm Nimbus - Electrical Charge:
*No longer has specific pet bonuses (because pets are now affected by the radius)

Storm Nimbus - Aether Nimbus:
*Now specifically grants damage conversion to pets.

Earth Enchantment:
*Fixed an issue where the cost and reserve weren’t scaling past rank 16.

Earth Enchantment - Brimstone:
*Added burn duration per level.

Earth Enchantment - Flames of Tartarus:
*Now specifically grants damage conversion to pets.

Heat Shield:
*Lowered the cooldown from 7 seconds to 5 seconds.
*Increased the duration from 3 seconds to 5 seconds.
*Reduced the strength of the shield slightly.

Heat Shield - Hephaestus’ Anvil:
*Moved the Total Speed aspect of the skill to the “Celestial Power” so that it will always be active once unlocked (like the requirement reduction)
*Added Stun Reduction.

Ring of Flame - Soften Metal:
*OA debuff scaling reduced.

Ring of Flame - Uncontrollable Blaze:
*Replaced with Chaotic Blaze.
*Now instead adds 20% Chaos resist reduction to Ring of Flame.

*Reduced Crit Damage scaling.

Rupture - Cremate:
*Reduced Crit Damage scaling.

Battle Standard:
*Reduced damage absorb scaling from 30/40 to 20/25 at max/ult.

Battle Standard - Glory:
*Reduced Cooldown Reduction to a flat 15%
*Reduced DA to 16 and scaling to 8 per level.

*Reduced Weapon Damage scaling slightly, 26/16 is now down to 167% from 175%.

Onslaught - Ignore Pain:
*Swapped places with Heart of War.

Onslaught - Heart of War:
*Increased % Health Regeneration to closer match the power level of Savagery’s health regen.
*Reduced the value of flat regeneration slightly.
*Swapped places with Ignore Pain.

Dodge Attack:
*Reduced armor modifier by 50%.

Battle Rage - Berserk (Transmuter):
*Now reduces the cooldown of Battle Rage by a flat 2 seconds.

*Removed. Merged the entire skill line into one super skill at tier 9.

NEW SKILL Fury of Ares:
*Exclusive aura.
*Grants increased damage to pierce, bleed, internal trauma, and a chance for massively increased physical damage.
*Grants lifesteal and health regeneration.
*Grants resistance to slow.

Colossus Form:
*Removed energy cost.

Summon Liche:
*Fixed an issue where the ultimate rank was 20 instead of 26.

Summon Outsider:
*Fixed an issue where the ultimate rank was 20 instead of 26.

Boomerang Blades - Caustic Acid:
*Changed armor reduction to flat physical resist reduction for 4 seconds.

Trance of Wrath:
*Fixed an issue where this wasn’t scaling with racial damage.
*Increased the radius to match Aura of Censure.
*Increased the damage substantially to closer match Aura of Censure.
*Added an attack speed reduction of 5-25%. (Applies to enemies in range)
*Added an energy reserve to match Aura of Censure.

Trance of Convalescence:
*Increased Energy Regeneration.
*Added reduced duration of trauma, electrocute, and decay.
*Slightly reduced Damage Absorption.
*Added an energy reserve to match Aura of Conviction. (AOE Exclusives have a cost? Seems to be a rule)

Trance of Empathy:
*Adjusted lifesteal scaling, starts at 1% now but scales to 8% at max (12% at 22/12).
*Retaliation scaling hugely increased.
*Added reflect damage reduction (15% max, 25% 22/12)
*Added 10-30% Energy Absorption.
*Added an energy reserve to match Aura of Conviction. (AOE Exclusives have a cost? Seems to be a rule)

Hopefully that’s everything… As always, backup your saves before you play.

maybe a dumb question but what is ungrim?

Slightly easier version of Grimarillion. Still plenty of increased mobs, more heroes/bosses to fight with.

With Grimarillion you have the base Grimarillion, Grimmer and Grimmest to choose from I believe (not played it much). Ungrim is just ungrim - one version only.

And a new version - nice Asylum101. Will download and install in a bit. :slight_smile:

Great, thank you! :slight_smile: