[REL] Grimarillion v90d

I meant to fix this a while ago but I forgot and only one person has reported it before you, lol…


Updated the map, now the Tomb shows up and has red text like the other roguelikes.

Not sure if the portal issue is fixed but it should be, I don’t have a character to test it with.


Good news Asylum. I’ll try and remember to give it another go when the next update drops - see if it’s fixed.

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I find Elite to be a hell of a challenge if you only have the few shrines in act 1 alone without playing other difficulties. I’ll probably do normal at least to level 15 next time. Starting Elite means you hit level 10 instantly when you pick up the item in the starting area, LOL. I started Ultimate on my first character after Veteran felt easy with my first character. I went back to elite because it was way too much. :slight_smile: It’s great how you can shift between the various difficulties and get the exact challenge you want, always with room to grow at any point if it’s too much. :slight_smile: Sometimes I may want high density insanity in Normal, other times more challenging low density in Elite. This mod is wonderful to experience all these variations.

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I found a wheelbarrow in shattered realm… what can i do with it?


Bonk your enemies

Can’t remove mastery bar points from Defense because the mod thinks I have points in Pulverise, even though I haven’t reached it yet.

Great work as always.

Must be an old character, pulverize was moved up some time ago, just remove the point from pulverize

Nope, a fairly new one actually - started November last year. And iirc it looked like that as soon as I put a point into the second skill at L5.

November isn’t recent… Lol. Like I said, pulverize was moved. Just undo the point from pulverize, you clearly have one invested into it.

●Removed skill disruption.
●Rescaled damage to better match Shattering Smash.
●Replaced internal trauma with pierce damage.
●Removed OA reduction.
●Added physical resistance reduction.
●Moved to tier 8.

I dunno what else to tell you, I cannot reproduce this.

I don’t know either since, if that’s correct this should show 2 points and not the 1 I put into the skill when I reached it.

Anyway moot point now since I’ve passed it. I just happened to want to get a point from the mastery bar to give the whirling shield skill a quick try and couldn’t get one. Had to wait until I levelled up again.

Is there a limit to monster density? I talked to the guy and doubled it like 20 times and I’m seeing 2x maybe 4x density. Attempted many times after restarts and such, any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

You can only double monster density once, heroes however you can increase a few times

That sucks :unamused:. I remember long ago having the Trained Hard trainer and there was a density modifier slider and it would go up to 11 or 12x. I like having huge mobs, as it reminds me of the old days of D2 where I would download the ridiculous density mod and fight through the insane waves with a friend. Is there a way to make it like a standard 12 or even 20x monster density?

My understanding is that increasing it further would not actually result in an increase in spawned mobs. No idea what Trained Hard accomplished there, if anything.

Hey Asylum is there a way to change the doubling code so that it makes it a toggle 20x instead of 2x? Know of a way to do this within Grimarillion?

You will need to change function gd.grimmest.doubleDip( objectId ) in grimmest.lua

If you know how to code in lua, sure there’s probably a way.

I don’t, so I can’t tell you how.

So I extracted the scripts.arc file and found where the multiplier was labeled, funny enough it had ones from x1 to x8 with Grimmest_MLL I just changed everything but Grimmest_Off to x20. I’m very very new to modding GrimDawn and after looking at the forms I cannot find a good tut on recompiling the .arc file. I extracted with ArchiveTool.exe and it looks like Grimarillion is just referring to a scripts.arc inside of the resources folder. Does anyone have a link to a tutorial or know an example command to recompile the extracted scripts back into script.arc?

do we need to have the latest version of GD for the mod version to work?anyone?