[REL] Grimarillion v90d

Uh oh, I made the same mistake as before. :sweat:
That is, I put the files of DLCs in the base.

This time for sure. :+1:

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@Matougi, same issue, Tag not found for mercy wings.

The missing Mercy wings is my fault, I suppose matougi might be able to fix it, not sure. The goal of the last update was to get something playable out asap

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I accessed Angrim / Duncan to check it, but it crashed every time I tried to talk with them, so I couldn’t confirm. Crash occurs with all of my characters. :cold_sweat:

The item is not included in the text of Grimarillion v98, but it was in the latest Diablo III v2.93, so I added it and recreated the file. I could not confirm, but I hope it will be displayed.

EDIT: The item name is not included in the Grimarillion v98’s resource D3 v2.92, so it is not an ASSYLUM101’s mistake.

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Weird, I have no crash with the smiths! Tried on various characters after the update.

Curiously, in my case, as soon as the characters tried to talk to them, the game ended and returned to the desktop. (Vanilla does not have this problem.)

Well, maybe there is something wrong with my play environment. Thanks for your reply.

I have been playing grimarillion for some time now and version 68 since it came out, but yesterday when I would click on the blacksmith in devilscrossing my game would crash to my desktop also my friends game does the same thing and this just started yesterday. If i go back to just normal grim dawn with forgotten gods not using the mod I can click on the blacksmith with no problems at all. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game, and I have tried using different versions of the mod and deleting v68 and reinstalling v68 still crashed me to desktop. No matter what version I use I crash to desktop and when I tried different characters it still crashes to desktop. Only thing I have not tried which I will start on today is making a new character and seeing if it crashes to desktop with him also.


Did you try updating the mod with this hotfix?

@Matougi I hope you have this hotfix too, since it fixes smith crash!

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“Praxidikae” have a “+2 to Tag not Found: Invalid Skill Profile”.


Thanks a lot, and the blacksmith’s crash has been fixed!! :smile:
I completely overlooked the update. :cold_face:

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Hi, can u concider adding this staff with next update?

(Also - great idea was mentioned there - why not to make it medal ilussion :slight_smile: )

Great work keeping the mod going. Dissapointed the balance is all over the place with grimmest and the items/class combos

What’s wrong with grimmest? It works fine, you can edit your own preference in regards of spawns.
The class balance is a lot more tuned towards vanilla than for example what Dail had, so I think they did a decent job in that regard too.

Grimarillion is a compilation mod and as such will never reach “perfect” balance.

Grimmest is intended to ramp up the difficulty by throwing all kinds of hazardous enemies at you, be it hordes or random heroes. Adding to this, Grimmest has multiple levers to allow you to tailor your experience if things are too hard or too easy. If your class causes the game to feel super easy, set grimmest to 11 and crush everything if that’s what it takes to challenge you

Regarding masteries, I cannot control how the masteries (outside of GQ classes) are in terms of power nor can I determine the power level when mixing various classes. I have no intentions of rebalancing all the classes involved in the compilation nor do I have any interest in removing “OP” classes or weak ones. The current roster will stay the same until Grimarillion eventually dies or someone else takes over. Maybe new classes will be added later, maybe not, but nothing is being removed.

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Is there a chance for OMEGA mod to be merged in?

Hey Asylum101,

thx again for keeping your work on grimarillio nup.

Just downloaded the latest version andn oticed, that the Elementalist-Skill “Ice Wall” will not get casted when I press the button. I get the cooldown but the vbisual effect and the cast on screen are missing. Is this know or just special to me?

Greetings NBG

Hey Asylum,
Just have some feedback regarding the Storm class if you’re interested…
Borea’s Swirling Storm doesn’t seem to trigger attached devotions… I’ve tested the regular version (with modifiers) and the transmuter with Elemental Storm and couldn’t get it to work.
Additionally, I was thinking in terms of Legacy of Hades and Wrath of Zeus: instead of having a bland lightning/cold exclusive and then a somewhat less bland converting exclusive (with little utility), why not make both convert damage types?
For example, Wrath of Zeus could center around Lightning, Electrocute, and Aether, with the skill converting Cold to Lightning damage and Vitality to Aether damage. And then maybe throw in some CDR or racial damage/defense. Legacy could then focus on Cold, Frostburn, and Vitality damage, while converting Lightning to Cold damage and Aether to Vitality damage. And then maybe provide either ADCT or disruption protection or racial damage/defense.
I think the above might really expand the usefulness of those exclusives, not only within that mastery, but also with the other vanilla classes.

Every time I try to talk to the blacksmith in Devils Crossing my game crashes it does the same thing for my two friends. Doesnt matter which character we use if you try to talk to the black smith your game will freeze and a second later you will be looking at your desktop. But if you go to homestead you can talk to that blacksmith just fine. V68

You need this hotfix:

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thank you game works fine now!!