[REL] Grimarillion

Oh, boy… awesome

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Any ETA on the v031?

Wonderful! I am waiting very expectantly.
Is renewal of z or y also performed?

Is this compatible with Crucible DLC? :slight_smile: Dail is not, but i’m desperate to try crucible in multiplayer with more masteries and gear options!

No, the Crucible is essentially its own mod and thus all other mods are separate. CrucibleLT, on the other hand, directly changes properties of the Crucible in particular but not the base game.

Modding crucible it’s tricky, so no, it’s not compatible atm, nor in the foreseeable future

What’s the status of this mod? Is the dev still producing updates? Where’s my staff with +10 badassery?

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Great MOD made the game really fun, but I have a problem where the game itself does not save. I wasted 18 hrs of gameplay today just to find out that everything that I did wasnt saved so I am pretty bummed about that. Anybody know why I’m having problems?

Are you using steam cloud save or local save?

How did you guys get this mod: http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=40014 to be working with the latest version of GD?

I would like to run People are Lazy as part of a vanilla playthrough, later playing with the Grimarillion mod.

Are you guys planning to update to include zenith’s Necrotic any time soon ?
I know it just got released just wanted to ask if you plan to implement it.

That’s up to jiaco, but as far as I know he’s working on something atm so it might not be as soon as you’d like.

I believe it is part of the plan to implement it, yes.

But indeed, Grimarillion does have a substantial project in the works, and it’s likely the Necrotic will only find its way into the mod alongside that project (when it’s done). So whether that’s ‘soon’ is up for debate…

Hey, first of all thanks for your hard work and the quality of your mod and its content.

I am currently playing grimarillion & grimarilliony, and i wonder if you planned to release an intermediate version (vanilla and normal xp rate + just extra champion spawns). Imho: the main challenge addition in grimarillion derives from large champion mob clusters, and it could constitute a version for people wanting a funny & rewarding (loot & xp) experience and that can’t afford large unplayable mess when encountering trash mob fields with an ordinary machine :slight_smile:

Thanks for your consideration

It is something we have discussed, but the holidays approach and my mental state degrades exponentially with the proximity of the end of the year. This would be a project for 2017 I suspect.

Yeah, should be trivial and able to be done as soon as I fix Ravna for Grimmest solo mod.

I agree. I have had an idea for a Grimmer where I just retain hero and boss encounters from Grimmest and leave the fodder alone. I need to make and test this, but it seems like a reasonable middle ground for people not playing on workstations.

Alright, RL has me depressed to the point of worthlessness. I will shoot for Grimmest v1.0 and Grimarillion v0.3.1 before the Thanksgiving weekend (read:SPOON). However, v0.3.1 will just be a Zenith update, with little else (afaik atm). The new items, which are coming along nicely now, will be pushed back to a later release (v0.3.2?) once Ceno and Asylum have had time to polish the new loot.

this “intermediate” version would be great, extra monsters spawns is ok, but that low xp rate is so boring, made me give up playing it

You can do it! Your hard work is very much appreciated, so hang in there Jiaco!

Low xp rate?

Merged in the new Zenith class. Treat this build as experimental for ~24 hours, I will start testing in a bit, but as of now, I just know there are no glaring issues. There is always a risk of things going horribly wrong merging mods however.


Calling this v0.3.1. Might keep your v0.3.0 in backup just in case. But if you cannot wait to try the Necrotic class, it is in Grimarillion v031.

So far, Necrotic is missing the Mastery text on the selection screen, I have fixed that. There are still missing images for Riftstalker and Necrotic. They will come eventually. Also, Reaper’s Glare will not work with Staff/Spear atm. We are looking into this. But so far, so good. Another mastery in Grimarillion. Thanks be to Ceno.

Coming soon: v031 will move to stable and a new v032 experimental will be out with the latest work from Asylum. All these new items may or may not make v032, we will see. If not, there is always v033.

Even bigger news is we have “officially” invited a new member to the team. Kathanious has been with us on discord now for awhile. He started actually working on Grimarillion by helping me with the Nexus pages. What does the future has in store for him? Not a clue. But I am happy to have him and his enthusiasm on board. One thing is certain. We will get DAIL and Grimarillion in sync with respect to Grimmest and a future Grimmer mode that we are planning.