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Attention: for the most up to date Grimarillion, please see this thread maintained by Asylum


Update 07.07.18 60b (v60 required)

ungrim 60b (v60 required)

Update 06.07.18 60a

ungrim 60a

Update 60

ungrim 60

Update 26.05.18 59b

ungrim 59b

Earlier versions can be found here:

[spoiler]Update 20.05.18


Update 15.05.2018
Grimarillion v59:

Ungrim v59:

And latest changes to Grim Quest (1.50)

Herbal Remedy:
+Radius increased to 20m.
+Duration flattened to 30 seconds.
+Cooldown bumped up to 15 seconds. (these changes keep it similar in power to skills like BoD)
+Fixed an issue where the skill didn’t have +10 ultimate skill cap.
-Regeneration rescaled. Ultimate level was already at 160 regen before I upped the skill cap, I just rescaled the levels.
+Added Bleeding duration reduction.
-Removed Damage Absorb for poison damage, both flat and percent.

Drain Life - Grasping Dead:
-Removed damage modifier.
+Added additional flat damage and resist reduction.

-Reduced % Damage Absorb.
-Removed flat health regeneration.
-Health regeneration modifier reduced.
-Energy cost reduction reduced.

*Added movement speed slow (25-50%)
*Targeting system updated.

Plague - Fatigue:
-Removed %Health reduction.
-Replaced Total Speed with Attack Speed/Cast Speed slow.
-Target damage reduction reduced, duration of reduction reduced to 1 second (will continue to linger while Plague is in effect, but now ends 1 second after plague’s duration runs out rather than 3 seconds later)

Plague - Susceptibility:
-Reduced Physical resist reduction by 10% at ultimate rank, other ranks adjusted.

*Poof no longer scales with player level, instead it scales with summon rank.

Sprites - Fabrical Tear:
*Removed %Weapon Damage. (has no real effect on sprites, it was leftover from when this modifier scaled on player dmg)

Sylvan Nymph:
*Fixed an issue preventing the nymph from scaling past rank 20.

Sylvan Nymph - Nature’s Wrath:
*Changed to an attack modifier. Now converts the damage dealt from the Nymph’s basic attacks from physical/pierce to 10-35% elemental/acid. Also modifies the damage dealt from acid/elemental sources.
-Reduced the base aoe and pierce chance since this is now an “always active” attack…

-Removed. Skill has been incorporated into the Kodama.

+Moved to Tier 1.
+Now has the Regrowth skill built in. The Kodama will cast it as frequently as possible (with 1 second minimum cooldown), provided it has mana to cast. The cost is 100 energy, the Kodama has 100 energy, and it takes 8 seconds for the Kodama to regen the mana to cast it again.
-Vengeance of the Kodama debuff had it’s health reduction removed and the OA debuff has been changed from a large % reduction to a smaller, flat reduction similar to Veil of Shadows.

Accelerated Growth:
*Reworked, now grants the Kodama %Increased energy regeneration so that it may cast regrowth faster. In addition it will trigger an AOE regeneration when the Kodama heals.

-Added a cooldown since it’s now a skill for the Kodama rather than a modifier to Regrowth. The Kodama will recast it every 14 seconds, the duration will be 4 seconds, and the radius will be 4m around the Kodama.
-Reduced shield amount.

Force of Nature:
-Duration reduced to a flat 20 seconds across all levels.
+Cooldown reduced to a flat 40 seconds across all levels.
+Stomp skill damage changed, no longer has %HP reduction, but the base damage of the stomp has been increased to be 130% of the normal attack’s strength. Also added a movement slow effect for 5 seconds
-Armor reduction removed from the normal attack.
-Root debuff skill reworked. Rather than being a constant, unending immobilize effect and OA/DA debuff for the entire duration of Force of Nature, instead now the tree-thing will stomp the ground, sending out roots in every direction. If these roots hit an enemy, it will trigger the root debuff, entrapping enemies for the duration of the debuff (which should be about 3 seconds now) reducing OA/DA by a flat amount (instead of a high % amount) for the duration as well.

Heat Shield:
*Now activates passively when hit.
-Duration is 3 seconds, has a 7 second cooldown.
+Reduces damage taken for the duration by a flat amount from all sources instead of just fire/pierce/chaos.
-Fire/physical damage resistance modifier removed.
-Retaliation modifier moved to Earth Attunement.

Heat Shield - Earth Attunement:
+Now has 10-85% to all Retaliation damage.

Storm Nimbus - Electrical Conduit:
+Flat Retaliation Damage rescaled, now scales to much higher values.

Arctic Shell - Heart of Frost:
+Flat Retaliation Damage rescaled, now scales to much higher values.

Energy Shield:
*Now activates passively when hit.
*Duration is as long as the shield stands. When the shield breaks there is a 20 second cooldown.
+Shield absorbs 200-2500 damage from all sources.
-Cold/Lightning resistance modifier removed.
+Now grants 8-125% elemental resistance.
+Max resistance increased by 3-8% to all sources.

*Adjusted devotions to values.

*Fixed an issue with cannibals missing animations for spears.
*Fixed an issue where hero orbs had an extra chance to drop spears/staves

*Loot tables which contain spears/staves have had quite a bit of work done to them, this is all mostly internal but you may or may not have lost some items if you were using any of these. Sorry! Back up your characters if you have any GQ specific items.
*Many new recipes for Pelanis, the Satyr. All of these new recipes are intended to give the player options for +skills on random gear. The gear may be too strong, maybe too weak. It’s really only intended as a placeholder or leveling gear, I haven’t had much time to actually test it’s efficiency but it should be helpful.
Some things to note with these recipes:
*There is quite alot of RNG involved, so bring lots of scrap and iron.
*Certain items will only have certain types of affix ranges. Staves can reach +3 to [mastery] skills, rings, belts, medals, and chest armors can only reach +1. Helmets, amulets, offhands, and implements can reach up to +2.
*Hybrid affixes will provide +1 to [mastery1] and +1 to [mastery2], this is an absurd amount of RNG and is kind of rare, but it should provide players with something to throw money at. Crafting == Gambling These hybrid affixes might be the weakest of the bunch that I’ve added seeing as they only add mastery skill bonuses, but I may consider buffing them, not sure. These hybrid affixes are only available on offhands, medals, chest pieces, and belts.

Eye of the Heavens:
*Fixed an issue with this artifact preventing it from being cast.
*Removed the chance for fumble and instead gave it 33% chance to freeze for 1-2 seconds.
*Autocasts on attack now.
*Added staff/spear weapon qualifiers to all AOM Seal components.[/spoiler]

and also see here for current hotfix:


adoomgod, ASYLUM101, Ceno, Elfe, Gimer, tt300and jiaco have combined their efforts to bring to you Grimarillion, the Union of Cornucopia, Grim Quest, Zenith, Diablo3Grimmest, Autopickup (also known as the “People are Lazy” mod), Reskilland Stashermods. Kathanious probably would try to do more if we let him and thanks go to Matougi for translation work and feedback.


What this means precisely is that we start with Cornucopia, which includes a myriad of modifications of the base (aka vanilla) game. Add in the additional Masteries from Grim Quest (Titan Quest/Soulvizier Masteries) and Zenith (a future, stand-alone complete game modification). Then we also add in the enhanced spawns from Grimmest and the ability to Autopickup components and crafting materials (PeopleAreLazy). Ceno’s Reskill and Reforge mods are also included and there is an optional ‘S’ version with tt300’s Stasher mod. Together, we have a small collection of mods all integrated into a single mod. Each individual mod is 99.99% preserved. All save games made in Grimarillion should remain future compatible. If you want to play Cornucopia + Grimmest, you can play Grimarillion. If you want to play GrimQuest + Grimmest, you can play Grimarillion. If you want to play Zenith + Grimmest, you can play Grimarillion. You do not need all these mods separately. Just download and play Grimarillion, and we will keep this union-mod updated as the individual pieces get released.

(Thanks to Asylum for both the artwork, the dbr-wiring and the gif of mastery selection)


Version 0.5.5

(0.5.5S - With Stasher but READ THE WARNING)

Stasher WARNING:
If you have low resolutions, you might not be able to see the entire stash. If you use the stasher mod and place items in the larger UI geometry, and then attempt to use this stash without the stasher mod, you will loose the items. IT IS POSSIBLE TO LOOSE YOUR STUFF IF YOU MESS UP. There will be a period of time after game updates where you might not be able to access your stash as you wait for the mod to update.

First major change is Ceno’s Reskill (vanilla) has been integrated. Hopefully, v056 will have the Reskill mod based on Cornucopia.
Additionally, spears and staffs have had their attribute requirements removed, to correspond to Cornucopia changes for the rest of the items.
I did not however, adjust ZE and GQ legendaries from 50 to 65, at least not for this version.
I also implemented a single Grimmest 2.0 encounter for testing. For anyone curious, go see Ravna. I suspect that this might be well and borked in MP (but I know how to fix that and will for next version).

Previous versions below (just in case, you should normally want the latest version above):
Version 054


Extract the .7z archive somewhere. This will normally result in the following subfolder structure:


Move or copy the grimarillion folder, without the _version, contained within to the ‘mods’ folder. Go ahead and create this folder first if it does not already exist in the installation directory for Grim Dawn.
For Steam the results should look like:

Steam/steamapps/common/Grim Dawn/mods/grimarillion/database
Steam/steamapps/common/Grim Dawn/mods/grimarillion/resources

When in game, and selecting from the Custom maps menu, if you do not see “grimarillion ~ World001.map” then something is not right, no need to play until you see “grimarillion ~ World001.map”.

Hopefully this animated gif can help if you are not sure or have problems:

  • Slightly-tested version, less Grim, no -est. Just -y.

We do not expect them because we do this for our own enjoyment. Each modder may or may not have a paypal link on their individual mod’s thread. If you want to donate, feel free to check the above links for each modder.

For those that have donated, THANK YOU. I never knew how good it would feel until it happened.

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First of all, I would like to thank my collaborators in this project. adoomgod, ASYLUM101, Ceno and Elfe have taught me a lot about the game and helped me at every step of the way to make this a reality and I am grateful not only for their participation, but also their willingness to teach me stuff (and I can be a total idiot at times, so their patience as well).

Second of all, I want to thank the playtesters. Depravities has given considerable amounts of testing time and feedback/bug reports that have enabled this to be released on time. In addition, Gibly as well as some viewers on Depravities channel (chrimzen_ and Vaalgard) who were willing to take a risk and play the unfinished version of the mod. Currently, ZokutaiZ has been helping testing of releases. Check out his twitch channel here: https://www.twitch.tv/zokutaiz

Finally, thanks to mamba for his GDStash tool which can aid you in bringing your stash into this mod, even though, you should really start fresh. See below for details.

Important differences to note between Grimarillion and the individual mods:

At this point in time, Grimarillion might be a bit more advanced than the individual mods. Specifically, Grim Quest in Grimarillion has been given a lot of attention by Asylum to buff early skill power (needed due to Grimmest) and get all the art and assets done so that Grimarillion could release with minimal bugs. I am sure he plans to put these changes back into Grim Quest in some way, but if you played Titan Quest masteries before, you should check them out again.

In addition, instead of making a new Grimmer, we decided to nerf Grimmest in the early areas. I tried to hit every proxy pool before the village with level limits so that a new toon can start out in Grimmer or Grimmest and have time to acquire the skills and gear needed to face the challenge ahead. Someday, when I sleep again and can face building another mod, I will put these changes into Grimmest v0.8. But for now, if you fear Grimmest, take a chance, it should be far easier to get some levels and gear to make your toon better prepared for the challenges ahead. Also, if you did not know this, Grimmer is the “Normal” setting and Grimmest is “Veteran”, so you can start in Normal/Grimmer if you want to tone down the spawns a bit throughout the first play through.

A final note on stash/recipes and transferring of existing toons:

This mod has forwards compatibility but was never designed to be backwards compatible. If you try to force it and get somewhere, then so be it. If you fail, I do not really want to hear about it. Let go of your horde of gear, let go of your level 85 toons, and be ready to be happy again when you see a recipe drop. THIS MOD IS INTENDED TO BE ENJOYED WITH A NEW TOON. With Grimmest, you will not only find everything again, but you will find it over and over again. Just pick one up if you need it, otherwise sell it or leave it on the ground. You will find it again and it is (IMO) much more fun to find it off a corpse than in your stash/mules/stash-manager-program-of-choice. If you disagree, then that is your choice, I can only proffer the recommendation.

Reserved because I can. Also, Ceno and I have no plans to accept donations at this time (subject to change ofc), but this may not be so for the other modders in the group. Please do support them if interested.

tt300 has just reached out to me about his stasher mod.

I make no promises, but will look into creating a manual patch that people can apply to include that as soon as I can.

Gorgeous. I can vouch for this a hundred percent. All hail GUNC.

Edit: I have tested retroactive compatibility of “vanilla” characters, if you port them to Grimarillion, and they seem to work. For the most part.

Using “vanilla” characters in Grimarillion
If you intend to transfer a character from “vanilla” to Grimarillion, please visit Sahdina in Devil’s Crossing and make sure you refund all of your skill points and all of your devotion points. Iron costs should not be an issue. You will need a bunch of aether crystals though.

The reason is the changes brought in by Cornucopia. Some devotion constellation requirements have been tweaked (for the better) and some skills have been again polished/redone, so resetting these two elements of your character progression should be enough to use an “old” character in Grimarillion.

Transfering your crafting blueprints
I can confirm that transferring over formulas.gsh/gst doesn’t work. You will need to refarm them. My advice is to make a throwaway “transfer character”, craft an item you have a blueprint for in vanilla and then reload this “transfer character” in Grimarillion. And throw the crafted item in your bank.

This might not be the cleanest of solutions, but let’s be honest, crafting those rare legendary items or relics doesn’t really happen that often. And you will eventually relearn them in Grimarillion anyways.

Hope this helps, yolo.

[i]And something very important: I completely agree with Jiaco’s sentiment about being extremely cautious about this transfer malarkey. It is just that. Nonsense. You can refarm items and/or blueprints easily in Grimarillion. And I advise you to do so. Starting fresh is a new experience and is enjoyable for exactly that reason. Don’t suck on old nipples. Be a newborn again.

I only gave you tips in regards to reusing old “progress” just because some of you, for one reason or another, like to do so. But be warned, please.[/i]

Amazing. Superb. Will definitely try it out.:smiley:

Definitely looks like something which will hold attention for a long time to come.:wink:

Wow I’m really hyped by this mod, it seems amazing.

I definitely plan to use this mod for a long time.

By the way, do you plan to use the ARZballer tool to make it compatible with the crucible in the future ?

Thanks for the mod anyway, I can’t wait to try it.

I do not need arzBaller for Crucible compatibility. I need to just replace the main game files with the mod. But that will take more time…

Imagine a single story hotel with an unused central area and various suites attached. The suites represent the mods in Grimarillion. We just renovated the lobby and knocked down the adjacent walls of the suites to put Grimarillion in the middle. But each mod, while perfect on the outside had things lurking in the closets and under the rug. Now all that cruft is also under a larger rug in the lobby. We need to totally clean the hotel before we can imagine putting it on top of the the rest of the hotel safely. A merge with the main game represents a signifigant challenge for the future.

I’m still in awe of this metaphor. I’m sure there isn’t too much shit under that rug.

Edit: And Jiaco thanks for the acknowledgment. Always a pleasure. You guys have been fantastic. From the first to the last one.

Hehe okay, thanks for the explanation, I don’t know much about modding in general, but I was curious since I thought you made the tool to allow modders to merde mods & the crucible so I was wondering if you were planning to make it compatible in the future.
No big deal though, I understand that it’s a huge mod and that it will take time.

Support new grimarillion. :slight_smile:

Hi (again), noticed a lil’ bug.

Some components seems to be bugged at the merchant (as seen in the screenshot below). When I buy these components, they do not appear on my inventory, and when I sell components that I took from monsters, they appear properly in the merchant inventory.

I don’t know if you are already aware of it or not, but I’ll report the bugs I notice anyway if you don’t mind.

Can confirm. Jiaco this was fixed in 0.0.7 I’m sure. Unless I’m blind.

I noticed that I can’t actually play any of the custom masteries, when i click to select terror knight for example the mastery screen is black, i’ve tried to install the Zenith mod by its own - same thing happens. What am i missing?

hey guys. i have ALOT of mods installed and was wondering if there is a safe way or a specific way i should remove/uninstall them. I have installed Grimarillionand cant see any of the changes made…no classes apart from the standard campaign classes. just wondering if i messed this up or if another mod is conflicting with this 1.

Where have you installed the mods?..

Mods should be installed in the grim dawn/mods/ directory, there is no possible way for mods to conflict unless you have modified the main game somehow, even then I believe it would work.

I installed it to my mods folder in GD. but for some reason it just wont apply the mod…its just like playing the normal campaign.

Fixed the vendor trying to sell autopickup magic and put Champion Courage skill to tier 8.

Check the OP for more detailed install instructions.

v0.1.0b will be up in about 30 minutes…any other bugs?

I’ve been on this badboy for at least 5 hours and haven’t found any. Looks chiselled as a sixpack.

The only other “bug” i found after playing a few hours with a new tool was that in the Champion skills, the skill Courage is located as if it can be unlocked after 40 levels when it actually requires 50 levels to unlock.