[REL] Grimarillion

got it fixed. sorry for the inconvenience. guess i missed the first step and was unzipping the first folder to my mods folder. working now. thanx again guys. i have played all your mods so far and have enjoyed them.

I didn’t notice anything else, everything seems to work fine. The mod is really enjoyable so far.

v0.1.0b is up and there is a smaller download for those that understand what it means to just swap the arz.

the skill conquer icon is super small thumbnail and only fills the top left corner of the hotbar button. Notice my right mouse button.

Devs please, if you don’t mind, could you share the difference between Grimmer/Grimmest/El Grimmest/Ul Grimmest please ? I saw some insane percentages during the loading screen but wasn’t able to see clearly.

Sorry, but that is meant to be humor…check out the rest of the loading tips, not really tips at all. Resistance reduction is same as normal game.

No need to be sorry, as I said I didn’t see clearly so I thought that it was for perfect end gear or insane players. Thanks for answering anyway.

I don’t know if it’s intentional or a bug but i found zombie hero monsters in which one of them was named “THIS_HERO_HAS_NO_NAME” or something like that and the other one was the size of a mouse (barely visible) and did no damage at all. More hero spoils for me hehe.

Originally, I planned to add more monsters…then, I dunno what happened, but I did not pursue it. The second one, the “mouse”, is Depravities…who is infamous for streaming ~1000 hours of GD on twitch. He should be the only enemy in Grimmest that can still spam the OP version of Gastris the Foul’s poison cloud skill.

Maybe someday I will name more monsters.

I killed some heroes in The Burial Cave at character level 14, this included Depravities (yup, size of mouse with OP poison cloud). Rewarded with a couple of level ~40 pieces of loot. Some recipe and Crystal Ring.

I don’t know if Depravities was the one that dropped the high level loot since there were a bunch of dudes.

It says the checkerboard was a searing ember, just for shits and giggles i tried buying it and all that happened was I lost iron :slight_smile:

You sure you have v0.1.0b ?

I was surprised to only find one merchant loottable dbr…so maybe there is another one, but others reported that v0.1.0b fixed this. So please confirm you have the latest version installed.

Possibly some remnant testing changes, not sure though.

Yeah. I like wearing the Time-flux band ring. On my finger. Also elsewhere.

You and one other person in the history of ever have experienced this bug with the TK. No idea what to make of it. Try verifying the integrity of the game via steam or reinstalling if using GoG.

Hi everyone, i dont know if its a placeholder name or not but im playing a Nightblade-Outrider and the name of the class is NightbladeOutrider… inteneded ?


If it wasn’t intended the text would be this: " "

Here’s a little teaser of all the class tag’s I’ve worked on. Everything in red is new. Some replace old tags to remove redundancies, or move tags to where I feel they fit even better than they originally did.

Feedback is welcome and the following is totally just something I rushed on so we could have no more “tag not founds” ASAP, and has much room for improvement. Also the reason I cut it off at “Shaman” is because everything from the left of that column is the same as vanilla.

Thanks again to adoomgod for getting this mass of tags ready for release.

For posts that merely want to suggest changes to Mastery Combo names, lets keep that discussion here: