[REL] JMD's UI Collection

These mods are outdated and are no longer supported as of Jul 2019.

For those interested in changing the default user interface, here is some info about the ui mods below.

  • They’ve been created to work with the “Ashes of Malmouth” expansion. Use without the expansion is not recommended.

  • Installation is easy. Just extract the zip file to your “Settings” directory.

Oak UI 2

Download removed

Image removed


  • Release

Oak UI

Download removed

Image removed


  • Added the quest reward window.


  • Release

Glad to see you are still at it JMD. I remember your UI mods from TQ. Great work!

Thank you, jiaco!

Added the quest reward window.

I like this oak theme. Thanks a lot!

Thank you and you’re welcome, GlockenGerda!

Added a second version of the Oak UI.

Man just found this, looks amazing thanks

Thank you and you’re welcome, Darkstalix!