relatively old man, new game

another lover of Diablo 2 and Titan Quest…

i´ll get straight to business with the feedback…i´m hoping you will recapture the atmosphere, the vistas and the ambient music and keep the action -ragdoll-physique of enemies for instance \m/…
got over here, having just looked at the latest video via ign and i guess it was a rough, early taste of the gameplay? i think personally it looked a bit busy… but
it had maturer monsters and i liked that field-environment.

and it´d be nice if you kept a type of defender-class, loved that mastery, with the skills like shield-smash and pulverize.
Brigand bower was another favourite.

Hi hedonismbot,

Feedback for the Occultist video:

I think the Combat mastery (single class: Soldier) is for you then … welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Hey hedonismbot,

Welcome aboard and enjoy your stay!

Good to see so many newcomers after the Kickstarter boom. =)

yes irs good to see more new comers coming in

Aaah Shield smash! such a great skill i still remember throwing back hordes of enemy’s with a single shield :stuck_out_tongue:

hello and welcome to the forums! hope you enjoy your stay here:D!

Hello there, welcome to Grim Dawn family. :smiley:

Hi hedonismbot

Welcome! Yeah, it seems a lot of people loved the defense mastery. We’ll definitely add something like that. Soldier is already sort of a mix of warfare / defense but in the future I’d like to have an even more defense / shield focused class. DUAL SHIELD WIELDING?!!

Only if we can play as a Dwarf and wear a pavise shield as armor.

And hi hedonismbot.

Yes! I was disappointed when I couldn’t in Skyrim so make a dream come true. In an expansion of course, game first.