Reliable Crucible farmer in AoM with minimal gear requirements?

Hey everyone,

So I’ve leveled my pet Cabalist and Pyromancer to 100 and, while they are able to clear Challenger Crucible relatively easily, they require much better gear to be able to do Gladiator Crucible reliably and quickly.

Are there any builds post-AoM that require minimal gear and can reliably clear Gladiator Crucible for gearing purposes? A “beginner” build? Haven’t really seen any around these past few weeks but maybe I’m not looking hard enough?

Thanks for the help!

Depends on how you define “beginners” gears. If by beginner you mean all purple/blue with no bullshit MIs then I suggest SnB witchblade, works everytime.
Otherwise, I think you can’t just faceroll Gladiator with random gear, I mean many builds with BIS everywhere strugglw to do so. Just do Challenger instead, that was what I do when AoM first came out, now I have 4 Gladiator farmers with full Mythical gear despite not playing too much, like 2 hours everynight.

Any builds you would recommend for Challenger? While my Pyro and Cabalist can do it, they also can get one-shot from an unlucky mob as they’re both casters which makes them unreliable.

SnB Witchblade, works everytime. Or any DOT build.
Also get Seal of Blades and bind your stuff on it for much faster clear time before they get fixed.

This is what I’m aiming for before gear bonuses:

A SnB Bleed Witchblade based on

Krieg set is easy to farm

I don’t have very good gear stores, although they are getting better now, but I found this to be fairly easy through Challenger at least. I haven’t tried it in Gladiator yet.

can u link or suggest a good snb witchblade? im looking for the same thing as OP

I haven’t tried that build but Overguard is always much better than Shield Traning for survival, consider getting it to 12/12 or 10/12 first.

This is my current guy. take about 4min to clear 140-150 Gladiator, about 5min with extra spawns. What I like about physical WB is that you don’t need any of those green stuff.
If you haven’t got Warborn or Markovian then try to get Krieg set as Dekaron suggested, it works well for Physical build and is absolute insane if you go Aether.