Removal of toggled skills/buffs by certain enemies

Some type of enemies have the ability to remove all of your toggled skills/buffs.
This is very annoying because most of the time these skills are on the 2nd skillbar (because you don’t have any spots left on the 1st bar) and when you are in the middle of a big fight trying to turn on these skills is frustrating.

You can make the argument: why try to turn them back on while you are in a fight and just finish the fight without those skills. Well for some class combinations it’s a big chunk in their survivabilty and/or damage output.

Maybe a solution is to make this debuff time based? You loose these skills for about 5 seconds and than you will get them back automatically.

I like to hear your opinions about this. Have a nice day!

It’d be too much of fucking for a too small effect. They’d probably have to remake all buffs to have a variable that makes “silences” them for a duration, or they’d need to make a script (well both ideas require an additional script) that turns your buffs off and then searches through the database to know which buffs your character has and apply them again. There might be another option, but in any way, it’s too much work.

It would be a nice solution. At the moment the only thing these toggled skill removers add is a bit of hassle - if you noticed them.

A similar issue is disabling toggled skills upon weapon swap - would be much more convenient if they are enabled again automatically upon swapping back. Maybe there is a common technical solution to the both issues.

If it doesn’t take too much resource, sure go for it…

but if it takes extra effort just to make this happen, then no. I’d rather they spend the effort somewhere else.

The odds to encounter Arcane champions is not that high, and sometimes the champions would die even before they could cast the dispel. The other instant dispel comes from Loximere, which we would be expecting anyway because he always spawns in the same place.

Grav’thul has a casting action, which makes his dispel very easy to dodge.

I can’t think of any other monsters that could cast dispel.

In other words, “learn all the monster abilities to enjoy the game” :). Exaggerating, of course, but sometimes signs of such an approach are noticeable in the game.

Thank you for giving the list of dispellers. Now I know why I die.