Remove +1 to all frome Arcane wastes


Some of my builds don’t use seals in main hand/off hand that give auras. Which opens the possibility of using Obliteration as a filler spell - with Tome of Arcane wastes on weapon switch.
Even in those rare cases, it’s still not possible because the Tome gives +1 to all skills.
This causes all pseudo pets to be unsummoned after switching to the tome.
Downgrading the item could be beneficial here.
What you think?

there is no point in doing weapon switch in GD

and basically nerf every other build that uses the offhand, for the extreme niche and unproductive use of weapon switch, no thanks ?


No, thank you.

That is your problem. Don’t make it everyone else’s.


Tome of Arcane Wastes is already pretty exotic, since most of the builds already have better choice with skill mods and procs or even set items. It’s basically if you want to spam the granted skill (which is without WD or in-built life steal btw) or use it for +1 all skills, which is fairly important on certain builds.

Since snapshotting was removed from game, you’ll resummon pets or pseudo pets by switching weapons. The thing is unlike other games, I don’t think in GD is considered major part of the gameplay and it’s not considered in balancing part of the game.


Well as you say the item is pretty niche. I was just thinking if people could benefit more from it when using it on switch. Would contribute in switch being an actual thing. Never thought, or saw people using it only for the +1. Real off hands are always better imo. But if I understand Nery right, switching will always unsummon, no matter what? Can’t test it right now. But if so, my suggestion is obsolete ofc.

No, I didn’t mean switching weapons as function will resummon your pets or pseudo pets. But switching every piece of gear with +skills to your pet mastery or +bonus skills. For instance if you play Blade Spirits build and switch your weapon +1 Nightblade, it will have the same effect as switching Arcane Tome, it will remove your pets. But doesn’t mean the problem lies with +skills to Nightblade mastery or other class.

The thing is if pets wouldn’t resummon, it will be exploit of these mechanics even if that’s not your intention, which I am sure of.

This was an exploit that Crate chose to close some time ago, hence when you do remove a skill point from a pet - however it’s done - then it will vanish and need to be resummoned.

Sure. That’s my whole point in asking if removing the +1 on the item could contribute to its benefit, when using as a switch weapon. No unsummoning, hooray filler spell, proper off hand on the 1st slot.

Let’s remove all skillpoint bonuses then, because it can interfere with %build_name%.

No? It’s only a thing with +1 to all and it might (!) only be beneficial with that specific item.

Or learn how to make a decent build?

To quote @Gnomish_Inquisition,

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Dear Maya. No need for insults. My aim is to make weapon switch more usable. Your answers seem to be driven by the fear that my suggestion will be implemented by crate. Hey, it seems unpopular anyway. It was just a suggestion after all.


Asking for +1 to all skills, one of the most sought after stats in the game, to be removed for something as specific as not wanting for pets to be unsummoned when using weapon swap is one of the oddest suggestions i ever seen.


Not an insult, but a genuine suggestion.

The only issue I am seeing here is that your build can’t use the item due to its +1 to skills.

Meaning, the only problem here is with your build and that is what needs to be changed, not the item.

XD OK ok. I take it as a compliment.

Well, isn’t that the argument for every claim for a buff or nerf?
I rly haven’t seen the Tome in that many builds around here. That’s why I thought my suggestion might not hurt too much.


Buffs and Nerfs aren’t based around whether or not a single person is able to make a single mediocre build work or not.

the bigger question for me is how you even manage to do a build with no aura/buff or filler skill component :thinking:
also doesn’t avoid the problem if you have a +1 mastery or general skill on either of you hand slots when you’d switch away from obliteration again

Dear Maya. I myself do not even refer to a specific build of mine. Would you please stop implying that I am building mediocre builds?

I am not implying anything.

If a build relies on item switching and needs an entire item to be changed for it to function properly, it is simply a poorly made build and the fault lies only on itself.