Remove "items shown items hidden"

For the love of god how do I remove the “ITEMS SHOWN ITEMS HIDDEN” text from appearing every time I press alt to hide/show the items on the ground. Every other arpg does this without some stupid annoying notification in the middle of my screen.

I’ve tried messing with all the settings I can think and I don’t know what to do

0 notification msg in my game, regardless which setting i try to enable, or which of the show all item buttons i use
you using some mod/tool like Grim Internals ?

This is not a bug, you are pressing the filter to toggle all items on or off. What are you trying to do exactly?

There’s other keybinds to show items on the ground temporarily.

I figured out my problem I think. All I was trying to do was show/hide items without a notification popping up every time. The only solution I found was to uncheck everything in the filter list and then notifications went away when I would toggle after that.

use the right show items button
Zantai even said this himself

There’s other keybinds to show items on the ground temporarily.

you have a keybind option called “show items” - use that

red is what you’re using, it gives the notification, green is what you “should” be using/wont give any notification

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