Remove the Physical to Vitality conversion on Will of the Crypt

It would be great to attempt a Skeletons build that focuses on Elemental damage, but the higher you invest in Will of the Crypt to get the juicy %Elemental Damage, the more Physical damage is converted into Vitality, neutering the possible Elemental damage of which you can take advantage. It is already possible to convert all Physical damage to Vitality by taking the Lost Souls set + Master of Death + the pet gloves that convert Physical to Vitality, so Vitality builds should be untouched by removing the conversion in Will of the Crypt.

Thanks to the Bysmiel Set pieces and a few other items like Mythical Whispers of the Dead, you can convert nearly all Vitality damage to Elemental, as well as a good amount of Physical and Acid damage as well. One day, it would be nice to make a Skeletons Apostate that maxes out Vigor, Steel Resolve, and Aura of Censure, as Skeletons greatly benefit from the flat health Vigor brings. However, the items that support Inquisitor skills give nothing to pets, despite the fact that people have made Deceiver pet builds work before.

On a similar note, Bysmiel’s Trinkets Set, outside of the amulet piece, gives nearly nothing to Shamans and Necromancers. Bonuses to Call of the Grave are not very useful, as there’s no Elemental damage bonuses, and without extended duration, there’s no way to keep it up consistently. Giving Elemental RR to Ill Omen as a amulet modifier and remaking the necro side so that perhaps it benefits Skeletons as they have Elemental damage baked into Will of the Crypt can make the set more useful for Necros. As for Shamans, all the set gives is Emboldening Presence, which is basically free skill points and nothing else as Conjurers can do fine without the extra OA or Physical resistance that comes with overcapping the skill. Extra flat damage to Mogdrogen’s Pact, points to Raging Tempest so you can overcap that and get the 10% extra RR, that would at least make the set more interesting for other classes.

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+1 to this. I have wondered for a long time the overwhelming love for %vitality conversion for pets, it feels like all other damage types have been forgotten more or less. I suppose from ele dmg atleast ligthning is fully supported, with good itemization.

It would be cool to see more support for following pet types:

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+1 to the topic.

And +1 to more love for Physical and Cold. Aether has Diviner which does 100% Cold->Aether which is pretty strong but I wouldn’t complain at a little more.

I want to see conversion added to the Raise Skeletons Conduit and a different damage type conversion than Lightning for the Briarthorn and Vitality for the Blight Fiend ones for some underrepresented pet damage types.

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