Removing long strings of structures (in this case in progress to build) takes forever

So, I accidentally placed a bunch of fencing instead of roads. When I realized this, I went to cancel all of the building. To my dismay, 1) you cannot select more than one building that is queued for production, 2) pressing delete on a highlighted structure does not bring up the prompt to cancel or demolish, that requires a mouse click, and 3) after you bring up the prompt you cannot press enter to confirm.

Ideally you could drag-select all of a certain type of building (keeping completed separate from in queue), then press delete, then enter and voila.

Example, in Age of Empires, although it does not ask for confirm, you can hold delete key and it will cycle through deleting everything selected one by one.

You can use the wall tool to do exactly that.

Press “X” key :slight_smile: