Reoccuring Error Messages and Game Freeze

Not sure if I am reporting this properly or attaching the correct files, so please let me know if I am missing anything. I am using v 9.1a - I was using the Beta version but not sure if that’s still relevant.

Several times over the past few weeks while playing I’ll receive an error message and all activity in the city will freeze. For example, time will still progress but traveling merchants will not leave and I can’t access the market, and all the other towns people will freeze in place. The error message tells me to send error files to you. This morning while loading the most recent city with a freeze error the game crashed totally.

I am linking a Zip file that includes the most recent Save of this town and the DXDiag - as your instructions suggest. There are a lot of TEMP files created with 0KB so I don’t think they will help - again let me know if there’s something more I can send to assist and where I might find them.

The file size is too large to attach here, so as suggested I am linking to my Google Driver folder found here: FF Tech Support - Google Drive

Could we please see the log that was generated by that error message? Thanks!

Sure - how do I find that log? I attempted to locate it before I reported the issue and wasn’t able to easily identify anything that looked like a log.

I"ve added three text files that might be what you’re looking for - but there’s nothing to indicate what they are and I’m not familiar with this sort of thing. Same Google Drive folder as above - FF Tech Support - Google Drive

ErrorState.log is the one. Thanks!

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