[REQUEST] A humble Request from a clueless fan

First of all, I know nothing when it comes to modding games, zilch!

So please pardon my request if it is really stupid or just not possible.

Here it is:
Is it possible to recolor the textures or whatever you call it to resemble this???

Eldritch Gaze

I just thought that the helm is mainly for Witchblades and primarily does Chaos damage…you know?:eek:

Sorry if this was a crappy question…:o;):stuck_out_tongue:

Attachment: Eldritch Gaze Chaos.jpg

Yes it’s possible to change the texture of items.

Next question: Is there anyone who has time and skill to do it and make it accessible to the masses including me?:stuck_out_tongue:

Alternative, where can I find out how to do something like this myself with limited photoshop skills…:o

Just to clarify, can someone tell me what programs one needs to do texture color changes and to get the changed file into the game and working

Thanx for the reply!

Get GIMP or Photoshop (I use GIMP myself), they’re both great programs, the only difference is that one is free and the other is… Good for pirating. The other tools you need are already provided if you got Grim Dawn installed, you’ll simply need to launch the asset manager, create a mod, this kind of thing. So I guess just get yourself GIMP, find where the texture files are hidden after extracting the whole pack of files (probably resources\items\gearhead), create a copy of the one you want to change (it will export in psd; using the texture viewer - which you can edit with GIMP), and then it’s annoying stuff I’m too lazy to write about because I don’t know the process by heart. I suggest looking around the tutorials and help section for that.

Good luck.

Thank you very much for the tips. I will have to try it. Thanx again!