Request advice for Bomb Pyromancer, needs durability

I need some advice on how I can improve my pyromancers survivability. It’s more of a fun build, so I don’t expect him to go exceedingly high in SR or Crucible, but I’d like to be able to beat Morgoneth, and Kaisan is giving me more trouble than he should.


I could free up two skill points by getting rid of Vindictive Flame, but there’s nothing to invest them in that would make me live longer.
I also thought about replacing Dryad with Behemoth, but Dryad’s skill seems to be way more reliable.
I think what’s most important is to get more health, but I’m pretty clueless what would be the best way for that. Attribute points are already all in physique, except for those I need for gear requirements.

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

  • added Possession for Damage Absorption
  • added Thermite Mine for more damage
  • added Behemoth and Scythe for more Health Regen
  • added Prismatic Diamond
  • 13k life
  • I dropped points from Big One because people say it’s still not impressive (can be dropped from something else)
    left at 1p (+4 from gear), should I remove it altogether because it’s shot instead of normal projectiles?

  • a bit less OA though and %damage, something had to go, but Thermite Mine will more than enough make up for it

Nest step would be BWC for damage reduction

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man, they should buff the “The Big One” big-time then… make it something like 5 times the area radius or smth.

Thanks a lot, that looks very good! I’m impressed how you got the constellations to add up!

Possession confused me at first, I pretty much overlooked the damage absorption among all the damage bonuses that don’t apply to me. I’ll give it a try!

Does the effect from Thermite Mine have a duration? Will it work if I have to kite some boss, so he runs through them, but doesn’t stand in them all the time?

I like Big One for the visual effect, so I guess I’ll keep it at 1+4 points.

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I haven’t played it in a long time but I think it does linger a bit.
You can use Grim Internals which can display little icons for debuffs on non-trash monsters to better see how good the up-time is:
(although there’s also a possibility it’s the GI icon that lingers)



Not sure what skill is best damage-wise to pull points from. You can also try some Grenado / Canister nodes if you’d like.

I like to use Thermite Mines for the damage and the -% elemental resistance reduction to your enemies. It has an 18 second duration and you can summon 3 of them. They usually are still going after the enemies have all died.

I usually have points in Blood of Dreeg for the +% health restored and the health regenerated.

I updated my char today and did a quick solo fight with Kaisan, which worked well - it took some time (as usual), but I didn’t die at all. I’m looking forward to trying other challenges with the modified build. Thanks again for your help :slight_smile:

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You die because you don’t heal. Dryad is not enough, and bound to Flashbang of all things. Get that Behemoth, and some health regen components, or maybe Pyran set instead of Ulzuin. You got Stormfire component but you are not using it (can see your key bindings). Use it in between casts, and take Ghoul, which will give you one good emergency defense.

Also, at least 12 in Aspect is ON EVERY OCCULTIST as 1% phys res is always worth 1 skill point. So is 1% dmg absortion so take Possession, too, even though you’re not chaos/acid. Up that Blast Shield to at leats 10/12 and learn to always know when it’s avilable and not - it’s bread and butter of caster demos. Pull points from Temper beyond 1, Heavy Ordnance beyond 12/12 and Big One (all points - it’s useless unless you speedrun and need to clear trash asap). Oh, and… you have no Mines?

Also, Grenado is probably the worst skill in the game.


Thanks for your advice! :slight_smile:

What is Pyran? Empyrion?

I’ve bound Dryad to Curse of Frailty now, is that better? I thought Flashbang was good because it gives Dryad a high chance to trigger (about 60%) and has a short cooldown.

Yes, but there’s no practical reason no cast it again once it’s in effect. CoF ticks every second and heals you automatically without having to cast it again.