I recently stumbled on Grim Quest. I personally liked the ranged combat of TQ a lot more than I do the equivalent of that in GD. However, the creator of that mod had to modify some skills to work with guns, because the game does not feature bows. I’m not sure if they are compatible with crossbows, but there aren’t all that many in the game.

Would it be possible to create bows for GD or to simply port the bows from TQ and tweak them to fit GD?



No Weapon templates left unless you use the Staff or Spear template.
And you probably don’t want to do that. So must people are waiting for meshes/animations plugin and for devs to add more “slots”

Gotcha. I remember the latest grim adventure or the one before that said they would allow custom animations and models to be imported into the mod tools. So i’m guessing that’s what they’re waiting for?

Custom animations/models are not in yet, til they are expect no new animations because no one is to say when they will be out. Unexpected delays yadayada.

For now, each weapon has its own respective “template” which it has to follow, and each template has its own set of animations.

At the moment, we have used all but two weapon templates, which are the spear/staff which I have used for Grim Quest. That leaves only one option for Bows and that’s to replace another template/animation set, of which I would choose to delete all 2h guns and just use bows and find some fitting animation that will look like a wonky bow firing animation…

I’ll pass on that… the bow animations will look terrible and since TQ bow animations cannot be imported (bone systems on TQ player char and GD player char are diff and do not work with each other) and I would have to use a “spell” cast animations… which hides the weapon when it animates sooo. again, pass. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you make a Bow-Animation so you euqip a range Weapon but you only see the bow and the arrows are a spell?