request for a builder

I managed to put together all of the pieces of the lvl 30 bloodreaper’s glory set but have no idea on how to build a lvl 30 bleed nightblade, to take it for a spin. I was wondering if I could impose on one of the builders to throw together a lvl 30 skills/devotions only bleed build for either a trickster, a witch hunter, or a reaper, whichever of those is the best fit for the set? I realize this is a bit of a waste of time… but I have the complete set.

Do you need a full set for a level 30 build?

The set will be obsolete in 30 min gameplay when you have reached level 40 :stuck_out_tongue:

cmon I play all my builds in random yellow and green items up to level 70 or so

I know it’s pointless. That said I have 0 experience with bleed builds and could use some help in the department. Who knows, it may last more than 10 lvls.

I don’t recommend to bother with gear till level 94. You level up so fast that you’d need to waste approximately 5 hours on gearing if you gear up every 20 levels. Approximately 1 hour every time you gear up because you would not just farm but sit in a shop and wait for a good item to pop out. If you just don’t care about gear till 94, you basically get to that level ~40% faster.

It bases on my own experience, btw, it also depends on the RNG when looking for shop items. ~20 hours with gearing vs. 12 hours without gearing was my longest run and the only one that I remember.

Gonna go off on a limb here and say that i think most people here won’t bother crafting a level 30 build as it’s hard.

How many devotion points do you have?

Are you using augments? Would people even craft components for the items?

My honest-to-goodness advice, if you want experience with a build, is to try crafting a level 100 bleeder, and post it here for others to critique.

Perhaps if LLD (low level dueling) ever becomes a thing in GD, it might be interesting to theorycraft and share level 30 builds

Here is a budget bleeder I made

Items are mostly faction items and blueprints from the vendor in bloodgrove.

For leveling: Phantasmal blades and bloody pox (with falcon swoop)

Not a very fast killer, but rather safe and fun playstyle.

Obivously OA and DA is crap, but we have Wasting and Fumble.

It’s not completely pointless as low level sets can carry you into ultimate with good set-ups.

Level 30 Augments? We will have level 15 Medal Augments in FG. In Vanilla/AoM lowest level req augments have level 40

I just wanted a lvl 30 skill setup to fit the mentioned set with 12 devotion points. I am not asking for an optimized build nor do I plan to waste time farming the perfect equipment to fill it out. Also, my purifier is rocking the brimstone set (formerly lvl 30) at 47, and my spellbinder made it into ultimate with the Eastern Pledge which made for the most fun I have had in this game.