Request for better multi-button mouse support

One other request, if it is possible for 1.1.7. Can we please get an open in Keyboard Bindings for pet attack. I would prefer to assign it to one of my myriad of mouse buttons and not have it take up a No. slot or my LMB or RMB slot.

Don’t know if this is an easy fix or not, or even if it has been asked for in the past. To to have this would be very much appreciated.

Rebind one of your quickbar slots and assign Pet Attack there.

I have done that for all my number bars (my mouse has 14 buttons)

So I have No. 1-10 bound, with skills in them, plus two attacks on the LMB and RMB. Basically, I was wondering if Pet Attack can be assigned by default to a mouse button (or even a keyboard key) without having to slot in the current Number or LMB/RMB slots.

One example is that Health/Spirit Potions are bound to an alpha key, so they don’t need to be on your No. bar if you don’t want them there (and I bound Health to an MB as well). This is what I was hoping we could get for pet attacks.

And thanks for the really rapid reply!

If your mouse has 14 buttons then it definitely has macro software available for it. Make a macro that switches to the second skillbar (Y), then presses required key, then switches back to first skillbar (Y again) - it would then execute said macro whenever you pressed chosen mouse button. Done and easy.

Even my chintzy lil cheapo Corsair mouse with far less buttons can do this…

Big false.

32 button mouse here, no macros (except those that come as default).

Seriously… you bought a mouse that has 32 buttons and it doesn’t have software available to create custom macros? Sounds like you should buy something better. Did you actually install the software for it or check the manufacturers website?

32 buttons on a mouse. My fat fingers cannot even type correctly on a phone… wth


Mice with macros is not a very common thing. There’s a big difference between having buttons that can be assigned to keys on a mouse (which is what I’ve got and is commonly referred to as “The MMO Mouse”) and having buttons that can be assigned complex macro commands. My old Logitech G600 goes for $60+ these days and is far more limited than what I currently use, but neither one supports macro commands (you’ll note that the latter doesn’t have 32 physical buttons; I chose the UTechSmart mouse because it has 12 side buttons that can each be used 5 different ways, for a total of 60 virtual buttons, of which I’m using 32.) (if you scroll the UTechSmart page you’ll see a thing about macros but those are pre-programmed things like Play/Pause or Back/Forward.)

I think you might want to look closer at the description of what you bought. You are clearly missing something.

I’m not. Read my post fully.

I went to its website and downloaded the “instruction manual” (which is laughably a jpg file) and I see this for your listed mouse model…

It’s looking quite programmable to me. They apparently call them “marcos” but hey, potatoes/puhtahtoes amirite?

Like @powbam said, with macros or scripts it’s easy. The only drawback is quickbar blinking, but it’s less noticeable than in the recorded video.

I just found my long lost twin.

Yup, I made a quick one and as you can see here there isn’t even any blinking… it just instantly does it as I removed all keypress delays from my macro. I think when I very first loaded into the game and used it the first time there was a brief blink but after that it was instantaneous.

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Nice, I have blinking at 60 fps with delay configured to be 0. If it’s AHK can you send me to test if I can have no blinking too? Or is it mouse macro?

That was a mouse macro. If you like I’m sure I could put together a quick AHK macro to see if I get much difference.

I mean you can try if you want, I don’t really understand all the technical details of AHK so maybe I’m doing something wrong. I would be surprised if simple 3 SENDs one after another worked and without blinking but there are many configuration options like key delays and stuff maybe I’m missing something. I’ll check it myself too

I’ve got blinking with :slight_smile:

Send {t}
Send {1}
Send {t}

[edit] Ok, no blinking if you precede this code with

SetKeyDelay, 0

Btw mods sorry for this off-topic in off-topic, it could moved to the following thread

[Tool] AutoHotkey scripts

Yup that looks like it works nicely.

This is what I got…

#SingleInstance Force

SetKeyDelay, 0

~Xbutton1:: ; bound to my mouses Back button
send y
send 1
send y


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