Request for Solo Self Found Option


Title says it all. I searched the forum and there aren’t many people who have asked for it. But there are a some of us, and hopefully some who haven’t said anything and some who didn’t know they needed it until it was a feature.

I understand it would be for a niche crowd, but so is hardcore, so is the vanity medal for HC classless, and so is Forgotten Gods, ultimate, and/or level 100 (fewer than ~10% if you believe Steam achievement statistics). I don’t think it would take a particularly large amount of time of development to isolate an individual character folder and add a SSF tickbox to the character creation screen.

Yes, I already rename the save folder periodically. I have been playing for 8 years, 50+ alts, 3k hours, all items and recipes, 98% chieves (I’m not an addict, you’re an addict!) and I would like to be able to choose to have my alts in one place without digging through save folders. Plus I don’t think renaming folders is a solution for the console folks.

Thanks for reading!


If a core asumption of the engine is to go look for game files at a fixed place, and now it has to be variable depending on the character settings (which may live in an entirely different part of the codebase), then it could absolutely be a massive undertaking. Breaking core asumptions hurts a lot.

That said, I know nothing about GD’s engine. I only know that things that feel like they should be easy can turn out to be absolute pains for weird unintuitive reasons.

Maybe. But I’ve seen Crate do things they thought were more impossible with the TQ engine over the years. And were that the case that it only pulls from fixed file positions, I doubt it would be impossible for the clever minds at Crate to trickfuck the system into working regardless.

I don’t doubt their ability to make it happen, I just wonder if there is enough demand in the community to dedicate resources to seeing it through. So I’m posting my desire to be seen.