[Request] Full Stop Please

This issue has probably been the most outstanding nuisance I’ve come across in GD as it impacts gameplay for me 100% of the time.

I hope Crate have a chance to see and recognize this constant annoyance before the xbox/next expansion/next game and can mebbe squeek in some code to fix this. Pretty please with sugar-coated grobles ontop!

By default settings in GD when you instruct your toon to say walk around the corner, stop on a dime, and fire something deadly at monsters that your buddy just saw, then duck back around the corner to escape death then this is what occurs:

LMB to move toon around the corner facing towards the unknown area; whoa -enemies spotted! LMB or RMB quickly at them; lookout… incoming bad mojo! gotta haul butt back around the corner but toonguy is still congregating around the enemies because he’s a goofy gimp that doesn’t know what full stop means.

Ideally I would like to be able to move toonguy to objective -full stop- lay down supressing fire -full stop- and then retreat back to origin -full stop-.

This can currently be accomplished if you have pre-requisite key bindings/hotkeys depressed whilst moving toward whatever unknown objective. My finger gets tired of constantly depressing one key for long periods of time only allowing quick breaths of release when whatever happens. Such is the GD gameplay life when using Move, Force Move+___, or Move To quickslots.

This has been kinda covered a bit on forums before but there really has never been a simple solution - here & here & here as well as mine here

Gameplay is immensely improved when the simple pressing of one keyboard key bound to Force Full Stop makes toonguy do exactly that: stop everything and await further instruction from the human bean player/user. No pre-requisite keys need held down. Just a stop key -full stop-.

I get tired of having to compensate for toons running in that doorway, come running back inside and out again like nincompoops because I can’t directly tell them to stop. I don’t like mentioning other games because it’s apples & oranges but an example of full stop hotkey in an arpg is the now deceased Torchlight2.

Workarounds vary from setting the toon in constant run (unless I release or press whatever) to extra clicks all whilst the toon facing is affected and time is spent dilly-dallying. That’s all the brief time a decent mob or hero/boss needs to make your toon it’s buttercup.

Please somebody/Crate/anybody… please help me keep my warriors fierce and not silly daisies that cannot stop when told to.

If I was still playing with keyboard and mouse, I would probably not like to add another hotkey as a workaround for the point’n’click mechanic. If you play with a gamepad, you will not have this issue. But it has its own drawback: your auto-attack will not move-to-attack towards enemies in melee.

I admit this does not fully address your request. Maybe the next expansion and its new movement skills will mitigate the issue for you.

Can you tell us how often you need to retreat this way? Can you not fight through the surrounding mobs? And are you not enjoying the thrill of being threatened?

Maybe I’m missing something here (first coffee) but doesn’t [Shift] already do what you want, it brings your char to a complete, instant, stationary halt, doesn’t change the direction you are facing while still allowing all attacks? :undecided::undecided::undecided:

…not really. My impression from other posts is that Crate are already swamped so seeing a core gameplay function added/fixed probably not a priority

Issue exists 100% of the time, can be duped always, has inverse constant running solutions which do not maintain ability to stand in place (stationary) and swivel fire with appropriate facing, etc. So always, certainly, and no because wonky control schemes = frustration.

Nope. [Shift] is the default keyboard keybinding for Stationary Attack (Hold Key and Click) It does exactly, precisely, verbatim as it sez: First you must hold whatever key/[Shift] down from the unwritten pre-requisite of doing absolutely nothing. Then you can swivel fire and stand in place while mobs get up in yer mustard. That means it will never interrupt another action because the code won’t allow it to. So that function does not interrupt or halt other actions (such as running, firing, slicing, burping, skill animations, etc.)

Easiest way to explain: if you have torchlight2, fire that up, have a toon run from point A to point B and betwixt points whilst toonbuddy is running hit the Force Stop key. That’s a true halt -full stop-. It allows for the thrill of monster discovery whilst maintaining toon control.

The current way Stationary Attack works is kinda frustrating for k/b+mouse. I haven’t fired up TQ in awhile but my guess is it’s the same in that one too.

I appreciate everything Crate & folks have done -truly. I just don’t understand how this core control function could go un-noticed. Maybe the pre-requisite work-arounds for a full stop function are preferred? I dunno.

You call it a core control function, yet no one has mentioned this apart from you. Seems more like something you’re used to in other games, but haven’t adjusted to the fact it doesn’t exist here. :undecided:

Ah. No offense or slight intended by my post. I get how my post can be construed as being more gripey than the lesser frustration that it is. I have actually gotten used to it. I’m good at compensating for my feeble fingers. It’s merely a core function Request that I have -regardless of how any other arpgs function.

It has been mentioned before on forums for GD -possibly not so much on these forums… dunno. Alas, I may be a minority. I’m old and have bad eyes too.

So it is a Request. It may be an unrealistic request/feature. It may be something a modder can address possibly. Or it just may be sumthin we all have to live with.

I would pay money for this option/feature. Precision control is one of the most worthwhile aspects of any game that I appreciate. And being able to make a full, truly integrated stop is. Even if it only interrupts running and not attacks/skills/etc.

It’s just my one wish for Grim Dawn. May likely never happen. I set myself zero expectations and appreciate everything that the good folks at Crate have already done.

Didn’t think you meant anything by it swillfly. :slight_smile: Still trying to understand exactly what doesn’t work for you. In your scenario I would run forward, hit left shift and LMB to attack, then run away again.

Whew! That’s good -I really don’t like being an instigator or griefer. But I’ll see if I can explain a little better. :slight_smile:

For example: let’s say toon is at point A and wants to go to point B. By default without using Force Move+___ or any other constant moving features you move the mouse pointer to point B and LMB to have the toon run to point B. While the movement is taking place you press [Shift] or whatever is bound to Stationary Attack because you see a monster that you wish to have the toon stop and attack (I use ranged builds mostly so it’s ideal to quickly stop and fire).

Along the way (between points A & B where the groble appeared) when I press [Shift]/Stationary Attack there is no output and the toon does not stop. The toon will proceed on to point B without stopping to fire upon the monster because the Stationary Attack only works for me when the toon is already at a complete and full stop. Then it works fine.

But that pre-supposes that I know where all the enemies are and can already plot my attack points -which is impossible and would defeat the purpose of adventure anyhow it seems.

So Stationary Attack doesn’t work on-the-fly for me. Someone once said on a post somewhere to “stop on a dime” and I suppose that idiomatic expression kinda sums up what I’d ideally like to be able to do.

The work-arounds kinda work but they don’t necessarily maintain facing direction. I’m referring to the stuff powbam recommended on one of the Steam GD forums link in the first post. It works but I have to previously have a finger constantly, always pressing down one of the Move/Force Move/Move To keys as a pre-requisite to stopping.

Does that explain my full stop request a lil better? I wish I had the current know-how to take a gameplay vid with an inset vid of my fingers on the k/b+mouse to illustrate better but I’m not so smart for that yet.

Yeah, sort of. Only thing I can think of that I might do different is as soon as I see a foe my pointer targets them so my characters will stop and attack. :undecided: I don’t use any force move, just the pointer and default weapon attack. Mind you if I’m using ranged it’s probably an Inquisitor build so I’d stop, thrown down an Inquisitor Seal underneath me and then start firing off my pistols. So not the same movement you’re describing.

I guess the easiest way to see is just to play GD and start with any toon who is at a complete stationary stop doing nothing then to select any random point to hover over with the mouse pointer and then LMB click to have them run there. While they are running there press [Shift] and see if they stop for you mid-way to the destination point. For me [Shift] doesn’t make them stop midway.

Any idea if this feature could be worked into the code? Or is it too late/too code cumbersome to implement a new force stop feature?

No idea swillfly since I know nothing about game development.

While a stop/hold command would be nice, I don’t see it as a necessary addition. But I am probably being biased as I don’t have any problem controlling my character.

But if the devs can include it, then it is a win-win for everyone. So a +1.

I bet you know Lots more than I ever will about GD… don’t sell yerself short. :slight_smile:

I guess game development is a whole other aspect with many sub-sets that all work together. And after release it’s likely tough to get stuff added in.

Maybe some coder can take pity on my ancient fumble fingers and can implement it. lol I suspect this one will get buried. I still enjoy my GD vidiocy. :slight_smile:

Knowing about the game and knowing how it’s all put together and how it works are two different things. I’ve no idea how lines of code translate into fantastic environments, animations, etc. I’ll leave that side of things to the devs and modders. :smiley: