Request related to Kymon's Chosen/Death's Vigil faction gears

I would like to request for the lvl req for all gear pieces offered from both factions be bumped from 35 to 40, and have it’s bonuses adjusted up for the new lvl req.

The reasoning why I’m asking this is because by the time the player has built enough reputation to get to Respected rank with them, the player will most likely be either at lvl 40+ or pretty close to it (by doing all the quests up to the point where you have to side with one of them, I was at lvl 38 and had already used a Kymon’s Chosen Mandate on my character as soon as I unlocked the stash), meaning that these gears will become useless, as the gear offered by merchants and the gear you drop will be much better, and since you bumped the stat bonuses and lvl req of the gear from the Black Legion from 35 to 50 because of htis reason, I think it would be better if these two factions received the same treatment.