[Request] Save for the Dumbass here

This is probably the first time I’m requesting something here but can I ask if someone can share for me a normal (all shrines unlocked), Veteran (All shrines unlocked), Ultimate not started blank save
The Idiot here uninstalled grim dawn (GOG version) and I’ve selected to NOT keep the save (I was tired so that’s that) and then My character is gone.

(If this is in the wrong forum please move it to it’s appropriate place thank you)

Check the [Tool] Blank level 85 characters. Though it looks like someone reports that they get an empty file.

So check the GD SideKick project. The thread [thread=24896]GDSidekick Project revival[/thread] has a link to a level 75 character.

Good luck!

Thanks! :smiley: