Request to add Resist Reduction Calculation in Char Tab

it would be helpful for us to see like flat resist and also % of reduction of our characters.

what you think?

Well it would be helpful to see such stats. I mean, we can see % health damage retaliation if I am not mistaken, which is not even in the game, so why not add those? Adding one more tab with other stuff would not be that hard to do, I mean, it’s easy to reduce the size of the button and add another one.

We’d also need to make a list of stats we’d want to see, just to make it easier in some way for Crate if they wanted to implement that.

I don’t think that it’ll be very helpful since typically rr isn’t attached to characters. The exceptions are viper, mark of dreeg and some affixes like plaguebearer, of abyss. Everything else is skills/procs.

I don’t think it’s possible. Reduction affects enemies instead of players, and the character tab doesn’t summarize debuffs of any sort.

Luckily the calculation is simple to do yourself, so I don’t think there’s much of a need for it anyways.

Havin a RR breakdown would be helpful, but then there’s the matter of procs&buffs…
Maybe it would be more helpful in Calc?