Request to separate [Bloom] from [Post Processing]


No idea if this gets picked up or if others feel the same but me and my friend struggle greatly with the visual representation of the game. We like the idea that enabling post processing allows for the games color correction to set the mood in the various areas but it comes with a major drawback which is readability.

Post processing at this moment includes bloom which maybe for the environment looks okay but in the midst of battle with overlapping skill effects your screen becomes a white blob.
This IMO destroys the look of the individual skills created but also just cripples your ability to read the situation.

Therefore I’d like to propose if at all possible, to have Bloom as a separate graphics option so we can still enjoy the rest of the post processing but keep the image more clear.

And I know there’s ReShade but this is only a fixed adjustment you’d make yourself, not the creative intent of the devs for each area.

Thank you.


Very much agreed!
I never play Post Processing along with “particles” greater than “medium”.
It’s indeed all a white glow. Playing without PP though is really un-colourful.

This is a great suggestion, I hope Crate could implement that. Please.


I kinda agree with you, I dont like how they mix all post processing effects :slight_smile:

But thankfully you can use reshade, and with a few shaders you can get a more perfected “post processing” and end up with a far more pleasent visuals.

Either way having options in game is always great like bloom slider ammount or depth of field, etc… Not just because can make game look pretty / more to your likes but also can use thouse settings to improve fps on older machines.

This was my complaint since big bang basically. I thought i was the only one who play the game with PP off, just to have more visual clarity in battle.

That Reshade sounds interesting!
But before I even download it, I can tell that I will be totally lost with its settings.

What exactly would the reshade values be, in order to just get rid of the bloom, so with no impact in performance?

Yeah agreed.

It’d be great to be able to disable or at least reduce the intensity of the bloom without disabling post processing altogether.


Its bit hard for me to explain how it exaclty works via text. but will try my best… so post processing in game includes couple diferent shaders like bloom and others. There a couple diferent ways to go arround it and fix it with reshade.

You either leave post processing on and set reshade to dim the bloom or you turn post processing off and had your own bloom and other shaders.

For either of the options you only need a few shaders.


With this shaders you can control better the lightning in the game, and get a really good look, keep some of the shiny without being so blinding. at almost 0 performance cost.

In game post processing on. No reshade.

In game post processing off. with my reshade setting.

In game post processing on. No reshade.

In game post processing off. with my reshade setting.

In game post processing on, no reshade.

In game post processing off, with my reshade setting.

Keep in mind that my reshade setting still a work in progress and that i only got 2gb vram and trying to keep fps at 60 at all times. you could get a much better quality if you got more vram.
im also using more shaders like…
turned off fxaa in game and boosting aa via nvidia control panel.

As for the values on each of the shaders, it really depends on your screen and other settings… might take you some time to get the right numbers but give it a go. The hard part is to balance day and night, bright and dark places since both use the same reshade values.

If the game add a skybox with a full version of reshade or enb series you could more easy control the day night diference, but as far as i know theres no skybox / texture in grim dawn sky, its fully black…
So im stuck to balance Fake hdr and curves shader that will darken the game a bit while using bloom and vibrance to lighten up the scenery / brighter colors and lumasharpening to give it a bit more definition.

In game post processing on, no reshade. Night time.

In game post processing off, my reshade setting. Night time.

In game post processing on, no reshade. day time.

in game post processing off, my reshade setting. day time.

As you can see its pretty hard to balance day night… my day still looks a tidy dark :stuck_out_tongue: tho i like the more grim setting anyways and this forest is darker then per exampe the desert area. And if i make the day brighter so will the night…

Also every effect you apply will also go into the ui unless you create a ui mask. Its not hard to create one for the main bar but its tricky to make ui mask for menus that open and close, only using reshade. So best option is to keep shader values at a minium so they as less visiblle on the ui as possible.

Either way hope this helps you a littlle. If need more help setting reshade let me know. Tho i also wish devs would implement more graphical options into the game. So we wouldnt need reshade :slight_smile:

Damn, great intro, thanks alot!
I’m rly convinced of your night settings. That looks like a real night!
Gonna try that, thx!

Np, m8… hopefully devs will also give us a day night slider soon, so we have the ability to play perpetual night :wink:

This game so good anyways and really good performance engine runs better with better graphics on my oldie pc then diablo 4 that i need run on mid low settings to even get some decent fps :stuck_out_tongue:

Post processing on, no reshade. night time.

Post processing off, my reshade setting. night time.

Post processing on, no reshade. day time.

Post processing off, my reshade setting. day time.

This the best setting i got my so far, the day still looks tidy too dark for my taste but really hard to brighten without messing the night :stuck_out_tongue:

Either way srry for posting many pictures just wanted to share what a newbie like me can do with so little tools and a very old pc with only 2gb vram… wish i could aford better but hard times :stuck_out_tongue:

My point with all this anyways is to show that If this devs would really want and have the time, and since they have better tools & knowledge, they could make this game look as good as diablo 4 on max settings,or better even… I belive the engine could handle it… like per example gives us decent retexture pack /higher resolution. And again more graphical options to control how we like to see our game, so we are less dependant on mods and 3rd party tools like reshade.

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After i mention textures i went look for some and actualy found this …

They look awsome and much more clean, if you want to try them out :slight_smile: the 2x upscaled ones run smooth even on my 1050 2gb vram… awsome!!

what some good textures and a simple reshade can do for you :wink:

amazing work on the textures by Xzandiel

Ty dude!

This game on my old pc, now looks and plays way better then diablo 4 lol, PoE or any other arpg i played to date… not joking :slight_smile: , so cant thank enough the devs for creating this jewel. and for all the comunity who helped make it even better!!