Requested Quality of Life improvements

I’m really hoping that the devs can start making some Quality of Life improvements to the game soon.

Some things in the game have always bothered me, and it would be great to have the devs put in some fixes:


  • Ability to search your stash by keyword (prefix searching)
    An example of this is if you’re looking for an item and don’t want to look through all the tabs for it. You could type “empowered” to see all your Empowered items, for instance. This is useful for when you know what you’re looking for (“I know I put that somewhere…”)

  • Ability to filter your stash based on class, level, item type, etc.
    I fill my stash with items that my future characters may use, and right now it’s a pain to look for items when you DON’T know what you’re looking for. “Show me all items that are Level 20 +/- 3 levels” or “Show me all Soldier gear” or “What components can I put in this ring?” Ok so I realize the filters wouldn’t be based on natural language, but a set of checkboxes or something like it.

  • Ability to identify duplicate items
    I don’t need a bunch of duplicates (besides stacks of components of course), so it would be great to know when I’ve got 2 or 3 or more of something in the stash.


  • Allow us to set which inventory bag items go into
    Right now, everything fills up your main inventory, then inventory bag 1, then inventory bag 2, etc. from left to right in that order. It would be great to set rules like “New items that are GREEN+ go into bag 2 first” or “Components always go into bag 5” or “Never put items in bag 3” (if you’ve got a mule bag, it can be annoying to have new stuff mixed with items you know you want to save for later).

  • Allow us to define what happens when we pick stuff up
    Examples: “Auto-stack components when I pick them up” or “Auto-add potions/oils to my hotbar when I pick them up”


  • Allow us to set the opacity of pets when we’re playing
    Especially useful to set the opacity of your friend’s pets to something like “10%” so I don’t try and click on them in battle. Ideally your own pets have an opacity of 70% and friends’ pets even less by default.


  • If you click open a trap door, you have to move before you can ‘use’ the door again to enter it.
    This is annoying. Opening and using a trap door requires an extra click because if you click it once to open it and then click it again (without your character moving), nothing happens. You have to move your character before you can use the door as an entrance/exit.


  • It’s visually impossible to tell the difference between, say, a bookcase that you can destroy and one you can’t.
    Worse, in order to destroy a destructible book case you have to hold down SHIFT and then attack at it, and the angle/location from which you’re attacking isn’t always what the game accepts. Look, I like that everything that’s destructible doesn’t have a glow around it, but right now in a single room, half the items can be destroyed, and half can’t, and it feels like an unnecessary burden to make the player try on each one. At least make it easier for us to swing & hit them. (folks wondering why this is a big deal clearly haven’t done this before - you’ll be surprised what you can find in book cases and end tables!)


  • If I set the max FPS to 0 for the out-of-focus window, that shouldn’t kick in until the game is fully loaded (to the intro screen at least). I run multiple monitors and I run every game in a borderless window. It’s common for me to launch GD and then immediately switch over to launch something like TeamSpeak, but GD pauses while I’m doing so when really all I want it to do is finish loading so I can interact with the character/player screen.

Thanks! love the game!!