Requesting MOAR two-handed weapons

I know we’re getting new items with the DLC, but I wanted to bring attention to two-handed weapons, my favorite. :smiley:

Please add more two-handed weapons. The current selection feels limited compared to other weapon slots. Screenshots from Grim Tools below.

Legendaries: (Epics are similar)



Ranged weapons are fine across the board. Someone at Crate loves guns :smiley:


aeh, it kinda looks like you’ve got duplicates included there? :sweat_smile:

anyway, 1h can be dualwielded, naturally there need to be more of them than 2h so you’re not just stuck dualling the same weap in both hands :grin:

I thought about this but the ranged weapons are pretty consistent in my last screenshot. Two handed and one handed. Nothing wrong with variety!

Some ideas:

  • Unique damage conversions for skills
  • Support for magic skills, not just melee. For example TSS or a channelled skill?
  • Visual effects like making skills bigger? This by itself would be awesome.

I mean we already know this

How many of those new items will be weapons we’ve yet to find out, but it sounds as if Epics could well boost endgame weapon types once they’re Awakened.