Resetting attributes potions

Hi, i don’t know if this has already been proposed, but:

  1. the possibility of partially resetting attribute points allocation,with many limitations ofc, should be at least considered, because right now the attribute system is too punishing and there are many players would like to see some change in merit;

  2. right now many players (not me actually, but still…) feel the nemesis loot is very unrewarding

  3. so my proposal is to add a new kind of potion that allows you to reset 1 skill point and can drop ONLY from nemesis. There could be a different potion for every attribute. The drop rate of this potions should be low, of course, so that if one player wants to “fix” its character needs to do some work.

  4. if possible, since the nemesis loot is interesting only as long as you have few blueprints dropped (and the chance to drop one is still good) and becomes more and more disappointing when you have almost all blueprints, i would like to propose to make the drop rate of those new “attribute potions” slightly increase in correlation with how many blueprints you have learned so far: more blueprints learned --> less chance to drop one you don’t have --> at least better chance to drop one “attribute resetting potion”

  5. i personally would leave the drop of this potions out of crucible, in order to incentivate ppl to play main campaign that for many players right now is, and i quote, “useless”…

This would add a Whole new set of stuff for the trading between players too :slight_smile:


i don’t know in which form but we need something that makes some kind of reset of attribute points.

especially when all builds use 90 in strength

that actually would be a good reason never to need one… :wink:

I also disagree that the attribute system is too punishing. Outside of meeting gear requirements it hardly matters what I invest in, a few points in one stat over another makes virtually no difference

My personal experience is different. Expecially with your first characters, you are changing the builds in progress, or making various experiments (as you are supposed to do), and putting -let’s say- 20 points in a attribute that eventually you will find out you don’t need, can significantly unbalance the character in the end.

Sticking to the previous example, 20 attribuite points spent in phys or in cunning (so 160 points) will give you 64 OA or DA (leaving aside the rest), and in endgame, with all the bonus modifiers, this can make some difference in your build. Maybe not to the point you are forced to rebuild the character, but still i don’t see why the players should not have some margin for testing different options in order to optimize the build even in little details. :slight_smile:

you can get 64 OA with one item. Also that number makes very little actual difference when both values are 2000+ already. On top of that, you spent almost 1/4 of all your points on it, so a lot more than the few I was talking about… if that is your best example, I’d say you just have proven my point.

I am all for respeccing, I just completely disagree with your statement that the current ‘attribute system is too punishing’ and using this as a reason why we should be able to respec

Ok then, i guess everyone has his/her different reasons, i was not “stating” but expressing an opinion. What sould matter here is the merit of the proposal…
the point is i was just trying to imagine a system that allows you to respec, but not too easily and adding some new content at the same time. :confused:

Has anyone modded in a potion yet? We have ones for devotions and respecing skills is in the game for a small cost. It seems odd not to have it for att.

Im thinking of just makingca blank toon from a certain someones stash/cheat tool just so I can reasign my points. Like if you are going to use a reduced req item in your final build but have to equip gear untill you get that piece you will need to respec

What about the points spent into the masteries bars?

It really makes little sense to me why people have no problem being able to completely reset their skills and devotions points, but are then only concerned about their attribute points.

Is it because you have to put points into the masteries anyway?
But isn’t this the same with the attributes?

I think not being able to reset the points spent in the mastery bar is totally fine. You could create 1 character and then switch your build as a whole whenever you want. On the one hand that would be kind of cool, but on the other hand replay value would become zero.
Resetting your attribute points would not effect the replay value and make character building more flexible.
One possibility would be, let the players reset these points after a big balance patch for example. So everyone could adjust their build alittle bit. :slight_smile:

Sometimes full respec is necessary, for example my first character was battlemage starting with soldier. So for pretty long time i was going with auto attack cadence+IEE build. But when i played more i understood that callidor build would be so much better. I respeced but didn’t have enough points to max all skills i wanted cuz i have 50/50 in soldier but dont need more than 32/50. Ofc i didnt wanted to level up new character so i cheated and resetted soldier mastery with GD Defiler.

So, i dont know why you want such a big difficulties in ressetting attributes, i think this would be fine in a way like skill reset now (aether crystal + iron for 1 point). For mastery bar it’s the same but ofc you cant reduce it less than 1 so you can’t change class but can get back points you need. And in addition to that maybe some potion drop from nemesis to completely reset your attributes and another to reset all skills and mastery bars (again to 1 point so u cant change class).