Residents starving eat but is available. they even die while transporting the food

since the last update 075 my villagers are starving. Food is enough because over 2000 meat, cheese etc still starve to death within a year 60 residents

I’m still having that problem, most recently in build 0.7.5f. Plenty of food in storage; I even bought some in the Trading Post. Lots of food, but I still show that my villagers have 0 food. It’s not getting efficiently transported from sources and storage to the people who are starving. This has got to be fixed!

Even though the wagons are slow, they can transport larger quantities than the villagers can, even those now using the little carts to transport, though that is a much welcome improvement. Wagons should be able to carry all resources, not just ores.

Another user has proposed wagon shops have one wainwright to build wagons, build several wagons, and as more wagons come online, villagers could be hired as drivers. I like that better than building more and more wagon shops with only 2 drivers (I think that’s the number available).

Where are you supposing the food is getting stuck?

Are your villagers stuck somewhere? Ex. in an unpathable area or garrisoned inside the town center?

The bottleneck seems to be between the storehouses (and other storage facilities such as smokehouses) and the markets. Two storehouses full to the gills; markets nearly empty.

Mine aren’t.

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