Resist Devotions Pet build Parity idea

For the -resist debuff Constallations (Witchblade, Murmur, Widow, etc) I notice player based builds get the benefit of the -resist Devotion proc and the % damage nodes leading up to it. For example a Chaos damage build taking Soleal’s Witchblade gets +120% Chaos damage and the -resist Devotion.

Wheras a pet build spends 5 points, gets very little all to get one good node at the end.

My suggestion would be for element specific pet damage bonuses on some nodes leading up to the Devotion proc.

It wouldn’t have to be much (maybe +15-25% pet chaos damage nodes for Witchblade). Its not so much a power boost a more for a feelgood measure. It feels so bad to sink 5 points into a constallation just for a proc.

There is already an example in the game with the Huntress constallation which has pet Bleed damage nodes that complement the Devotion proc at the end. It feels much nice to use since you get small bonuses on the way and the proc at the end.

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Tbh, rather than see offensive stats, I rather see stuff like Pet DA or Pet Resistance, but I do agree that having something on -RR devotions for pets would be nice.

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I would be all for any pet stat really I just choose typed damage% for thematic reasons.

Every build benefits from at least one -resist devotion but only pet builds tend to miss out of gaining much benefits from the linking nodes.

120% chaos damage player based v 0% chaos damage pet based is a pretty big discrepency.

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