Resistance Debuff Override

So I’m working on a poison/acid witch hunter, and I was getting a better understanding of the % debuffs.

Using this cheat sheet

It explains that malediction and acid spray are in Category A, meaning pick the highest one because they don’t stack.

My questions are:

  1. If acid spray was at a higher level and had say 40 reduce resistance for 5 seconds, would malediction override it after 3 seconds pass when it becomes 45 reduction?

  2. Does anyone with maxed acid spray know what the reduction number is? (40 was just my example number)

  3. Is it worth it to keep the acid spray proc, or should I just use those points to invest in tankier devotions? (This one might have too many factors to account for.)

  4. Also, is viper the only one in category C for acid and poison?

  1. I believe the higher value would override it period. I’m not too sure what happens if you cast a higher one of a shorter length during a longer one, I’m guessing once the shorter one wears off, the longer one takes back over with its reduced value, but I could be wrong.

  2. Acid Spray gives 25 reduction at 14/15 and jumps to 30 reduction at max level.

  3. Acid Spray is amazing if you aren’t using elemental damage. If all you need is reduced fire/cold/lightning resistance then Elemental Storm is far cheaper devotion point wise (you can get it with only 3 points), but if you need anything besides those 3 damage types then Acid Spray with its 5? points is great investment.

  4. Iirc Viper only gives n% reduced elemental resistance, so its useless for acid/poison, and in general n% reduced resistance is pretty weak on its own. Some items have this stat but I can’t think of any off the top of my head.

The far right most node of the Spider constellation has a couple of interesting debuffs. Reduced attack speed and movement speed retaliation, which can come in handy.

@arrrr, on the topic of the spider node, that node can be so powerful if you are a Nightblade. It stacks with Night’s Chill, letting you bring enemy attack speed to -50%. This effectively halves the DPS dealt to you by auto attackers

Thanks for the quick info and advice guys.