Resistance reduction VS CroudControl Resists and Entrapment duration

Just wondering. Now it is possible to make -53% to enemy Entrapment duration, but max value of nemesis is 138%. So they still have 85% of Entrapment duration resist

Blade trap duration is 4.5 at max and +2 from medal. 6.5*0.15 = .975 sec duration on Nemesis. So, it will not work at all?

Or general RR can also reduce CroudControl Resists ?

The argument of cc’d bosses aside, for the love of all things holy…at least let the cc skill’s damage work regardless of whether or not the mob was crowd controlled. That way I could at least use blade trap or OFF as a dmg spell for bosses and cc for the masses without relying on specific set ups.


It will work for 0.975 seconds.