Resistance stacking ?

How does it work. Does all % stack with each other as long as they aren’t from the same source like x2 exterimus. And what about flat numbers like on agonizing flames that reduces resistances by 25, does that stack with things like blessed steel and mark of dreeg component ?

As far as I’m aware, only the strongest of each of the three types of reduce resistances will stack. So you have:

  1. n reduced target’s resistance (such as from Manticore, Plaguebearer’s prefix or Mark of Dreeg)
  2. n% reduced target’s resistances (such as from of the Abyss suffix or various Legendary items)
  3. -n% specific resistance where specific is something like physical, pierce, etc. (such as granted by skills like Night’s Chill, Curse of Frailty, Absolute Zero and more)

In the above list, n is the number listed on the item / skill.

I am not clear on whether % based reductions from various sources will stack (eg. curse of frailty & nights chill with poison resistance) will stack.

However I hope that this helps :grinning: