How important is %rediction in bleeding, burn… if you have all ress 80+?

Resistance reduction affects your enemies.

It has nothing to do with your resistances.

Unless you are talking about enemies with abilities that reduce your resistances.

Pretty sure the OP is referring to bleeding duration reduction from stuff like Heart of the Wild.

They’re nice to have but not something you need to go out of way to have. Just a nice bonus. Only exception being reflected damage reduction (if you want to lump it with those), but that’s for physical only really.

% Reduction on Damage over Time can be really useful imo. If your resistances are over capped to counter enemy resistance debuffs + your maximum resistance is higher then 80% you should be in a good spot. There are also potions that can help negate the Damage over Time.

Oh, that… in that case, ignore my previous comment OP. Sry for the misunderstanding.

Btw, question on reflected dmg. Is it affected by your resistances? if so, how does it work with reflected damage reduction.

yes this was about DOT…TNX u all… this was helpful. So joust to be sure: if i have all ress 80+ , devotion star Aeons Hourglas(2nd star on the top) is not so important, but is good to have?
i mean, dot will not drain my life fast?

Well Grim Dawn is actually pretty well done when it comes
to any Resistances … actually its pretty unforgiving when you lack any type on Ultimate difficulty

Dont forget that many Creatures and exspecially Heroes and Bosses can possibly
DEBUFF you so having all +40% Over Cap is a very nice thing to have and its possible to get .

In my humble Experience it can be Fatal not to have at least 80% max Resist on all because you can Easyly get one Hit Kills on the Wrong Opponent

It is good to have but not mandatory like resistances capped (and if you want to tackle the hardest content, overcapped to reduce the effect of resist reduction from enemies).

And yes, enemy DoTs will end faster with duration reduction.

It is affected by your resistances, hence why physical has the worst with reflect, because physical resist is the hardest to increase. Reflected Damage Reduction will, obviously, reduce the damage you take from reflect.

I don’t think it’s a simple yes/no. It depends a lot on your build. If you have a tanky build with a lot of health and high health regeneration with good main resistances you might not even notice you have DoT applied. If you’re a squishy caster, even with 80% resist you might notice that your health tend to drop quickly when you have DoT (not to the point that you die in 1/2 sec, but to the point you might get worried your tonic of mending is still on cooldown) and in this case duration reduction can help. Casters also benefit more from Aeon’s proc so that’s another benefit.