Resistances for difficulties.

So, is it possible to change % of resists for each difficulty, for ex. -20% to all on normal difficulty?

You are an evil person, if you can do that. :slight_smile:

Well, yep, thats me:p But i still cant find any entities about difficulty in database.arz…:frowning:

Maybe it is in the map definition?

Maybe it is part of the core of the game, and cannot be modified

Here you go:


It’s a file that is linked in records/game/gameengine.dbr as balancingadjustment for difficulties.

The values are always pairs of 4 as there can 4 players join online so you need to modify the first 4 values in the array for normal difficulty, the following for elite and the last 4 for ultimate

oh god, thanks to you so much!:smiley: