Resistances Priorities

So it seems to be that though having max resist to all damage types is nice. When you’re min/maxing you end up loosing out on a lot of other cool things. Damage types that are kind of “okay to ignore” or at least not prioritize maxing for me seems to be poison (you’d then want to stay out of poison grounds), and Aether. I don’t really run into too much high damage from those types. Any opinions on whether i’m crazy or other resists that aren’t really big?

Aether maybe but some mobs will apply poison ticks on you and its very hard to deal with it, wouldn’t really risk it in HC plus with the gimmest mobs also there is no choice but to stack everything you can …

It really depends whether you play softcore or hardcore, since risk management sky rocket. Reducing poison resist on your character can be viable in a softcore, assuming you have already cleared Act I (ofc). Running around with low Aether resist is more a personal choice than a strategic one, since there’s only a few bosses/areas that actually use it (and they use the hell all of it).

Keep in mind, however, that most of the time it’s not worth min/max if you are going to reduce your resists. An 80% lighting damage increase looks huge, but if you already had 800% lighting modfier, then it only increases your dps by 10% (880/800 = 1,10) times your attack speed.

I try to keep my resists 80%+ for all but Aether and Chaos, with at least 50% Chaos and switching 1-2 pieces of gear to pump them to 80%+ whenever I want to farm a specific area.

in elite/ultimate, poison and bleed from certain bosses can take you down pretty quickly without proper resistances.

I would personally look for a balance. Focus on your lowest resistance.

I’m already starting Act2 of Ultimate on my Blademaster. Act1 was kinda rough when I was playing with -20% poison resist, but once I hit 70 and augmented it to around 30%, it was cakewalk. Also was playing with like 8% Aether resist throughout all of Veteran + Elite, so far in ultimate still not having issues. Current it’s sitting at -5%. I mean I don’t intend on really farming Aetherials that much, but I did a few BoC runs in Elite before moving on to Ultimate and didn’t ever come close to death.

Maybe somebody could point me to which areas have lots of Aether damage so that I can be more careful (Is it the conflageration? Cause I hate that area anyways due to the aether ground damage being unresistable even on my Saboteur who has 80% Aether resist).

Chaos and Aether resistances are very hard to cap but many enemies do specialize in these damage areas.

Following that: Bleeding, Poison, Vitality, which undercuts your regeneration and healing abilities.

The elemental resistances are easy to cap as many high level gears and devotions give bonuses to resistances.

Having 30%+ piercing resistance helps against heavy hitters like Fabius.