[Resource] Loki: Helms of Mythologies - 62 Helm Models

Today I’m glad to share with you free for use resource mod with new helm models from Loki: Heroes of Mythologies game. Mod contains 62 new game ready models both for male and female characters.


  • Nordic models - 16
  • Greek models - 17
  • Egyptian models - 15
  • Aztec models - 14
  • Additional textures and recolorization masks
  • Inventory bitmaps
  • Database item template files
  • Shared stash and transmog files.

Download: Google.Drive

Credits: All rights to original sources belong to their respective owners include Cyanide Studios


Do you plan on doing any other item pieces?

Not sure. I have not enough practice to rigging models. May be weapons and several shoulders will be added.

Yeah, understandable. You will probably have to refit the body armors since the viking character was huge, the other classes not so much.